* 4 Stars: Long and Short reviews: The Gambler’s Brother
Wrought with very human emotion, The Gambler’s Brother will not fail to move you.

We find ourselves aboard the Queen Mary, here at the end of the war (1946). Bo Mcswain is endearing from the get go, and we readers are just like all those war brides he mentions, lured in with the promise of this novel, if not actual chocolate bars and nylon hose.

The Gambler’s Brother is set during a specific, and relatively little-known period of time, (and little known event) following the war. The storyline is very fresh. Fans of WWII-era fiction will certainly enjoy.

* The hero who is not portrayed as a hunk of beef but with an attractive personality that every woman vies for.- The Coroner’s Heart– The Review Girl

* was unlike anything I’d ever read and I was entranced by it.- Sophie’s Snow Day– Laurie Ryan, reader

* the hero is on a WOW factor of 10. It’s a fast read, one that once started is hard to put down. – Sebastian’s Salvation- Lavada Dee, reader

* 4 TEA CUPS: “Solo Honeymoon by Jillian Chantal is a romantic, enchanting story about these two sweet adorable characters Emma and Dario” Monica from Happily Ever After Reviews

* 3 stars: Bone-chilling fear, deep-down joy, and a happy-ever-after to shout about makes Solo Honeymoon a delightful way to escape the mundane world for a while and celebrate LOVE. – Long and Short Reviews- Judy and Marianne

* 4 stars: Solo Honeymoon– The plot is full of romantic ups and downs, leading to a very exciting climax and satisfying conclusion- Coffee Time Romance- Maura

* This book is perfect if your looking a read that has it all, romance, intrigue, humor and suspense. With surfing, antiques, gun running and love, this is the perfect read for a lazy afternoon or quiet evening. Surfer Bride– Lynn Kirchner- reader 

* 4 stars: Ms. Chantal’s novella is compelling and well paced. The troubled period in Irish history is one not generally seen in romantic fiction. I truly enjoyed Chantal’s descriptions of the steamship Mauretania and life below decks. Ms. Chantal has created a highly entertaining and emotional read worthy of a few tears. Redemption for the Devil– Long and Short of it Reviews

* The novel is sophisticated for romance readers with love scenes that are sensual and tasteful. “Redemption for the Devil” will allow the reader to experience a gambit of emotions, and will resonate with them long after the last page.
Stephanie Burkhart, reader

* 4 stars: The author’s skill at describing scenes and people is really extraordinary. The scenes in Bali will have you at the edge of your seat, and they are nothing in comparison to the suspense in London. This story is definitely much more than a surfer’s travelogue with a story, and I loved it. Surfer Bride– Coffee Time Romance and More- Maura

* Surfer Bride is a fantastic read. From the depth of the characters, the exotic locales to the suspenseful story….it all adds up to a great literary escape- Margo Columbus, reader

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