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Wordless Wednesday


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Wordless Wednesday


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Tuesday Tales- November 22, 2016- Bread

This week’s word for Tuesday Tales is bread. I’m less than 2000 words from the “win” of NaNoWriMo with my regency story. In this scene, the hero has gone to visit his father in disguise and is almost discovered by his bratty younger half-brother.

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The sound of labored breathing alerted Jemison that his father was asleep. He whispered to Reeves, “Which way out?”

“Back down the servants’ staircase and then out the side door. Let me see if the corridor is clear.”

Jemison held his breath until the butler returned and indicated he should follow.

Making their way to the stairs, Jemison prayed his half-brother was either in his nursery having his bread and milk or, if he was allowed to dine with his mother, that he’d stay put while Jemison made his escape.

Making it down the stairs without seeing anyone, Jemison allowed himself a moment to exhale and relax.

“I tell you, you lazy footman, I will do as I please and you shall not stop me.” The whiny voice of William preceded him toward the corridor in the servant’s area.

Jemison lunged for the door and jerked it open. He stepped outside and jogged as quickly as he could without causing too much attention to himself.

This was the closest he’d come to being discovered. Twice in one visit. By the same person. He’d have to be more careful and only call at the house when the young man wasn’t home. Which, unfortunately wasn’t often.

As he made his way back to the stables, his heart ached. How he wished things were different.

Avoiding scandal was vital or he’d report his stepmother to the closest magistrate. But it would kill his father faster.


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Wordless Wednesday Cover Reveal!


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Tuesday Tales- Nov 15, 2016

This week’s word prompt is town. I’m working on my NaNoWriMo story set in Regency England.

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As he strolled along looking for a hansom to engage to take him within a few blocks of his father’s house in Belgravia, Briony’s face floated in front of him. How she’d already become such a distraction, he didn’t know.

But as he mulled it over, he thought he might actually have an idea why. She was pretty and witty and someone to think about that wasn’t either evil or dying. Something he needed in his life right now.

Finally coming upon a hackney coach, he rode across town. Disembarking a couple of blocks from his destination, Jemison used his cane and walked as if he had a bad leg. Hunching his back, he hoped he looked like a pitiful elderly man making his way slowly down the street.

Turning toward the mews entrance to his father’s house, he prayed no one would pass by or see him besides Reeves. He was in dangerous territory.

At the back door, Reeves paced back and forth. “Thank goodness you’re here, Milord. I was frantic. I expected you an hour ago.”

Jemison had a moment’s guilt for leaving the man waiting and obviously in distress but he couldn’t really regret his stop at the perfumers. The girl Briony was unlike any he’d ever known and he wouldn’t begrudge himself one moment of her company.

After all, when his father did die—which would be sooner than Jemison wanted—he’d have to take the mantle of dukedom and marry a proper young woman. One who could rise to the task of being his duchess. Of course if he married now, his bride would be a countess and much as he liked the spunk of Briony, he knew what so-called polite society would do to a girl like her. He wouldn’t wish that on even a mutt.

“How is Father?” he asked Reeves.

“His temperature broke. I may have reported it was graver than I thought. I’m so worried about what will happen when he goes, I keep thinking it’s the end. I’m sorry I called for you. It’s dangerous for you to be here so often.”

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Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday Tales- Nov 8, 2016-Band

I’ve started a new story for NaNoWriMo and it’s a Regency era historical. This one is a little different than the norm as I have the heroine with a job. She’s actually the “nose” at a perfumery. In this scene, she’s just come up with a new scent and is sharing it with the father and son who are the owners and her employers. The son’s wife died the day before giving birth to his child.  The word prompt of the week is band.

Don’t forget to click this link to the other stories- they are pretty cool!


“Let me see how it smells.” Mr. Pecksniff turned to his son. “You said you like it?”

“Yes, Father. It’s nice,” the younger man said without looking up.

“Come on over and let’s allow Briony to explain what she has in it. We’ll have to come to a decision on a name and packaging for it as well.” He rubbed his chubby hands together gleefully. “I love new scents and all the wonderful things that go with it, including the introduction party.”

He held out his left hand. “Let me have it.”

Briony placed the container in his palm and watched— excited for his reaction—as he took it and placed it close to his nose. His own sense of smell was deteriorating as he aged. Briony was sorry for him as he was dejected at the loss. One of the reasons the family had been putting so much hope in the new baby.

While Mr. Pecksniff evaluated the product, she thought about how odd both he and his son had been since they came into the shop from the events of the day before. Neither of them had acknowledged the birth of the child, the death of the mother or even the black wreath with the sympathy band around it she’d hung on the front door. It was decidedly odd.

Not wanting to broach the subject, she stood silent as the man effused over the new creation.




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Wordless Wednesday


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Tuesday Tales- November 1, 2016- Hook

This week’s word prompt is hook. We’re still in my murder mystery story but this is probably the last week of that since I need to save something for when it’s published.

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“So spill it on what you and Drusilla did for a business.” Jacob tapped the table with his index finger. “I’m beginning to think you just want someone to keep you company.”

“Now, now, Detective, you’re getting testy with me like your partner.”

“You have to admit, you’ve been trying to delay giving us what we came for. I have to tell you, we have another person in lockup that we need to speak to. Since you’re going to be here awhile, we may should go chat with that person first.”

“Suit yourself.” Linus shrugged. “Is it a man or a woman?”

“Does it matter?”

“Sure. Depending on who it is, I probably have more to offer.”

“That’s probably true, Linus, but my partner and I need to decide where best to spend our time and even though I’m enjoying your banter, it seems that all we’re accomplishing here is to give you an audience.” Jacob closed his notepad and stood

“It was gemstones,” Linus said, as if he were afraid Jacob was headed out of the room.

Jacob sat and opened his pad. “Gems?”

“Yeah. I have a source where I can get them at a good cost. She had some wealthy friends and we were going to try our hands at selling gems to them. She’d even looked into renting a store and hiring a stone setter to work in the back so we could sell some as already made jewelry for people in a hurry for birthday or anniversary gifts. But most of it was going to be unset stones. Cheaper for us and less chance of customer complaints.”

“In what way?” Jacob asked.

“If they bought loose stones and had to take them elsewhere to have them set, we wouldn’t be on the hook if a clasp broke or something like that.”

“What happened? I presume you and she never opened that store?”

‘Na. Bitch betrayed me. I brought her the gems and, at first, she was selling them on the side and giving me my part as well as the cost of the product. Before too long, she started saying she hadn’t had a sale in a while and maybe we needed more variety.”

“Did you find out she was stealing from you?”

“She sure was. Never did stop selling. She hid the money and the gems. Did you find them?”

Maggie didn’t want Jacob to tell Linus they had the gems but he did. “Yeah, we found them. We also found some gold.”

“That’s my property. Where’d you find it? I tried to look for it.”

“When you murdered her?” Maggie asked.

Linus shot her a look then turned back to Jacob. He jerked his hands off the table, rattling his chains. “Is that chick for real? What’d she think I was going to say? That’d I suddenly confess all since you people have my property?”

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Wordless Wednesday 

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