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Wordless Wednesday


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Wordless Wednesday 

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Tuesday Tales- October 11, 2016- Gold

This week’s word on Tuesday Tales is gold. We’re still in my murder mystery and the detectives are interviewing the victim’s former husband.

Be sure to check out the other tales here.


“Tell you what, if he doesn’t get the immunity permission, I won’t use anything you say against you. Time is really of the essence here and I’d like to get your statement and get out of here.”

“You promise not to double cross me?”

Maggie held her hand up as if she were a Girl Scout. “On my honor.”

He stared at her for a moment and must have liked what he saw in her eyes because he started to talk, “Dru met the guy when he came in to hire her to do a tax return. He said some friend of his recommended her. She thought he was a bit of a weirdo but when she quoted him her fee, he didn’t hesitate and pulled out a wad of bills. Since he clearly could pay, she latched on to him.”

“Something she did a lot?”

“Oh, yeah.” David nodded. “Once she knew people had money, she would milk them for it. Weirdly, when we were married, I wanted us to get a better house with all the money she was making but she was so obsessed with buying gold and coins that she wouldn’t even consider leaving that neighborhood.”

“It doesn’t seem that bad to me. Sure the houses are older but there’s low crime there.”

“She wanted kids in a really bad way. We’d started trying but then I realized I didn’t even like to be in the same room as her and I had to get out.”

“I’m confused. Was it her or the neighborhood?”

He slammed his hand on the table. “It was actually the house itself as well as her meanness. She would go along all nice and friendly and snuggling up to me like I could do no wrong and then, before I knew it, she was cold and making my life miserable. Way too much fighting and then silent treatment happened in that house. I asked her to sell and move so we could truly start over. She refused, I moved out.”

“What did she do with all the gold and coins she was buying?”

“Hid them somewhere. Dru gave me some when we got divorced. I agreed to sign the house over to her within the last few months but I wanted her to buy me out by giving me some of the Kruggerands. That’s why I was at her house that day you found me. She’d promised them to me in exchange for the deed. I was stupid enough to sign the deed and trust her secretary to hold it until I got the coins.”

“And she double crossed you by giving it to Drusilla. You never got paid.”

“Right. That’s why I was there that day. To find those coins.”

“You had a motive to kill her, then.” Maggie tapped her pen on his desk.

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Just Because it’s October

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Wordless Wednesday


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Tuesday Tales- Oct 3, 2016- Fasten

This week’s word prompt is fasten. We’re still in my story called Overkill.

Be sure to check out the other tales here. 


The next morning, Maggie awoke alone and found she kind of missed having Jacob beside her. Weirded out by that thought, she rose and hurriedly took her shower and fastened her weapon into her shoulder holster.

At the station, they made their way to the lab to see if there were any results on any of their evidence. James was off duty but a guy named Chen was there and he told them the results on the piece of Lycra.

“It was definitely Lycra. It had feline DNA as well as DNA from an unknown donor. Someone not in the databases. There’s hope for a match if you find a suspect.”

“Was it like a bathing suit or bra or what?” Jacob asked.

“My money is on bodybuilding fabric. You know, the outfits those people who bulk up and show their muscles wear?”

“What makes you think that?” Maggie asked.

“Because it’s the right texture and weight. I’ve got one of the other techs tracking down where the fabric came from. Where it would be sold. Dye lot and all that jazz.”

“Let us know when you nail it down more.” Jacob tapped his index finger on the countertop. “I guess we’re going to look for a bodybuilder now. The victim’s former husband works at a gym. Better start there, huh?”

“Let’s go. I have a feeling David is going to love seeing us again.” Maggie led the way down the hall and to the parking lot.

“Who do you think it will be? I haven’t seen anyone who would qualify as a bodybuilder in our list of suspects. In fact, most of them don’t seem to be the kind to work out at all. Even the ex-husband who runs the gym seems a bit of a slacker to me,” Jacob said.

“No room to talk here. Neither of us are gym rats.” Maggie drove this time even though she preferred to leave that to her partner.

“I like a woman with softness to her. Those bony women or the ones who are all muscles aren’t appealing to me at all. Give me a lady who has curves and her own home-grown breasts any day over those other gals.”

“Home grown breasts?” She eyed him sideways and let out a snort.

“You know exactly what I mean.”

Shaking her head, she pulled into the parking lot at the gym. “Come on, boob expert and let’s see if we can see if our friend David knows any body builders.”

“You know, there are a lot more gyms in town than this one. Who knows who the person was who had on that Lycra suit? He or she could be from anywhere.”

“I realize that but we have to start somewhere, don’t we? Might as well be here since we do know one person who hangs out here who knows our victim well enough to want to kill her.”

“So you think there may be a kill Drusilla club that meets here?” Jacob held the glass door open for Maggie to go in.

“It certainly isn’t among the impossible things in life. I mean, really, how many people do you know who had to be killed four ways?”

“There’s always Rasputin. Didn’t it take like eight ways to get that guy?”

“You a history buff now or something?” She asked with a grin.

“Or something.”

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Tuesday Tales- Sept 27, 2016- Picture Prompt

This week is a picture prompt and we’re limited to 300 words. I picked the bed picture but other Tuesday Tale-rs may have chosen a different one. Be sure to check them all out here.

I’m still in the murder mystery book that I’ve kind of been ignoring since my regency set book is clamoring for attention. I have 42,ooo words in this one so I plan to get it done but right now, those pesky Napoleonic spies are bugging me to finish their tale.

Jacob stepped on the porch, followed by John. “Ready to go, Mags? We still have a couple of things to take care of before we can call it a night.”

She stood. “Yeah. We do.”

When they were on the grass, Maggie waved. “We’ll see you soon. Be safe and stay inside. Don’t be going over to the crime scene. It seems to be a hot bed of activity so I’d prefer you keep away.”

“We’ll try, Maggie, but you know how Hattie can be. I’ll keep an eye on her,” John said.

“Thanks again for dinner,” Jacob said.

They headed back to the station. Jacob whistled under his breath.

Maggie hadn’t heard him whistle since his wife died. It was odd to have him do so now especially since they’d just found her murderer.

“You’re in a good mood,” Maggie said.

“It’s amazing what good food and good company will do for you.” He placed a hand on hers where it lay on the seat. “And a good night’s sleep. First in a very long time.”

Glad it was dark in the car, Maggie ducked her head as the heat suffused her cheeks. That good night’s sleep he spoke of was in her bed spooned against her back.



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Wordless Wednesday


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Tuesday Tales- Sept 20, 2016- Call

This week, the word prompt for Tuesday Tales is call. We’re still in my story called Overkill. This is part of a scene where the heroine and her partner are questioning a suspect. check out the other tales here.


Not taking the bait, Maggie said, “It really doesn’t matter if you help us or not. We’ll still figure out what happened to Drusilla.” She was taking a chance but if he really was a classic narcissist as Doctor McDaniel said, he wouldn’t be able to resist taunting them with what he knew. After all, he ended up in their custody in the first place because he couldn’t stop himself from calling them.

“You’ll never finesse it. It’s really kind of a beautiful thing that happened to her. Well-deserved, I must say.” Another sly grin passed over Linus’ face. “Never seen a woman so young, yet hated by so many.”

“Let’s get back to your actual dealings with her, can we?” Jacob asked.

“Sure. You’re lead man on this. What do you want to know?” The chains on Linus’ cuffs rattled against the edge of the table.

“How did you meet her and when?” Jacob had his pen and pad out.

“I needed an accountant. Some dude I know told me to call her.”

“Who was that?” Jacob asked.

“Don’t remember, man. I just remember being at a party and asking around. Some dude said to go to her.”

“Because she was a good accountant?” Jacob continued and Maggie decided to let him take the lead while she watched for reactions on the prisoner’s face.

Linus let out a laugh. “Oh, hell no. That wasn’t it at all.”

“Then what did this guy tell you about her that led you to her office?”

“That she had large breasts and she liked to show them off. What man could resist that?” Linus snickered. “Pretty good marketing plan, don’t you think? You know, ‘come let me do your taxes and I’ll give you a peek at my goodies.’”

Maggie couldn’t let that pass by. She’d long wondered about Drusilla and her too-tight clothes. “And did she actually do that? Pull them out and show to you?”

“Why, dearie? Do you want to show me yours and let me tell you they are better than hers?” He eyeballed Maggie’s chest. “You look a bit puny compared to her but those big ones begin to sag too soon.” Shaking his head, he added, “Alas, poor Drusilla’s won’t be around long enough to sag any more than they’d already done.”

She knew she shouldn’t have responded to him. Good grief. He was completely insane.




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Release Day for the Alter-Ego

This story is set in my hometown, Pensacola, and features many local landmarks as well as restaurants I love to visit- all local owned and operated, some by more than one generation! It’s a tour of my town as well as a bit of a thriller with some romance woven in. Sherry writes a bit grittier characters than Jillian so be prepared.  LOL

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