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Wordless Wednesday

I’m going to say some words today. Sorry. Ind’tale magazine sponsors the RONE awards and an anthology my story, Milady and Her Spy, is in is nominated for best anthology. If you read it and are so inclined, we’d appreciate the vote. It’s free. click here.

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Tuesday Tales- April 25, 2017 – Life

This week’s word for Tuesday Tales is life. I’m still working on my 1739 story set so far in Jamaica. The hero and heroine are visiting a plantation to obtain information on the heroines putative father, a famous pirate. Their host is Nathaniel, an old man who sailed with her “father” and his former prostitute girlfriend. The girlfriend and the hero have a past relationship. This partial scene is the night of their visit.

Visit the other posts here to read the other tales using this word prompt.


Almost as soon as Nathaniel left me alone and I was able to get out of my breeches, Cecily arrived at my room. She was trying to be quiet but she was also demanding to be let in. I couldn’t believe she would do it knowing Nathaniel was already at odds with her over her flirting with me all evening. He was watching, I know it.

I ignored her and tugged my breeches back on before climbing out the window. Circling back, I went in a side door and crept to Lydia’s room. It was vital she let me in so I could pretend to our hosts that we were truly lovers. It was the only chance we had to survive.

Nathaniel wouldn’t hesitate to kill me if he thought I was trying to seduce Cecily. It appeared to me that the man had fallen in love with the former prostitute. And a man in love was a dangerous thing. I knew from personal experience.

For a few moments, I didn’t think Lydia was going to open the door but she eventually did.

As I slipped inside the room, her eyes widened. I presumed at my attire. I hadn’t take the time to pull on my boots so my legs were partially bare as well as my feet. My linen shirt hung out of my breeches and I had no other items of clothing on. Grass stuck to the bottom of my soles.

It was painfully obvious I was making her nervous but I had no nefarious purpose in being in her presence in such a state of dishabille. This was a matter of life and death for I had no doubt Cecily intended to climb into my bed, followed shortly by Nathaniel with his knife to gut me.

“What do you mean, you could be killed?” she asked. A hand fluttered to her throat. “Has Nathaniel tried to use that knife on you he had earlier?”

“Not yet but I’m sure if I stay in that room he led me to that I’ll be dead by morning.”

“Good Lord what have you done?”

Could she truly think I’d done something to alienate the old man? After what had happened earlier on the day? “Of course not. I might have taken some chances in my life but I’m no fool.”

“I didn’t think you were but you must admit? This is an unusual occurrence.”

Her gaze raked over me. “Neither of us is dressed for entertainment.”

“My dear Lydia, I must disagree.” Her expression alerted me to her lack of amusement. Before she could toss me out, I took a step toward her with my hand out. “I beseech you. Allow me to stay. I’ll not make any more jests.”

“If you’re in so much danger from Nathaniel, shouldn’t we get the horses and cart and leave now?”

“I’m only in danger from him if I don’t stay in this room.”

“What do you mean?”

“It should be as obvious to you as it is to me that Cecily intends to invade my bed. When she does”–I slid my index finger across my neck–“Nathaniel covers
the mattress with my blood.”

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Wordless Wednesday


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Tuesday Tales- Photo Prompt

Tuesday Tales is a group of authors who share a word prompt each week to write to. Once a month, we have a photo prompt and those posts are limited to 300 words.  I’m still working on my pirate story set in 1739. The hero is taking the heroine to a plantation to meet with an old pirate who settled there once he stopped going to sea.

Be sure to check out the photos chosen this week by everyone and their stories. Check them out here. 




We rode past some fields. Seeing a number of shirtless men working, their skin glistening in the heat of the day, made me lightheaded. It was as if I’d returned to South Carolina. It had always made my heart hurt to see a foreman out with his cane watching for a chance to use it in some soul who he believed wasn’t working fast enough.

I had to avert my eyes even as I was ashamed there was nothing I could do to help these poor people. My opinion wasn’t shared by many of the Carolinians I was raised around but I think I could imagine myself as one of them based on how my grandmother treated me. True, I’d never had to work in a hot field but I’d been subjected to the same kind of caning these men faced.

Not sure how I’d manage staying at the plantation and keeping myself from crying, I allowed myself a bit of that luxury now. I hoped Leo didn’t notice. I kept the brim of my hat down just in case.

“We’re almost there.” Leo pointed ahead. “There’s the first outbuildings.”

I nodded but stayed silent as I didn’t trust my voice not to give away my tears.

Less than ten minutes later, the horses brought us to a stop in front of a simple manor house. It wasn’t nearly as ornate as many of the columned houses of my home but it still had a presence about it. Maybe it was that it was taller and broader than anything else out here.

It was painted green but some of the paint had faded in the sun. Pretty yellow flowers grew against its side.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday Tales- April 10, 2017- lake

I have special permission from the founder of Tuesday Tales to not use lake this week which is the actual prompt the others are using. My story is set in 1739 in Jamaica and there is no lake in sight where my folks are so I am using sea water instead. And yeah, I know, they are nothing alike other than they are both liquid.

The setting at the moment is in the hero’s point of view. He’s just learned his crew may sign on with another captain.

Don’t forget to check out the other tales here.  You know, the ones who followed the rules.



“You think I don’t know that? We’re still waiting on the papers. If we ship out now, that bounty on my head and yours, as my crew, will put us straight in the sights of every other crew at sea. They won’t care if we were once friends or allies, all they’ll be concerned with will be the reward for all our heads.”

“And the biggest one is on you. We understand but the crew sent me to tell you we may join another ship for one voyage while you deal with the situation with your privateering letters. We can rejoin you once that’s sorted.”

“You join another crew and that Captain will want your oath of loyalty. How will you take that oath and still plan to return to my crew as soon as it’s safe?” I could scarce believe his words. That my own men would desert me in this way was as unfathomable as the sea. So much for loyalty. And what about their oaths to me. Did they mean so little?

Samuel laughed a raspy sound. “We’d honor our promise to that captain for that voyage and then come back to our oath to you.”

“Seems like treachery to me.” I grabbed the hilt of the knife I had tucked in my waistband, half convinced I should gut him where he stood but then I realized I was being an idiot. Who could truly expect loyalty from people who pillaged the earth for a living?

“Not treachery, Captain. We can’t sit idle for what may be months. We need to be on the seas and on the hunt. You know how it is. I bet you even want to get back out there.”

I had to admit he was right. The wait had been interminable. Especially since I was stuck here with my sainted brother who insisted I behave like the gentleman I was raised to be. Some days I didn’t think I would make it until midnight without screaming my frustrations to the sky. I loved the ocean as if sea water was in my veins instead of blood. Being on land for a significant time made it hard for me to breathe.

“You’re right, Samuel. I want to be back on a ship in the worst way but I can’t right new unless I want to meet the bad end of a noose.”

“Don’t be mad at me and the boys for going, will you?”

Waving my hand in dismissal, I said, “I won’t. Let’s go into the bar and I’ll buy you a drink to toast to your new venture.”

“That’s mighty magnanimous of you, Captain.” Samuel removed his cap and tucked it under his arm.

“I didn’t know you knew such big words.”

“Former British Navy. I thought you knew.”

“Nope. A man’s past never mattered to me. Just what he could do today.”

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C: Carver’s Fall

Trisha shared my story that I based on my great-grandparents. The names and personalities match them. I was lucky that they each had longevity and I knew them well.

Chrys N. Jay

Welcome to the 2017 A to Z Blog Challenge. During the month of April, Chrys N. Jay shares snippets from friend’s books, and takes a peek at love.

Today, for ‘C’, Jillian Chantal stops by to share an excerpt from her romance, Carver’s Fall.

a2z_Carvers fall.JPG

Carver’s Fall
In 1924, Carver Fowler, a young man raised on his family’s farm in North Alabama, has long been in love with one of the girls who lives in town. Her name is Mallie Phillips. She’s never been interested in him as he seems too much like a farmer and she’s a town girl. On a dare, she asks Carver to be her date to the fall festival. When one of his friends is murdered and another young man is attacked, Carver becomes a suspect and Mallie learns he’s not a mere farm boy like she thought.

Carver Fowler turned the…

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Wordless Wednesday


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Tuesday Tales- April 4, 2017- Number

I’ve been absent from Tuesday Tales for a lot of reasons but I am going to try to come back and start posting again.  If you recall,  this is a group of writers writing to a weekly word prompt.

The new story I’m working on is an idea that came to me as I watched the show Black Sails.  I loved the character of Captain Vane and since he was based on a real pirate, I wondered what might have happened if he seduced a woman who gave birth to his illegitimate child. Would that child want to seek out information about him when she became an adult?  So, this is part of that story – near the beginning.

This week’s word prompt is number. Check out the other tales here.


“Hello? Miss?”

I looked up from my reverie into the brownest eyes I’d ever seen peering into my own. “Oh, I beg your pardon. I was thinking about where to go to get out of this rain.”

“Come inside the vicarage.” Leo placed his hand on my elbow as if to lead me away from the tombstone.

It had gotten darker in the cemetery, if that were possible. But maybe it was the effect of the rain that made it appear so. “You’re the vicar?”

He threw his head back and laughed. “Good Lord, no. God knows I’m the sinner in my family. Tis my brother who heard the call of the church and the even louder call to come to this heathen place to try to establish the ways of the Europeans here.” He leaned close to me. “I must confess, I even failed as an altar boy.”

“That sounds extremely unlikely, sir.” I wiped the water off my face. My poor hat had to be in shambles by now. It was doing nothing to keep me or my hair dry. Of course, being a little bit of a thing, it wasn’t designed for this kind of weather in any event.

“Come along. We’re both drenched to the skin. Or I know I am.” Leo looked down at his trousers.

My eyes followed his gaze and immediately regretted it. Well, maybe not regret as he was quite a handsome specimen but by the heat in my face, I knew he knew I was paying too much attention to how those fawn-colored breeches clung to every muscle he had. And what muscles. Oh my, if I weren’t so wet and cold, I might even have swooned.

Gathering my wits about me, I held my head up and looked him in the eye. “I’d give a fortune in gold for a warm cup of tea and a seat by a fireside.”

“Then you must not be related to our Captain Vane.”

My stomach clenched. Why would he say such a thing? “What? I beg your pardon?”

“Captain Charles Vane wouldn’t have given his gold treasure away so readily.” Leo grinned at me and took my arm. “How about you pay in smiles instead? I have a feeling such an expression on your face would bedazzle even the worst of us men.”

“And is that what you are?” I allowed him to lead me through the cemetery and past a number of tombstones until we arrived at a small covered porch.

“If I told you exactly how bad I am, you wouldn’t even deign to stand here beside me.” He winked but I wasn’t so sure he was speaking in jest. I had to admit, if only to myself, that I was intrigued by his words. I’d been on a ship with some non-too-savory characters in the last weeks and this man didn’t seem as awful as some of them.

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Wordless Wednesday

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