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Wordless Wednesday


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Tuesday Tales- July 18, 2017- Picture Prompt

This week we have a picture prompt and are limited to 300 words. There were a number of choices of photos and since my new story is based in New York City, I chose that one. So far, this story has no name but it’s a contemporary thriller- or I hope it will be.  LOL

Check out the other tales here. See what pic they chose and how they wrote around it.



It’s funny how smells can send you right back to childhood. When the girl with dreads walked past me on the subway, the Hawaiian Tropic coconut oil she had glistening on her skin sent me right back to the beach I grew up on. Memories of girls, surf and sand flooded over me. Right there in New York City, I was instantly transported. Way too skinny again—although I’d always thought I was pretty buff as a teen—and with surfer dude hair past my shoulders, I could almost feel the stickiness of the salt water on my skin.

Closing my eyes and leaning my head against the solid glass window pane, I let my mind drift into those memories. In the moment right before I dozed off, a female voice called loudly through the car, “Hate to break it to you but this is a shakedown. Everyone sit still. It’ll only be a moment while I divest you of your jewelry and cash.”

Oh no, she did not. Good lord, was I never to have one second of peace?

“Sir, I’d advise you not to pull that emergency cord. You see this gun?” The woman went on.

Letting out a deep sigh, I opened my eyes. The girl with the dreads—all eighty-five pounds of her—stood there with a .44 magnum bigger than her head in her right hand. In her left, she carried a pillowcase. She shook it in front of the woman closest to me. “Put your gold and your wallet in here.”

“All my jewelry is costume,” the woman dressed too nicely for the subway said.

The pillowcase reminded me of another childhood memory. Halloween candy collection in momma’s best linens. Did this chick who probably had zero Rastafarian beliefs think this was her own personal trick or treat? She’d get a trick for sure as soon as she turned her back on me.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday Tales- July 11, 2017- Earth

This week’s word for Tuesday Tales is Earth. I’m still working on my YA horror story. Our heroine has retrieved the items needed for the witch and we pick up there.

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The three of us rode Pegasus to Minerva’s house. I sat in front with Liam behind me. Colleen was in her fairy form for most of the trip but she’d morphed into her human body long enough to talk to Liam. He’d handed her the note that was in the envelope and she read it, tears flowing down her cheeks.

I didn’t want to be nosy so I kept my face averted and didn’t ask any questions.

As we came back to earth several feet away from the clearing at Minerva’s, Colleen slid off Pegasus and hugged me. “Thank you for making me see the error of my ways. I’m going home to make some changes with my people and Liam’s.”

Liam stepped off the flying horse and enveloped me in his arms. “She read the note telling her I love her. I’ve been carrying it for years hoping to get close enough to give it to her.”

I laughed. “You don’t have post offices in Ireland?”

He set me on my feet and kissed my forehead. “You’re my funny little friend. Come see us soon.” Pushing me away, he added, “Go save your friend.”

“Thank you, Liam, thank you.”

My two new friends mounted Pegasus and flew away.

I moved toward Minerva’s house.

She must have heard us because she came running up to me. “Did you get them?”

“I did.” I handed her the envelope. “Unicorn scrapings.”

“And the mermaid tears?”

Patting the locket under my shirt, I said, “I have them. First, I want to see Jacob.”

“No. There’s not much time left. Come inside and let me get these into the potion.” She held up the envelope and shook it.

Unhappy at not being able to see how Jacob was doing but realizing it could wait if we were running out of time to save him, I followed her into the house. That creepy house.

We stopped at the potbelly stove with some kind of concoction bubbling in it. This one appeared different than the one before. It was neon blue and had something that looked like eyeballs floating in it. I repressed my gag and tried to think good thoughts.

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Wordless Wednesday


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FREE – Short Story for July 4th

This is free on Amazon through the 5th.  BUY LINK

Katerina Jones, OB-GYN, gets pulled over by a motorcycle cop. To her shock, he’s her former boyfriend who dumped her many years ago and left town.

Will Cummings heard Katerina had gotten a divorce. Regretting for too many years that he let her go, he has returned to his hometown determined to see if it’s too late to start again.

As July 4th is bearing down on them, the fireworks being sold at the roadside stands aren’t the only things going off.


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Tuesday Tales- June 27, 2017- Strap

This week’s word for Tuesday Tales is strap. I used a form of it as I couldn’t quite use just strap. This is my horror story that will be submitted this week to my publisher. The heroine has completed her first quest to save her friend from the fungus growing out of his eye and is on the second quest.

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I glanced behind me and saw what she was truly fleeing. A massive man dressed in pants way too short for him lurched toward me. His huge feet practically shook the ground as he moved in my direction. My grandmother would call him a strapping lad.
Turning to run as well, I noticed his face as I made my pivot. It had to be the saddest face I’d ever seen.
Since I couldn’t imagine anyone that sad being mean, I stopped in my tracks and faced him.
He kept coming but I stood my ground.
When he was within a few feet of me, he said, “Ain’t you scared?”
“Do you want me to be?”
“Everybody else is. Why should you be different?” He glared at me as if that would make me run. Almost as if he wanted me to go even though I could tell he needed a friend. I’d seen this before at school. The kid who no one wanted to pick for their team or eat lunch with.
“I’m not afraid. I can see you’re lonely and need a friend. How about talking to me for a minute?”
Tears formed in the big guys eyes but he didn’t let them fall. “What about?”
“Where am I?” I thought I knew now since I’d heard his accent but wasn’t sure.”
“Yer in Ireland, lass but how did you not know? Do you have something wrong with you?”
“No, no. I’m on a quest to help a friend who may be dying at this very moment and I’ve been moved magically from place to place. I wonder if you could help me.”
“What’s your name?” he asked with a tentative smile.
“Emily. What’s yours?”
“Nice name. I think I’m in Ireland. Is that right?”
“You are.” Liam nodded. “I guess you’re smart even though I didn’t think you were at first.”
“When I ask you my next question, you might think I’m not.”
“What’s that?”
“Have you ever seen a unicorn?”
He threw his head back and laughed. “You’re funny.”
“See? I said you’d think I was not very smart but I’m serious.” I fiddled with the shell locket on my neck. I needed desperately to get to Jacob. I could only imagine how bad the fungus was now and my imagination made me want to hurry.
“No. I’m not laughing at that. It’s funny because you’re one hill away from them.”
“There’s a whole pasture of them over the next rise. By old man Shanahan’s potato farm. He even sells their leavings for fertilizer. That’s why potatoes from these parts are so delicious.”
“There are unicorns in the next field?” I couldn’t believe it. They weren’t even supposed to exist. Life as I’d known it was such a lie.

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Wordless Wednesday- late!!

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Tuesday Tales- Jun 21, 2017- Picture Prompt

Tuesday Tales this week is a picture prompt. All posts are limited to 300 words- (I dd 309 only because I wanted to get to the end of a paragraph). I have started another story. This one is for a young adult anthology call from one of my publishers -if I don’t make it into that, I’ll publish it at Halloween as it’s a little but horror and a little bit fun. It’s called Fungus Amongus.

Be sure to check out the other tales here.


tt june 21

It seemed I’d get my wish to explore that igloo after all. I followed her into the shambles of a house and could barely contain my awe and fear as we made our way through several rooms toward the igloo. I saw things that made me wonder if I was on some kind of drug. Had I somehow ingested some mold spores from that thing growing out of Jacob?

The main living room area was normal. Other than stacks of papers piled up and a caldron on top of a potbelly stove in the corner. It was going and made the room feel like it was over a hundred degrees.

The next room was more sinister. The walls were painted black and olive green. I thought I saw an alligator with red eyes in the corner. I was pretty sure there were three snakes draped over the shredded curtains.

The third room which was right before the igloo, had some kind of weird flooring as well as sheetrock. Underfoot, my sneakers squished and the floor undulated with each stop, as if it wanted to make me trip and fall. God only knew what would eat my face if I did.

The thought of face eating increased my pace. I had to help Jacob. Had to.

“What will happen to my friend if I don’t get back in time?” I kept walking but the walls were moving, breathing, almost panting. I wanted to flee but made myself stay steady and focused.

“He’ll be covered in the fungus and made a part of the landscape. That’s why I laid him out in the moss. He’d be uncomfortable if he grew into and around a bed or a sofa. It’s best to let him grow into a natural environment.” She nodded. “It was the humanitarian thing to do. You understand, don’t you?”

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Wordless Wednesday


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