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Wordless Wednesday- Cover Reveal


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Tuesday Tales- Aug 20, 2019- Fall

This week, the Tuesday Tales writers are writing to the word fall.  I’ve picked up right where I left off the last time I was able to work on this story.
Be sure to check out the other tales here.

new TT Feb 2018


Mentally debating what to do next, I watched the scenery go by outside. There was nothing new there, but it was somewhere to focus while I thought of a plan. Maybe everyone would ignore me while I had a chance to think,

No such luck. Anita tried to pull me into her conversation with Jonathan. “What do you think about the new fall television line up? Jonathan thinks that new reality show might be good. You know the one where the participants live on a cattle ranch and work the rodeo circuit?”

“I haven’t seen anything about it, but I’m not a big fan of reality TV.” I couldn’t believe they were talking about such nonsense when I was dying to know who that lumberjack is. I guess it’s not fair for me to think that way as they have no idea that I’m fretting inside, but couldn’t they keep it between themselves?

As soon as I saw the expression on Jonathan’s face, I realized I was being unkind. I smiled at him. “I know a lot of people enjoy those shows and I’m not judging you—they just aren’t for me.”

“I see,” he said and turned his body to block me from Anita. He continued to speak to her in a low voice.

Rebuffed, but left alone with my thoughts, I continued in my quest for an excuse to check out the lumberjack at the front of the car.

It dawned on me that I’m an idiot. As a rule, I always make sure I use the facilities at home before going to the station or at work before leaving as I once was locked in the lavatory on the train. It was an unpleasant experience to say the least. But, I could pretend to go, couldn’t I? There was nothing to stop me. No one would pay attention to how long I was gone. I could sashay by that guy and then turn around at the bathroom and come back. Easy come, easy go.

I stood to make my way down the aisle toward the front and, as soon as I took five steps, the lumberjack rose from his seat and went toward the lavatory himself. Dang it. I floundered there, looking like a red snapper on the dock. Now what?

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Cover Reveal- Lily Luchesi

Here’s the cover for my friend, Lily Luchesi’s new book. I love it.

lily 3

Cover reveal for the penultimate book in the #1 bestselling Coven Series!

LILY2 (2)


Coming August 27th from USA Today bestselling author Lily Luchesi

Published by Vamptasy Publishing

Cover art by Rue Volley


The dead hold the key to saving the King.

When the Coven King falls deathly ill, Harley must search through his history, and the history of everyone she once knew, in order to find the cure.

As a child, Salem Sinclair was never meant to amount to much, until he met a girl named Daphne Fraser. As Light as he was Dark, he fell in love at first sight and would do anything to please her, even if his love makes him a target.

But there is a Darkness growing, and Daphne is at the centre of the conflict. Salem must pick a side and do what is right to save the girl he loves.

Meanwhile, will Harley find out how to cure her father or will the Coven once again lose its leader?

lily 1.jpg


Once the parchment had soaked up all of the blood, it began to gather in the centre. Harley watched, with Caelum peering over her shoulder, as a word began to form in vivid red: “Apocynaceae.”

“Is … is it broken?” Caelum asked. “I don’t even think that’s a word.”

“It’s a family of plants. They’re known as dogsbane because they were once used to poison dogs,” Harley said. “But … if that’s the case, he should wake up in five minutes. The potion can cure any of the plants within that family.”

Unless you brewed it wrong, her mind taunted her. It did that sometimes, reminded her that she wasn’t as talented or special as others might make her believe. It was one of the many drawbacks of having depression and anxiety.

I brewed that potion perfectly, she said, trying to push the irrational part of her mind back. Something else is going on if he doesn’t wake.

She moved back and crossed her arms tightly around her middle, almost as if she was trying to subconsciously hug herself and get comfort. Caelum moved closer and put his arms around her, over her own. Harley revelled in his comfort, wishing that she didn’t need it so damn often. It had only been two days since they had taken down the organisation known as The Zoo. She had barely had a chance to breathe.

“Madam Maysa, what if…” She couldn’t say it.

“If it doesn’t work?” she asked. “Then we have to find out why. It could be something in his past, some abnormality within his physiology.”

“How the Hell am I supposed to do that?” Harley asked, forgetting her manners.

“There’s a way, but it’s complicated. Mrs. Donahue can show you,” Maysa said.

“And how long will it take? How long … how long does he have?” she asked. She could hear the desperate edge in her voice and hated it. She hated always being unable to control anything that happened in her life. Sure, she pretended to, but she was always a victim of fate, ever since she was conceived, and she despised it.

“Five hours, give or take, and this shouldn’t take that long,” the Medic replied. She checked her pocket watch. “You have three minutes. I will go and fetch her.”

It was obvious that the Medic did not believe that Salem would wake within three minutes any more than Harley did.

Five hours. Salem only had five hours to live. Harley’s stomach roiled and she could feel her fingertips going numb from fear and worry. If not for Caelum, she wasn’t sure she’d be able to stand.

“We’re going to figure this out,” Caelum said softly. “I promise, I’m not going to let you do this alone. We’ll save Salem, you’ll see.”

“How are you so bloody optimistic?” she asked, her voice barely a gasp as tears began to gather in her eyes.

“Because once upon a time, I lived through actual Hell. Optimism and sarcasm are the only defences I have,” he replied. He turned her around to face him and held her face in his hand. “I believe in you, Princess. You can save him.”

The three minutes ticked by, and there was no change in Salem. He was still sweating, feverish, and wheezing. Mrs. Donahue entered the sickroom then, looking a bit more put together than she had when she’d initially gotten Harley. She carried a long white candle with peculiar markings along the side.

“Oh dear,” she muttered, looking at Salem as he lay there. Donahue was in her eighties, she had been Salem and Caelum’s teacher when they were children. “Madam Maysa told me you needed to see into the past, to see why he can’t be cured by the potion?”

Harley nodded.

“Then come with me. Both of you. But first you need something of his. A lock of hair will do,” she said.

Harley turned toward her father and stepped up to his pillow. “Praetrunco,” she cast, and a lock of shiny ebony hair was severed into the palm of her hand.

That done, the two of them followed Donahue down the castle stairs and into the courtyard. Harley noticed that the party had broken up, her brother and his friends were nowhere to be seen.

Harley wasn’t a person who asked a lot of questions. She found that, more often than not, when you stayed silent, you got the answers you wanted without ever having to say a word aloud.

As Donahue led them across the grounds, Harley saw where she was taking them: the Watchtower. The Watchtower was built before the magicians had made this their Coven, and was used during the First, Second, and Third Clan Wars to signal for help or exchange information with undercover magicians.

It was also, apparently, haunted.


Lily Luchesi is the USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of the Paranormal Detectives Series, published by Vamptasy Publishing. She also has short stories included in multiple bestselling anthologies, and a successful dark erotica retelling of Dracula.

Her Coven Series has successfully topped Amazon’s Hot New Releases list consecutively.

She is also the editor, curator and contributing author of Vamptasy Publishing’s Damsels of Distress anthology, which celebrates strong female characters in horror and paranormal fiction.

She was born and raised in in Chicago, Illinois, and now resides in Arizona. Ever since she was a toddler her mother noticed her tendency for being interested in all things “dark”. At two she became infatuated with vampires and ghosts, and that infatuation turned into a lifestyle. She is also an out member of the LGBT+ community. When she’s not writing, she’s going to rock concerts, getting tattooed, watching the CW, or reading manga. And drinking copious amounts of coffee. (street team) (have your e-books autographed!)

Start the series for only 99c!


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Wordless Wednesday


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Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday


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Tuesday Tales- July 29, 2019- Plaid

This week, the authors of Tuesday Tales are writing to the word prompt plaid.  I am still working on my train story.

Check out the other tales here

new TT Feb 2018

Glancing around the car, I noticed Rashmi wasn’t in her spot. “Did Rashmi not get on today at her stop?”

“No. We haven’t seen her. Maybe she’s embarrassed about yesterday.” Jonathan shook his head.

“More likely, she’s still dealing with that kid of hers,” Martin said.

The train moved on. I didn’t know what to say next so I stayed quiet and let conversation float over my head.

At the next stop, a man with a large belly and a short black beard got on. He had on a plaid shirt that made him look like a lumberjack. The rest of his clothing didn’t match the lumberjack look, though. He wore sneakers that appeared to belong to someone from the last century and his slacks were more like something one would wear to a semi-formal wedding. It was definitely a weird look.

The man made eye contact with me. Startled, I thought I recognized something in his expression. I surely didn’t know this man, but why was he so familiar?

He took a seat near the front of the car and didn’t glance up again. He stared at the floor as if it was playing a movie he’d always wanted to see. Odd. Very odd.

Then it dawned on me why I thought I knew him. I sucked in a huge gasp.

Jonathan stared at me with concern. “What’s wrong?”

I shook my head. “Nothing.”

Thinking fast as I could tell he didn’t believe me, I added, “I just realized I left something at home I’d intended to mail today.”

“Must’ve been important.” Jonathan raised his eyebrows.

“No, but now it might arrive late.” I hated to keep lying. All I wanted him to do was stop yakking so I could figure out if I was right about the lumberjack.

Jonathan shrugged and turned to Anita to converse with her.

I needed to get another look at that lumberjack, but how could I manage it without being obvious?

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Special Guest- Regina Andrews

Welcome to my friend, Regina. She has a new release (first in a series) and I’m thrilled to share it with you.

Hello Jillian!

Thank you very much for hosting me on your blog. I am very excited, because IN GOOD FAITH, my new inspirational romance novel, has just been released. It is the first book in my new series, the Dunbar Falls Series.



When Haley Hawthorne’s future is out at a crossroad and she can’t get air and carry her out of her mind, what will she do? The Past is closing in on her. Faced with upheaval, will Haley choose the path God has set out for her, and what part in her future will carrier play?

A Sampling of Amazon Reviews

  1. J. Robinson

5.0 out of 5 stars

Heartfelt Superb Story–Loved it!

June 21, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Haley has grown used to city life, but goes back to her hometown when her uncle passes. He has left her the use of his three-story mansion if she’ll stay and run his company. She encounters Aaron, a boy she’s known all of her life and discovers all the locals know how much he cares for her, even if she doesn’t. She’s been too caught up in city life and the hustle and bustle of it all to take the time to see people from her past or even to see what is right in front of her eyes…I highly recommend this book!

Linda Weaver Clarke

5.0 out of 5 stars

A Delightful Story

June 28, 2019

Format: Paperback

This is a delightful story. I would describe Haley as a fashionable city girl in designer clothes. When she has to make the change from city girl to small town girl, it isn’t easy…This is truly an adorable story.

5.0 out of 5 stars

What Will Haley Choose?

June 21, 2019

Format: Paperback

I received a review copy of this book, and I couldn’t put it down. This novel is an engaging Christian romance without being preachy. I love how the story reinforces the real-life challenges of choosing what is best for you while keeping others in mind.


ReginaARegina, does your faith affect your writing? How?

I’m so glad you asked me that question. Yes, in fact my faith is really the reason why I write. My inspirational romance is all deal with a hero and heroine, of course. But they also deal with God’s role in our lives. We may not have a lot of faith, we may be in trouble—no matter what the circumstances, God is always there for us. And in an inspirational romance, God‘s love is what brings the hero and heroine together.

What’s next in the Dunbar Falls Series?

I am working on the second book in the series, and hope to have it finished by the end of this year. The title is ACT OF FAITH, and the heroine is a character, Alison, from IN GOOD FAITH.

About the Author

Inspirational author Regina Andrews grew up in the seaside village of Barrington, Rhode Island. She still loves visiting the beach, and her other hobbies include museums, travel, and music. After graduating from college she attended the University of Delaware and eventually earned her Master’s degree in American Studies from Brown University. She is the author of The Sterling Lakes Series, The Perfect Proposal, Spotlight on Love, and the award winning e-book of the year, Destiny’s Designs, which will be re-released in August 2019.

Link to Regina’s website:

Other books by Regina: comment for a chance to win an e-copy of one.




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Wordless Wednesday

IMG_5032 (2)

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Tuesday Tales- July 22, 2019- Hardy

Today’s word is Hardy for the Tuesday Tales ladies. I lost my manuscript and freaked out, but finally found it in the recycle bin of my computer. *whew*  I used the prompt in a different way — hopefully, no one else did the same.  🙂

Check out the other tales here.

new TT Feb 2018

I staggered toward Martin’s seat as the train rumbled on.

When I got to his side, he’d stopped the rocking back and forth but was still clearly upset. I took hold of his hand. “It’s all right. They’re separated now.”

“I can’t deal with people arguing. I just can’t.”

“That’s perfectly understandable. I’m with you on that. I’d much rather people get along. Drama is not fun.” I was hoping to distract him, but he kept staring at Rashmi.

“How can she treat her son like that?” Martin’s face was still ashen. “He has a problem and she doesn’t care. She’s terrible.”

“That’s not really fair, Martin. All we know is what we see on this train twice a day. We have no idea what all has gone on over the years at their home. She’s always trying to help him into rehab and now, it seems he’s taken off again when she had to work hard to get him admitted.”

“Of course you’d take her side. Women always stick together.”

“Hang on a second, Martin,” Kent said. “Jane’s right. Who knows the whole story except Rashmi and her son? We can’t judge what just happened.”

Hardy, har, har. Maybe you two can’t, but I can. Anyone who smacks someone else around deserves to be judged. Clearly, the two of you lead sheltered lives.”

“Hardly,” Kent said. He walked away and I was tempted to do the same. This man was our friend we’d been worried about for a long time and now he was acting like we were the villains? Pfft.

“I think you’re wrong, Martin, but we’re all entitled to our opinions.” I shook my head. “I came over here to comfort you as you seemed to be upset, but since you’re fine, I’ll head back to my seat.”

“Yeah, over there by your bum boyfriend.” This man who I thought was meek actually sneered at me. How could I have been so mistaken about him for so long?


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