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Wordless Wednesday

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Wondering if Laurie is going to know what this is. 🙂

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Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday Tales- April 2, 2019- Alone

This week, the authors of Tuesday Tales are writing to the word prompt alone. I am still working on the paranormal book. The heroine is on the phone with her mother talking about the hero. By the way, all the characters in this story have Beatles related names.

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new TT Feb 2018

“You stay away from over there, missy. You got the gift like your grandma did. You don’t wanna be attracting no spirit to follow you home and make trouble in your life.” Her mother coughed. “You hearing me, Stella girl? No nonsense, ya hear?”

“Settle down, mamma. I’m not planning to go back. I was wondering how I could help the man who wants to buy the place. He’s a nonbeliever and I’m worried he’s going to get himself hurt.”

“You need to steer clear. Even setting up a ritual to pray for his protection could drag you down.”

Stella sighed. She should’ve known her mother would flip, but she had some of her grandmother’s candles and other items used in ritual that might be of use in casting a protective net around Max Edison. She’d learned the work from her grandmother even though her mother feared it.

“If you’re asking for Grandmother’s box, no. You can’t have it. You need to forget that idea right now.”

When her mother got that tone of voice, Stella knew the pope himself could ask her for the box and she’d say no. Not that the pope believed in Voodoo. At least she didn’t think he did.

Stifling the snort that picture that thought brought to mind and disappointed in the call, Stella sighed. “Go watch your show, Mom.”

“Promise me you’ll leave this alone.”

Knowing she couldn’t do that, Stella made a noncommittal noise and said, “I’ll see you all at Sunday dinner.”

“Promise me.”

Stella glanced up at the kitschy black cat wall clock with the moving eyes and tail. Saved by the time. “You’re missing the first puzzle on Wheel. I’ll let you go.”

“This isn’t over, child.”

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Tuesday Tales- March 26, 2019- Road

This week’s word for the authors of Tuesday Tales is road. I am still working on my paranormal story. I’ve been traveling and this is totally unedited.

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new TT Feb 2018

“There was someone behind me and whoever it was got out of their car and was following me onto the porch. There’s no way the person had time to get away from the house. Where did he go?”
Concerned about not only her obvious distress, but the tone of her voice, Max took hold of her elbow. “Come over here and sit down. You’re overwrought.”
“Don’t try to placate me like I’m a baby. I know what I saw.” She didn’t fight him, but she also didn’t seem to want to move away from the window.
He gently eased her away from the window. “Whoever you thought you saw is clearly not there now. He didn’t want to upset her any more than she already was, so he pretended to go along with her delusion that she’d seen someone. He didn’t believe her for one second, but she was so fragile, it was better to let her think so.
Glad his vision had adjusted to the dark so he wouldn’t trip over the chair he’d hurt his hip on earlier, Max led her to the closest sofa. It had a dust cover over it and he hoped it wasn’t so dirty it would soil her slacks. His were work pants so it didn’t matter to him if he got some dirt on him.
When they were seated, she faced him. “I tell you, I was followed. There were also a bunch of black birds who tried to attack my car. It was terrifying.”
“I saw birds like that when the rain first came. I was in the kitchen and they attacked the windows like they were desperate to get in. I figured they wanted shelter. Maybe they thought your car was someplace safe to take cover. You know how some birds come flying straight at windshields like they want to get in or don’t see them. Maybe it was something like that.”
“It was not. It was deliberate. To provoke me. Why won’t you believe me?” Tears streamed from her eyes, but she seemed not to notice as she didn’t even try to brush them away.
“It’s not that I don’t believe you. I think you believe what you saw, but I can’t fathom that birds have the ability to form intent to scare someone. Can you understand how that sounds? Wild creatures deciding to scare a human being driving down the road? How can that be?” He knew he was going to upset her more, but she needed to see how illogical this belief of hers was. She was unstable in the extreme.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday Tales – March 12, 2019- Steady

This week the authors of Tuesday Tales are writing to the word prompt steady. I am back in a story I have a deadline on even though I’m not really feeling the muse, but deadlines are deadlines. This is a paranormal and we pick up where the heroine thinks she’s coming to save the hero but she’s been being terrorized on her ride to the mansion in the rain. I shared some of this in the fall and you may or may not remember it.

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new TT Feb 2018

Max stared out the window that had water streaming down the glass in rivulets. He could barely see Stella standing there. She was screaming loud enough to wake the people in the next county. He couldn’t understand what was possessing her or even why she was on the porch. Didn’t she say she was never coming back here?

At least she was a diversion from sitting in the dark where he’d dozed off for the last few hours. His body ached from having fallen asleep with his arms on the table. He tried to unlatch the window since he couldn’t find the keys to the deadbolt on the front door. Where did I see them last?

She kept banging on the pane so hard he was sure it was going to shatter inside the room and cut him. What was she all fired up about? Weird.

He finally got the latch turned—it was almost like someone had painted it shut—and as he pulled the tall French window toward him, Stella leaned against it. She tumbled into the room, a wet, sodden mess, and took him down to the floor with her. A bag landed with a thump beside them.

“Good grief. What are you doing here and why are you terrorizing me at this late hour?” He gently removed her body from his person and rolled out of her way.

Standing, he shook out his polo shirt to dry to get the dampness off it. “I thought you were done with this house and yet here you are.”

“Shut that window. I made a salt barrier, but whoever it is can still get in.”

“Salt barrier?” Max shook his head. This poor woman needed help in a bad way.

She struggled to her feet using the leg of one of the wing back chairs as leverage. She seemed a little wobbly and unable to steady herself  

When she seemed to have her balance, she dashed to the window and tried to slam it shut, but the wind grabbed hold of it. Max could tell she would never have the strength to close it herself.

Heaving a big sigh, he made his way to her side and pushed the thing flush with the facing. The lock closed with a snick and he turned to face her with his back to the outside world. “Care to enlighten me about why you’re here and making such a fuss?”



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Tuesday Tales- March 5, 2019- Boat

This week’s word for the authors of Tuesday Tales is boat. I am pretty much not writing at this time as I am so discouraged about a lot of things, so I am going to share a bit more of my slave story that I am supposed to be editing but can’t seem to focus on. Luckily, the word of the week is in that story a lot.

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new TT Feb 2018

“We’ve both had our share of tears in this life, girl.”

“Yes we have. Too many.” Theodora thought about the countless tears she’d cried when her mother was sold. She didn’t really remember a lot about that time and really didn’t understand the reason her mother was gone. She only recalled how the warmth of someone’s arms around her as she slept was gone. It was only later as she noticed other female slaves who had babies they cuddled that she understood what she was missing.

The cart jolted to a halt.

Now that they were still, they could hear the sounds around them. There seemed to be a lot of activity.

“How will we be able to avoid being seen if there are a lot of people around?” Theodora asked.

“Trust the planners, child. They’ve done this before. You have to learn to let people help you.”

“How can I? I’ve never really had that in my life.”

“I know, but remember Josiah helped you learn to follow the stars and you were doing that when you escaped the first time, then the boys showed you how to swim when you were planning your second try at the plantation. They helped you.”

“And you have, too but I know all of you and being slaves like me, there wasn’t much to fear that any of you would betray me.”

Esther patted her hand. “I know, but there’s a big world out there for you to make your way in and if you don’t learn to let people help you or to trust that they will, you’re going to grow old alone and frightened. I don’t want that for you.”

Before Theodora could respond, the top edge of the tarp came up. A man’s face peered in at them. “I’m the driver. We’re going to get you on the boat now.” He passed Theodora two really thick blankets. “Hang on as I’m going to drive close to the gangway and we’re going to load you on. Wrap those around yourselves and when the two men take you each out, hold yourself as still and stiff as you can. We’re passing you off as carpets that have to be stored in the captain’s cabin so they don’t ruin.”

This sounded crazy. “Does that actually work?” Theodora couldn’t keep the question from flying out of her mouth.

“It always has before. It’s dark out and no one is really paying attention to what’s being loaded. Two women walking on the gangplank wild cause much more notice than two carpets being carried onboard.

Remembering the words Esther recently spoke, Theodora did what she could to try to trust the man. “Can’t hurt to try, right?”

“That’s the spirit.” He smiled and placed the tarp back over them.


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Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday

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