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Wordless Wednesday with a Cover Reveal

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Tuesday Tales- July 17, 2018- Corn

It’s Tuesday again. Time for some tales from a group of authors writing to the same word prompt. The word of the week is corn and I was a bit challenged on how to work it in. 🙂 I am still working on my Christmas story.  Hank, the former high school sweetheart of the heroine has agreed to help her in her floral shop as she’s short-handed.

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While Hank busied himself on the task Candace gave him, she tried not to watch his every move. He had to still be playing soccer some since he was so fit. She bet he could still wear the same clothes he had in high school. She kept tossing glances in his direction as she prepared the matching vase she was using for the second arrangement.

In a few minutes, he returned to her side with some unopened roses, fern greenery and babies breath. “I think this will do it.” He placed them gently on the work table. “I also found these. I guess they’re left over from Halloween?” Hank waggled a small baggie of candy corn in front of her. “As I recall, these were Angela’s favorite. Did she hide them back there?”

Candace giggled. “They were her favorite even though I always teased her that they tasted like wax.”

“Is she all right? You say they were her favorite in the past tense.”

“Oh no, she’s fine. Just hasn’t eaten those in many years.” Candace shook her head. “She’s married now and has two little kids. Twins. She never lets them eat sweets. Drives my mother crazy.”

“I’m glad she’s better and has apparently found a good man. As I recall, she wasn’t well for a couple of years.”

“She wasn’t. I was glad when she and Todd started dating. At first, it was scary, but he seemed to really care for her and she told him all about her suicide attempt. The fact that she was able to be honest with him and he stayed was all important to my family. With her fragile psyche, we wanted her to be careful about becoming involved with another man.”

Candace couldn’t believe they were having this conversation. That year of hell after her sister’s high school love broke her heart after he left for college almost was the undoing of their family. Her pain culminated in the suicide attempt and hospitalization right after Hank moved south for school. Angela had been sure Candace would receive the same treatment. In order to calm her, Candace told her she’d broken off the relationship with Hank herself. It was a terrifying time.

“I’m glad to hear it. I haven’t spoken to or seen her since then and was curious about how she was doing.” He held up the bag again. “What about these then? Are they your new secret vice?”

Glad for the change of subject, Candace shook her head. “Nope. Never. Those were left over from the high school’s Halloween fundraiser for funds for their prom. The junior class sold orange and black carnations tied together with the candy bags. I made them for them. One of the bags must’ve fallen off.”

“I’m going to eat them, then.” He opened the bag, popped some in his mouth and had to bend down to pick up two that fell on the floor.

“Knock yourself out. They’re hideous.”

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Wordless Wednesday


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Tuesday Tales- July 10, 2018- Knife

I am still working on my new Christmas story. This is the beginning of the second scene.  The word of the week is knife. Remember, there are a number of us writers sharing tales – check them out. They are amazing story tellers.

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new TT Feb 2018

Dashing quickly into the grocery store on her way home, Candace pulled her collar up to keep the cold wind from sliding down her back. She’d left home that morning without realizing the temperature was going to drop so much before the shop closed. Now she was paying the price. The denim that was too warm in the early fall was now not nearly enough to keep her comfortable.

She took a package of oatmeal off the shelf and tried to recall if she had any grape jelly at home to put in it in the morning. Thinking she didn’t, she made her way to that section and picked up a jar.

Still shivering and needing to grab a bit of milk so she could have some warm cocoa when she got home, Candace was tempted to skip it since she’d never thaw out in the refrigerated section. Deciding to head down the aisle with the boxed hot chocolate she didn’t really like, she made a U-turn as soon as she arrived at the aisle before the dairy case.

Her stomach lurched as she recognized Priscilla Kane at the other end accompanied by both her soon-to-be husband and her brother.

It had been eight years since Candace had seen Hank, but she recognized his physique immediately, even from the back. He’d been a soccer player and had the leg and buttock muscles those guys always seemed to have.

She scurried to the refrigerated section after all and prayed they wouldn’t come to that area of the store. She couldn’t breathe. It was as if someone had stuck a knife in her left lung and deflated it.

“Great. Just great. All these years and now this,” Candace muttered under her breath.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday Tales- July 2, 2018- Word

I’m back after a long hiatus. I had surgery and it almost seemed as if the doctor also removed my creativity, but I’m back. I started a Christmas story and here is the opening of it. The word of the week for Tuesday Tales is worn.

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new TT Feb 2018

A blast of cold air smacked into Candace Miller’s body as if an arctic breeze had been let lose inside the flower shop.

She glanced up from the worn, wooden table covered in almost as many dings as flowers, greenery and baby’s breath, to find her best friend, Amy Chamberlain, standing there staring into the shop. “Shut that door. You’ll kill these roses with that frigid air.”

“That won’t happen. I know you keep them in a cooler any way.” Amy stepped inside and leaned against the door with her arms behind her back. “I’ve got news, Candy. Very interesting news.”

“What’s that? And it’s Candace, remember?” Candace didn’t really care about gossip but her pal loved to dish the dirt on their friends and neighbors.

“Yeah, yeah. Candace. I can’t seem to keep it straight that you don’t want to go by your nickname anymore.” Amy moved closer to Candace’s work table. She leaned on it. “Guess who came home for his sister’s wedding?” She nodded at the arrangement Candace was putting together.

“First of all, how can you keep forgetting about my name? It’s been eight years.”  Candace poked at the nearest gouge in the dark wood of the table, avoiding eye contact with her friend. “How is your news interesting? I already know what you’re going to say and did you really imagine Hank Kane wouldn’t attend his little sister’s wedding?” Candace looked up and shook her head as she poked some greens around the white roses. “He comes home every year at Christmas anyway. This wedding happens to fall during the festive season, so it was way more than likely he’d be here.”

“But you always avoid seeing him. And now you’ll have to since he’ll be at the wedding.”

“I can set up ahead of time and be long gone by the time of the ceremony.”

Candace nodded, making that her plan as the words left her mouth.

“You can’t disappoint Priscilla. The bride expects you there as a guest. After all, you’ve been friends since you and Hank dated. You can’t not show up.” Amy raised her eyebrows. “Besides, if you’re afraid to come face to face with his wife, the most interesting news is that he’s divorced.”

The news hit Candace in the gut as if a boxer had punched her. She could barely get the word out. “D-d-d-divorced?”

“I know. Shocking, isn’t it? I heard he lost his money and she left him.”

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Tuesday Tales- April 24, 2018 – Wash

This week’s word for Tuesday Tales is wash. I am still in my Regency story called Lady Soldier.

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new TT Feb 2018

Happy to finally be free to act and aid her countrymen, Maud spurred Khan on and into the middle of the action. She fought hard and swiftly, keeping her mind on the job she was set to do. It helped not to think of the men she was attacking as husbands, brothers and sons. She focused instead on the task and how best to accomplish her goal of staying in the saddle and alive herself.

Khan was invaluable again as he sidestepped many who came at her. A few times, again, she heard or felt the wind of bullets passing by her head.

Many of the allied forces went down to the ground, but they kept fighting as long as there was breath in them.

If anything, this battle was bloodier than the day before. Napoleon must’ve been angry at how quickly his men disengaged the day before and put the fear in them not to do so again. They fought like men possessed.

The smell of blood in the air assaulted her nose and made her long for the day to be over. Still they fought on. Longer and harder than the day before.

As the sun came closer to setting, as if by some unspoken agreement, the armies began to disburse away from the battlefield.

Maud followed the young corporal who’d led her to the cavalry unit that morning. He turned and called out, “Retreat.”

Grateful the day’s fighting was all but over, Maud did as ordered and guided Khan back to the area where they’d mustered earlier.

The colonel, still on his own steed, addressed his men. “Well done, soldiers. Get some rest this evening as I’m sure we’ll be engaging the enemy again at dawn.” He saluted them. “Dismissed.”

As soon as the colonel uttered the word dismissed, Maud was eager to return to her quarters and wash the dirt of the day off herself.

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Tuesday Tales – April 17, 2018- Picture Prompt

This week, I have been in edits and also a final read through on my upcoming release so I wasn’t really working on new material. It’s a picture prompt week where we’re limited to 300 words so I whipped up an exactly 300 word piece of flash fiction for the picture I liked. The picture made me happy and so I wanted to use it. Hope you like my little story.

Check out the other writers’ work here. See what picture they chose.

new TT Feb 201830652570_10213603179212619_8430344542267375616_n

Marcia strolled past the old, beat up hutch. It looked as if it was handmade, but what attracted her to the item wasn’t the piece of furniture itself. It was the red teapot and polka dot cups.

Her heart made an odd flutter. How had these gotten to the antique store and on display at the sidewalk sale?

She couldn’t help herself, she was drawn to the cups as if they were a life preserver and she was over her head in the sea. Time slowed as she reached out.

When her hand touched the smooth edge of the cup, she was transported to that kitchen table. The last day they were together. Tears burned her eyes. This was impossible. Just when she thought she was over the heartbreak, she walked by the cups that always made her happy. Until they didn’t.

Realizing she was clutching the cup so tightly that it could break, Marcia gently placed it back on the scarred wood shelf. Wiping the errant tear that slid down her face, she turned away.

“May I assist you, ma’am?” a young man asked.

“No. I was admiring these. I used to have a set myself.”

“Sure you don’t want to buy those to replace yours?”

“No. I actually left them behind when I moved. On purpose.”

“That’s odd. The man who brought them in said he had to let them go as they made him sad. He’d lost his love over a stupid fight and she left them. He said they’d bought them together on a seaside trip.”

Marcia gasped. They were her cups. Had to be.

“He’s still here. Want me to get him?”

She couldn’t respond.

In a moment, her former love came around the corner.


“Yes, love. It’s me. I’ve found at last you.”

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Wordless Wednesday


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Tuesday Tales- April 10, 2018- Cart

This week’s word for Tuesday Tales is cart. I am still in my Regency set story called Lady Soldier. Our heroine has been discovered to be a woman and was on her way home to England when she and her escorts had to save Wellington’s life.

Be sure to check out the other tales here. 

new TT Feb 2018

Relieved he wasn’t going to discipline her further, she saluted. “Yes, sir.”

“Good. Now, let’s get these men into a cart and send them on the way to the next encampment and the prisoner of war area. No more parole for them.” Wellington saluted them all. “Once we complete that task, be on your way home. And try not to run into any other Frenchmen with my murder or capture on their minds.”

“We’ll try, sir,” Sandy said with a grin.

Maud’s uncle hugged her. “Go home. I’ll see what I can do to smooth things over with my brother, the duke.”

“Thank you.” Tears sprung to her eyes at his kindness. He was the youngest brother, but the duke listened to him more than his other family members. Perhaps it was due to Fitzroy’s battle experience. Maud didn’t know, but it was good to have her uncle on her side in this situation.

They made quick work of getting the prisoners loaded as well as the dead men. Maud wouldn’t have wanted to ride along with them and was happier than she’d been earlier to be going home.

Sandy rounded them up and they returned to their horses. “We only have a few more hours of useable daylight so let’s try to get some miles covered before we set up camp for the night.”

The ride seemed more amiable as they left the cantonment.  Maud didn’t feel as if the two men behind her were as angry as they’d been. Maybe working together had reminded them of how much they meant to each other. She hoped so.

They rode along at a good clip for about two hours, no one saying a word. Maud thought about what happened with Bouvier and his men. She’d been in a number of battles by now, but being that close to the enemy was disconcerting. When she’d been running from howitzer to howitzer, she was on the ground and near the infantry, but she’d been too focused on getting those machines fired. Today was different. This was engaging the enemy eyeball to eyeball.

She repressed a shudder at the memory.

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