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Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday Tales- January 20, 2015- Ruthless

Today’s word is ruthless. I am still woking on the new story taking place in the bar where the heroine cut her hand. She is now being treated by the bar owner’s brother, a doctor. Be sure to read the other tales of the week here. 

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“How does a champagne flute break in one’s hand?” The wrapping was off and Ian’s gentle touch on her hand sent a shiver up Lanett’s spine. He looked her in the eye. “Was it a flute or one of the round ones on a stem? If the stem snapped, it wouldn’t shatter glass like this so I’m thinking it was a flute?”

“Yes. It shattered in my hand.”

“I don’t see how that could happen without a lot of force.”

“Hey, mate, how it happened doesn’t matter to your medical care of this lady, it only matters for my report,” Simon said.

“It does matter. Despite what bar owners want, doctors always take a medical history of their patients.” He turned back to Lanett. “What happened? Was there great force?”

“It sure was. I was supposed to be drinking a toast to celebrate my friend’s divorce but—”

“You celebrate divorce?” Ian looked horrified.

“Well, no, not normally and that’s really where it went wrong.”

“What’s that, love?” Simon asked as he wrote on something on the desk that Lanett presumed was the incident report.

“I reminded my friend Amanda of how happy she was when she got married and how we bridesmaids saluted her with champagne then. It seems that didn’t sit well and she crashed her glass into mine.”

“She sounds like a charming lady,” Ian said.

“More like ruthless, you ask me,” Simon said.

Ian nodded over at his brother. “Hand me my medical bag.”

“Do you doctors still really carry those?” Lanett asked. He still held her hand and she realized she could sit there the rest of her life with her hand in his and be content. It was a shock since she’d just met the man and didn’t usually react that way to anyone.

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Tuesday Tales- January 13, 2015 – Picture Prompt

This week we have a picture prompt and it has actually served as the inspiration for this new story that I posted the beginning of last week. This week’s snippet picks up where last week leaves off which I don’t do often as I like to leave a lot out- one particular reader will like that I didn’t skip anything (Iris- lol). These posts are limited to 300 words each. Here’s the picture and be sure not to miss the other stories here.

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10480146_10204202720487026_9122420548958043114_nLanett held her glass aloft anyway and before she could stop herself, the words slipped out, “I just can’t help but think about the night three years ago when we were toasting your wedding as your bridesmaids. You were so happy–“

Before she could finish the sentence, the other three woman clinked their glasses together. Amanda hit hers so hard against Lanett’s that the glass in Lanett’s hand shattered, spilling champagne on her suit and cutting her hand.

Flinging the remnants of the glass to the floor, Lanett jumped from her bar stool and grabbing her purse from where she’d set hung it on the back of the seat, shoved the strap over her shoulder and stalked toward the ladies room to tend to her hand.

Once she was in the empty restroom, Lanett took several paper towels and wiped the blood from her hand to see how bad the cut was. It was difficult to see it since the blood kept flowing. Turning on the warm water and bracing herself against the sting she knew would come as soon as she dunked her hand, Lanett took the plunge, sucking in a deep breath as she did so.

There was still some glass embedded in the flesh. Lanett gritted her teeth and leaned over to try to get it out. The big piece came easily but there were still splinters that hurt and seemed to go deeper the more she attempted to remove them. “Great. Now I have to spend the rest of this lousy night at the emergency room. Just peachy.”

“Are you okay?” Marcia came in and asked as the door shut behind her.

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Friday Facts- January 9, 2015- Happy Birthday, Elvis

Yesterday would’ve been Elvis’ 80th birthday. I thought I’d share a great song of his that I love- since I write romance, this is a great song to like. Check out Such a Night here

I have two personal connections to the King of Rock and Roll. My great aunt and uncle knew the Presleys when they lived in Tupelo and my great aunt even changed his diaper.

Sam Phillips (also a January baby- born on the 5th) who owned Sun Records is a cousin. His grandfather and my great-grandmother were brother and sister, so he was first cousin to my grandfather.

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Wordless Wednesday


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Tuesday Tales- January 6, 2015- Gray

Back to Tuesday Tales after a brief hiatus. I’ve started another story even though I have three to edit and two to finish. I’m feeling a bit ADHD lately. I’m going to work this one for TT and then edit the others in the meantime- I promise.  This week’s word is gray. Be sure to check out the other stories here. Badge for TT - very small

Nasty smoke filled the air making Lanett want to gag more than she already wanted to when she was invited to the dive bar after work. What happened to that law about no smoking inside? How was this place getting past that rule? Lungs burning and eyes watering, she glanced around to see where her friend was with the drinks. Get this toast done and get out was all she wanted to do.

“Lookie, lookie,” Amanda stepped up to the table waggling a bottle of champagne. “I’ve got more.” She stopped and stared at Lanett. “I’m glad to see you finally made it. We’re way ahead of you on the celebration. What took you so long to get here?”

“I told you I had to get something out before I could leave work. I left as soon as I could.” Lanett knew this was a mistake. The others already seemed to be well on the way to being drunk. Totally not her scene at all.

“Gina, grab Lanett a flute and let’s drink a toast to my freedom.”

“How many toasts have you already drank?” Lanett asked.

Amanda sat on the only empty bar stool left at the table for four. She filled her own glass, then Gina’s as well as Marcia, the fourth person’s. Gina passed an empty flute. Amanda filled it and handed it to Lanett. “I’ve lost count. Does it really matter?”

“Maybe you need to slow down a little.” Lanett said. Her friend seemed frantic almost to the point of manic. For someone who professed to be happy about her divorce, Amanda was acting more like someone who was trying not to cry.

“What do you know about it? I’m celebrating being free from Tim and you’re trying to put a damper on the merriment. Maybe you and that gray cloud of rain over your head should’ve skipped out on this gathering if you were going to be such a party-pooper.” Amanda held her glass up and saluted Gina and Marcia, ignoring Lanett.

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Friday Facts- January 2, 2015- Winston Churchill

winnieOne of my favorite historical figures of the 20th century was Winston Churchill. He was an amazing man who was full of brilliance. I would have loved to meet him. He lived to the awesome age of 90 (died Jan. 1965) and was even alive when I was a little kiddo. It’s really mind-blowing what all he saw in his lifetime. Think about the folks born in 1874 like him who lived as long as he did- the things that changed in life in those 90 years are really unreal. We went from horse travel to automobiles and man, did those autos change.

We also went from rutted, hewn out roads to paved interstates. Breaking the sound barrier and flying solo across the Atlantic Ocean happened during the man’s life as well. He lived during the reign of two queens and four kings. That’s a big wow, yeah? He was brave and tenacious and helped keep Europe out of the Nazi’s hands but he was also a pet lover. He had two special poodles in his life- Rufus and Rufus II (about whom he said the II was silent- LOL). This story about him and Rufus II is so sweet:

According to University Archives, “Rufus II sat on Churchill’s lap one evening as they watched “Oliver Twist.” At the point in the film when Bill Sikes was about to drown his dog, Churchill covered the poodle’s eyes and said, “Don’t look now, dear. I’ll tell you about it afterwards.””
A great man with a grand heart! On January 24, 2015, it will be 50 years since the man died. You heard it here first. Get your champagne ready to toast the man on the 50th anniversary of his death.
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Wordless Wednesday


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Wordless Wednesday


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Wordless Wednesday.


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