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Friday Facts- August 22, 2014- USS Oriskany

3950473777_00886b50cd_bThe USS Oriskany was an aircraft carrier used by the United States in the Korean War as well as the Vietnam War. It had exemplary service and even won a number of battle stars. After a long life of service to her country she was retired and brought to my home town, Pensacola to be sunk as a diving site.

She lies now over 200 feet under the surface and serves as an awesome place for divers to explore. There are a lot of fish and other marine life out there and some photos from the dive area are really spectacular. Check out the 2 min video here.  How cool is that?

As most of you know, I’m claustrophobic and I once had a total panic attack doing scuba so I don’t do that anymore but I sure can live vicariously through the films and videos.

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Wordless Wednesday


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Friday Facts- August 15, 2014- Scouse the Mouse

Have you ever heard of Scouse the Mouse? It’s a children’s album from the 1970s. Ringo Starr is Scouse. He emigrates from Liverpool to the United States. It’s super-cute – check it out at this link.

The other cool thing about it is that is was written by Donald Pleasence- he was a great actor who played in The Great Escape, and the villain in the James Bond flick, You Only Live Twice. He was best known (to me anyway) as the doctor in the Halloween movies. He was also in the RAF in WWII (after initially being a conscientious objector) and was shot down and captured. What an interesting life he led. He’s probably worth a FF all on his own, right?051109browimage

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Wordless Wednesday

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Cover Reveal- The Size of the Scandal

MAN, oh MAN! When I got this cover, I went crazy. I love, love, love it. This man is too divine, isn’t he? This is a Christmas story set in Regency England and I think it’s too perfect for words. It fits the era and the story very well.  The story itself will be out October 30, 2014.the size of the scandal

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Lace Daltyn Has Done It Again- New Release- Perception

Lace is a good friend and she writes erotic stories. She’s got a series going on at Evernight Publishing and man, oh, man, this cover for this one is awesome. Check her out if you get a chance- you’re going to love this series. I think the name of this story is great. I have this saying about life is all about perception so I’m intrigued about what this title can lead to in the story! This is book three of the series. Check out the excerpt below (it’s rated PG or under).



The world is full of secrets…

Drea Fortier, a reclusive philanthropist whose painful past influences her belief that there can be no happily ever after for her, reaches out to help others in the hope she can transform their pain and give them hope for the future. Drea’s own story, as well as that of her assistant, Michael Smith, is slowly revealed throughout the Secrets series.

Book Three: Perception

Laid off from her job and evicted from her apartment, life couldn’t get much worse for Melinda Atkins. Dylan Maguire invites her to stay with him, but the strings attached are more than Mel is ready to take on. After all, she’s ten years older than him. And more years than that separate her and the models he photographs. He will lose interest.

Dylan Maguire has tried everything else to convince the woman he loves that he’s forever material, that their age difference doesn’t matter. He’s out of options. Afraid he’s on the cusp of losing it all, Dylan submits a request for help.


“All you have to do is tell me what’s wrong.”

“Fine. You want to know? Do you really want to know?”

“Yes, damn it.”

Melinda gulped down the rest of her wine and stood up, almost nose-to-nose with Dylan. “Well, here it is, then. I not only lost my job, I’m getting evicted from my apartment. They’ve sold them as condos. And guess what. Having no job, I’m guessing I won’t qualify to purchase said apartment.”

The shock on Dylan’s face almost made her want to laugh. “Yeah,” she said. “It’s that bad. Everything in my life just tanked.”

“Not everything,” Dylan said. “I’m still here, and I’ll be here for you.”

“No, you won’t.” Mel felt the bitter taste of her laugh. “And you’re too young to even understand that.” She walked away from him, over to the fireplace, desperate for some distance. It took longer than she thought to get her emotions under control. Taking a deep breath, she turned to him. “Look, Dylan. You can’t fix this. I have to figure it out. Please, just leave it alone.”

Dylan reeled as if she’d physically slapped him. In a way, she had. In a matter of seconds, his face went from disbelief to a smooth, blank stone. “I see.” He yanked his shirt over his head, then turned away and slipped on his shoes.

Mel almost broke when his shoulders slumped for a moment, but he straightened them. And she knew as he turned back, what he was about to say would devastate her.

His voice was quiet, but volumes of emotion filled the simple words. “Just so you know, this thing between us…this age thing—” He pointed to her, then tapped his own chest. “It’s all you. I know where I’m at and where I want to be. With you. Forever. For the long haul, not the short term.”

He grabbed his jacket. “So this problem between us? It’s not me. It’s you.”

He looked like he was going to say more, but he shut his mouth tight. Mel could see him struggling to keep the emotion in and it killed her that she was hurting him like this.

In the end, Dylan walked over, kissed the top of her head, and muttered a “call me if you need anything.

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Friday Facts- August 8, 2014- Heidelberg Castle

As I prepare to head to France next week with my 20 year old son, I am thinking back to my first trip to Europe (this is not his first trip over the pond) – I was 19 and went with my parents to Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy. It was a super cool time and one of my favorite memories was Heidelberg Castle in Germany. It overlooks the city and down to the river. It’s a romantic place even though some of the place is in ruins.heidel

Here’s a link to a cool website with some pictures if you want to check it out. My scanner is on the fritz at home or I’d scan a photo or two of my own.

One fun thing about the castle is the famous wine vat (tun) in the cellar. It’s massive.  It would hold over 57,000 gallons of wine if it was in use as a wine vat but it’s not currently used for that. It’s basically a tourist attraction.

Here’s Mark Twain’s quote (which I think is fabulous) about that:

Everybody has heard of the great Heidelberg Tun, and most people have seen it, no doubt. It is a wine-cask as big as a cottage, and some traditions say it holds eighteen hundred thousand bottles, and other traditions say it holds eighteen hundred million barrels. I think it likely that one of these statements is a mistake, and the other is a lie. However, the mere matter of capacity is a thing of no sort of consequence, since the cask is empty, and indeed has always been empty, history says. An empty cask the size of a cathedral could excite but little emotion in me. I do not see any wisdom in building a monster cask to hoard up emptiness in, when you can get a better quality, outside, any day, free of expense.
A Tramp Abroad

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Wordless Wednesday


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Here There Be Witches- E-Book Available Now


My friend has a new release out today in e-book and later in the week in print. Check it out.

Originally posted on Ramblings of a Writer:

The e-book is available today and the print book should be out by the end of the week. So excited to have this one out in the world. Cali is a sassy teenage witch who has so much personality, she was a joy to work with on this story. I hope readers like her as much as I do.


One chaotic week in October, former friends, a guardian angel, and a secret prophecy cause turmoil in the life of a teen-age witch-in-training.

Cali French, a high school senior, is cut out of her inner circle when she refuses to participate in a spell her friends want to cast. Cali fears the dark magic and the unknown consequences of the shortcut they want to take by casting the spell.

Unbeknownst to her, Cali is the subject of an important prophecy. Her former pals have discovered this and have an…

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Friday Facts- August 1, 2014- Elvis Laughing

Not really a FF today but something I wanted to share since I love it so much. This is an awesome audio/video and shows what a great guy Elvis had to be to  hang out with. His laughter is contagious. I defy you to watch this and not smile.

Youtube Elvis Are you Lonesome Tonight




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