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Friday Facts- November 21, 2014- Happy 67th Anniversary

Yesterday was the 67th anniversary of the Queen of England and her husband, Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh. WOW. 67 years. She was 21 and he was 26 and it was just after WWII. Who would’ve thought they would live such a long and healthy life? She’s 88 and he’s 93. I think that’s awesome.

They married at the spectacular Westminster Abbey. She had 8 bridesmaids. The ceremony was at 11:30 am. and she wore a gown designed by Norman Hartnell. Since the country was still under the rationing of the war time, she was allowed, by the government, 200 extra clothing coupons to be able to have the dress of her dreams. Many brides-to-be across the country mailed her their coupons for this purpose as well but she returned them all.

The wedding breakfast was filet de Sole Mountbatten, Perdreau en Casserole, and Bombe Glacee Princess Elizabeth- (filet of Sole, partridge in a casserole, and ice cream) - Princess-Elizabeth1--aThe wedding cake was nine feet tall with four layers and cut with the Duke’s sword which was a gift from King George IV, her father.

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Lavada Dee and Bahamas Christmas!

My friend Lavada Dee has a new Christmas story out and I wanted to invite her over to chat a little about her story as well as her own Christmas/cruise stories. What a cute cover, too. Welcome, Lavada. ea9d5c666855ed1d83078a492e334aafc79c32ed

  1. What made you decide to use the Bahamas as the setting for your story?

It was the first cruise my husband and I took. We found we loved cruising and went on to enjoy many more. I have a framed picture of us on the beach in St. Thomas. I pass it numerous times a day and it still has the power to make me smile. So the setting for this story was a natural.

  1. Your characters are on a cruise ship. What’s the best cruise you’ve ever been on?

While we loved the Bahamas, my favorite was a three-week grand tour that started in Dover and went as far North as St. Petersburg. It was the last booking for the year and I loved the shopping.

Wow, that Dover to St. Petersburg trip sounds amazing. I’m envious of that one. 

What’s your favorite cruise activity?

Does eating count? Oh my gosh the food was terrific.

Now, same question for your characters- what’s their favorite thing to do on a cruise?

The relaxing, laid back deck lounging. Maddie and Dane only have eyes for each other so the Ports of Call and cruise activities pale compared to just being with each other.

  1. Since your characters are spending Christmas in a warm climate, what do they do to make it “feel” like the holiday, if anything?

The ship took care of that. It is decked out with all things Christmas.

  1. How does your hero like his coffee?

Strong, hot, and black.

  1. What’s your heroine’s best holiday memory? Yours?

Maddie’s best and forever holiday memory will be the one that ends this story. You’ll need to read it to get the answer. It’s a memory that will live forever.

My best memory is harder. Every year I feel it’s the best one yet. Family Christmas’s all blend into one happy, love filled time so just Christmas holds a memory with many facets. And, I add another each year. But to be specific one of the best times is seeing the little ones open their presents. We take it slow so savor each present for the love it portrays. There is a lot in the saying that it is better to give then receive and it’s especially true at Christmas.


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Wordless Wednesday


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Tuesday Tales- November 18, 2014- Stark

This week’s word for Tuesday Tales is stark. This is from a Valentine’s day story I’ve been working on- before NaNoWriMo started. The heroine and her father have arrived at the town hall for the Valentine Ball.

Be sure to check out the other stories here.  Badge for TT - very small

At the club, her father allowed the valet to park his van. There were several people standing around outside in the cold. Mattie shook her head. It was freezing. No way was she going to hang out in the blistering weather. She waved at a few acquaintances then entered the outer reception room. Looking behind her, Mattie realized her father stopped to talk to someone so she moved to the coat check area. As she removed her coat, someone tapped her on the shoulder.

Turning to see who it was, she made eye contact, over Miller Stevenson’s shoulder, with Kevin.

“I’m glad you came, Mattie.” Miller reached out to give her a hug.

The look on Kevin’s face as he obviously took in her cleavage told Mattie it was stark madness for her to have worn the gown. Great. Now he probably thought she was trying to tempt him. To lure him.

It dawned on her that she hadn’t heard any news about his wife. She glanced around to see where the woman was. No sign of her. “It seemed to be important to Dad for me to be here so I really didn’t have a choice. You know I’d do anything for him.”

“I do know and so would we.”

Mattie wasn’t so sure about that when it came to the son although she definitely knew it was true of the father.

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Friday Facts- November 14, 2014- Navy Tidbit

This will be a short fact this week as I am in the midst of NaNoWriMo and closing in on the 50,000 words (I’ve got about 4,800 to go to “win”) so I am using every spare second to write because I seem to have OCD when it comes to doing this crazy project every year.

Here’s a tidbit about the United States Navy: It’s a tradition at all Naval installations are considered “ships” – so if you drive onto a Navy base, you are actually not on a Navy base, you are “Aboard”- even on planes, helicopters and inside buildings on a Naval base, you will be welcomed “aboard.”

Quirky and odd but there you are. Terra firma can be a ship. Who knew?

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Wordless Wednesday

2014-08-16 18.43.33

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New Release- Thanks for Giving

November 8th was the release day for this weekend read (Short story under 10,000 words) from my publisher, Sweet Cravings Publishing. This one is just long enough for you to have something to read while your holiday pie bakes. My heroine in this one gets interrupted in the process of baking her pies and would that we all had a hot guy at our door distracting us from baking, right?

This one is dear to my heart as I celebrate the gift of life that bone-marrow donors give. BUY LINK


Molly Touchstone and Chip French were high school sweethearts who broke off their exclusive relationship when he moved to another state when they were in their junior year. Chip visited his grandparents periodically and would see Molly when he was in town. They completely lost touch their freshman year of college, leaving Molly broken-hearted when Chip didn’t return to visit any longer.

Ten years later, Chip has moved back to town and now has a medical degree. An oncology intern, he’s on a quest to find a bone marrow donor for one of their friends from school who has leukemia. In the process of finding this donor, Chip asks Molly to be tested to see if she’s a match.

Molly’s feelings for Chip are rekindled but when he comes around, she seems to make him angry. Afraid to risk her heart again, she bristles each time they come into contact.
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Friday Facts- November 7, 2014- Haruspices

I am in the throes of NaNoWriMo which is the madness of trying to write a 50,000 word novel in the 30 days of November. I hit 15,000 words last night and this story is rocking on at a crazy pace. It’s called Rex, the Ex and the Hex. It’s the tale of poor Rex Davis who gets hexed by his last girlfriend. He can’t seem to find anyone to date and turns to various people to try to help him, including a Tarot card reader, a witch on Halloween at midnight and a witch doctor who says he’s from Africa but sounds more like he’s from West Virginia.

Rex will soon be visiting a Haruspex and I was sure that a lot of the followers of this blog wouldn’t know what that is since I didn’t know the technical term until I looked it up. Of course, a lot of you may know way more than me. I learned about these folks back when I studied Latin and ancient Rome but had forgotten what they were called.

Without further ado, a haruspex (plural haruspices) is someone who practices divination by inspecting the entrails of sacrificed animals such as sheep or poultry (don’t worry, no lambs or chickens will be harmed in my story). This practice came from the Etruscans and I thought it would be fun to have my character encounter one.

Try to work this fact into conversation this week. I dare you. 65301067

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Wordless Wednesday

2014-08-17 14.53.21

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Tuesday Tales – November 4, 2014- Flower

Today’s word prompt is flower. I added an “s” to mine, so sue me. LOL!  I started a new short story to fill the time between finishing the rockstar story and starting NaNoWriMo on November 1. I have a daily writing schedule and I hated to be idle for the 12 – 15 days left in October so I decided on a short little Valentine’s Day story. Check out the other stories using the word flower this week. LINK

Badge for TT - very small

Snow fell in big flakes, covering the ground fast. Mattie sat at the window and watched it in silence until the dirt in the yard turned white. Huddled in her blanket and nursing a cold, she sipped on the now lukewarm cocoa she’d made before she bundled up. February was always the worst month of the year. No flowers bloomed naturally up here in the clearing where her father lived and even if some did, the weather would kill any brave little soul who tried.

Every year, Mattie’s brother, Jacob, would take time away from the home on the mountain and Mattie would come stay with her father. Their family ran a camp nine months of the year and February was the easiest time for Jacob to take a vacation himself. Since Mattie’s career was in the city, she took her time off then as well.

“Are you still feeling poorly?” Her father rolled himself into the room.

Waving a wadded up tissue over her head, Mattie didn’t take her eyes off the snow wafting down outside the window. “I don’t think I’ll ever be normal again.”

“Since you’ve always prided yourself on not being normal, that shouldn’t be a shock.” He continued to come toward the window and stopped when he arrived beside the wingback chair where she sat.

“Very funny. You know what I mean, Dad.”

“I think part of this is the February blahs. You’ve gotten them every year since you were born—well, maybe not the first two or three—but you know what I mean.”

“I don’t think the blahs can cause a fever. Feel my forehead. You’ll see it’s hot.”

“I have no doubt you’re ill. You coughed enough last night to keep people in the next county awake. I’m merely pointing out that you could be making it worse by holing up here with your old man. You should get out. Go to that dance at the club tomorrow night. I’m sure you have something suitable to wear even if you didn’t pack for the party since your closet still has some old stuff in it. You could also raid your mother’s clothes. I kept them all in the spare closet in the guest room.”

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