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Friday Facts- September 12, 2014- Centre Georges Pompidou

This is a museum of modern art in Paris. It is actually one of the largest in Europe and was designed by Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers and Gianfranco Franchini in the 1970s.  It also has a library in it. The interesting thing about the design is that all of the necessary parts of the construction are on the outside frame of the building (like the pipes, mechanical parts, etc) to leave vast spaces inside for the art to be displayed. When it was first built, it was color coded with the green pipes being plumbing, the blue ducts were climate control, electrical wires were yellow and the safety devices and circulation devices were red.

The other cool thing is right next to the building is a fountain called the Stravinsky fountain. It has sixteen sculptures that spray water and music is piped from underground. It’s really awesome. I loved it.

Outside the museum is a large area where people congregate and hang out. There are people doing street art (like in New Orleans) as well as selling handmade goods. It’s a nice place to sit and soak up the atmosphere.

Of course, we went in and looked at the art. If you read last week’s FF, you know my son wasn’t happy about people taking selfies with the art in the Louvre. He was just as unhappy here when some were doing the same thing. This time he took action. He followed them and photobombed their pictures. It was cracking me up. This one girl in particular seemed to finally catch on to what he was doing and she started avoiding him. LOL

Here’s some pics of the museum, the fountain and some of the works that caught my eye. 2014-08-16 18.44.46 2014-08-16 18.44.49 2014-08-16 18.46.04 2014-08-16 19.09.22 2014-08-16 19.09.50 2014-08-16 20.22.59 2014-08-16 19.17.10

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Wordless Wednesday

2014-08-15 09.55.11

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Tuesday Tales- September 9, 2014- Ribbon

Tuesday Tales took a small sabbatical for the month of August and is now back. This week’s word prompt is ribbon. I confess I haven’t been working on this story much as I am working on the second book in a YA series as well as a novella set during the battle of waterloo. I dug this one back out to continue the TT prompts as I do want to get this one finished one day. This is the story where the hero is a rock star.  Be sure to read the other entries here.

Badge for TT - very small

Kat had spent the night in a state of unrest. She tossed and turned and tried to get comfortable. Paul haunted her dreams. It had been a very long time since a man had intruded on her thoughts the way he did. She’d thought she was quite over the wants and desires of the heart. Heaven knew, she ought to be. After all, not many people had gone through the harrowing experience she had and lived to tell about it. She’d taken a vow not to ever get involved with another man and even though she wasn’t involved with Paul nor had any hope of being so, she was surprised to realize she wasn’t adverse to the idea.

Pushing aside thoughts of the rock star and throwing the covers off, Kat climbed out of bed and made her way to the shower. Once ready to leave for work, she put her hair up in a bun and tugged on a black beret.

On the way out, she jerked the door toward her too fast as she opened it and the edge of it scraped the front of her calf. A ribbon of blood flowed down her leg and into her shoe. Kat glanced down and shook her head. She didn’t have time for this but she knew she needed to clean herself up before leaving for work. Stray blood in the crime lab was frowned upon.

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Friday Facts- September 5, 2014- Louvre

I promised a Louvre story this week as the Friday Fact so let’s first get the fact out of the way and then I’ll tell my story. The Louvre was initially built as a palace and fortress in the 12th century. By the middle of the 1500s, a new building was erected on the site by King Francis I of France. In fact, this king was the one who obtained the Mona Lisa and some other Da Vinci paintings for his royal collection. In the latter 1500s, Catherine de Medici had the Tuileries palace (destroyed in1871) built which connected to the Louvre.

During the French Revolution, 1791 to be specific, a law was passed making the Louvre a museum for the people named the Musee Central des Arts. Napoleon added to the works of art there when he was in charge of France by looting the places he conquered and bringing their art to this museum (he changed the name to the Musee Napoleon). Some of the great pieces are sculptures- Roman, Greek and Egyptian.  Nike or Victory, of Samothrace is one of the awesome statues there ( I did get a great look at it since it was at the top of a flight of stairs).

In the 1980s and 90s, the Louvre was expanded to include some underground areas. I.M.Pei designed the glass pyramid which is now the entrance. People hated it at first and it caused a lot of controversy but now it’s considered iconic and a Paris landmark.

My story involved the craziness of the place. It is over-run with tourists as is to be expected but it’s a weird group in there. The people seem to want to dash from one major piece of art to the other with no regard for the other items in the place. We could see them almost running from one to the next- looking at the map for the most famous pieces and taking a selfie then running to the next one.

My son asked me after about an hour how many people did I think were in that building who actually like art versus how many were there because they wanted to prove they’d seen Mona Lisa. I said there were probably 5 art lovers in the place.

About another hour later as I was studying the picture I’m going to post here and my son was at the picture next to it, this French lady came over to me and, in English, said, “I’ve been watching you and your son as well as the rest of this crowd and I think you, he and I are the only people in here who are looking at art and not running down the corridors not seeing anything.”

Talk about funny.  I told her we’d already decided there were only 5 of us who like art in the place and she laughed and said she wondered where the other two were. LOL! How funny that we had the same thoughts.

When we eventually made it to the room where Mona was hanging out, you couldn’t get near her. My son fought the crowd and got up there but I stayed  back and took a picture of the craziness.  This was they way these people massed themselves at every major work. I couldn’t get near the statue of Psyche and Cupid either. I got a pretty good glimpse of it through the crowd but not like I would’ve liked.



Cupid and Psyche

Cupid and Psyche

Inside the pyramid

Inside the pyramid

painting I was studying while lady watched me

painting I was studying while lady watched me

The craziness of the Mona Lisa

The craziness of the Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

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Wordless Wednesday

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Friday Facts- August 22, 2014- USS Oriskany

3950473777_00886b50cd_bThe USS Oriskany was an aircraft carrier used by the United States in the Korean War as well as the Vietnam War. It had exemplary service and even won a number of battle stars. After a long life of service to her country she was retired and brought to my home town, Pensacola to be sunk as a diving site.

She lies now over 200 feet under the surface and serves as an awesome place for divers to explore. There are a lot of fish and other marine life out there and some photos from the dive area are really spectacular. Check out the 2 min video here.  How cool is that?

As most of you know, I’m claustrophobic and I once had a total panic attack doing scuba so I don’t do that anymore but I sure can live vicariously through the films and videos.

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Wordless Wednesday


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Friday Facts- August 15, 2014- Scouse the Mouse

Have you ever heard of Scouse the Mouse? It’s a children’s album from the 1970s. Ringo Starr is Scouse. He emigrates from Liverpool to the United States. It’s super-cute – check it out at this link.

The other cool thing about it is that is was written by Donald Pleasence- he was a great actor who played in The Great Escape, and the villain in the James Bond flick, You Only Live Twice. He was best known (to me anyway) as the doctor in the Halloween movies. He was also in the RAF in WWII (after initially being a conscientious objector) and was shot down and captured. What an interesting life he led. He’s probably worth a FF all on his own, right?051109browimage

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Wordless Wednesday

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Cover Reveal- The Size of the Scandal

MAN, oh MAN! When I got this cover, I went crazy. I love, love, love it. This man is too divine, isn’t he? This is a Christmas story set in Regency England and I think it’s too perfect for words. It fits the era and the story very well.  The story itself will be out October 30, 2014.the size of the scandal

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