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Friday Facts- August 28, 2015- Harry Nilsson

Harry Nilsson was a singer/songwriter and had a number of hits including, “you can’t do that,”  “I guess the Lord must be in New York City” and “coconut” .

He hung out with a lot of famous folks, including the Beatles Three Dog Night and the Mamas and Papas.  Sadly, Cass Elliott stayed at his apartment in London when she was in the city for a concert at the Palladium. She died at that apartment of heart failure in July of 1974.

Four years later, in early September of 1978, Keith Moon, drummer of The Who stayed at the same apartment when he was visiting London. After dining with his girlfriend as well as Paul and Linda McCarthy, he returned to that apartment. He died the next day of an overdose of a sedative designed to help with alcohol withdrawal.

What a heritage to have for your apartment, right?

A number of Mr. Nilsson’s friends passed away at a relatively young age.  Here’s an article for further reading if you’re interested.



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Wordless Wednesday 


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Friday Facts- August 21, 2015- West Point

West Point is the oldest operating (continuingly) Army post in the USA. It.started out as a fort during the time of the Revolutionary War and was occupied by the Continental Army from 1778. Benedict Arnold was the commander at the time he committed his act of treason. He entered into a plot to sell it to the British for a sum of money.

Thomas Jefferson, when he was president, in 1801, set in motion the creation of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. The first graduates came out in 1802. How many cadets do you think that was? A grand total of two. Yep, two.  The first was Joseph Gardner Swift and the second was Simeon Magruder Levy. Mr. Levy was also the first Jewish grad of the Academy.

Another interesting tidbit is that out of the five five-star generals in WWII, four of them were West Point men.

And one more tidbit: one of my former beaus went there after he graduated high school (a year ahead of me). When he came home, he looked quite dashing in his uniform.

In later years, one of my lawyer friends who was in the army taught there. How cool was that?

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Wordless Wednesday- Box Set Cover Reveal


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Tuesday Tales- August 17, 2015- Writing

This week’s word is writing. I cheated a little and used handwriting. I have now finished the Regency story and am thinking of naming it The Duke and the Orphan or do you guys think The Orphan and the Duke sounds better?

To set the scene, the duke is giving a ball for his sisters’ coming out and they want to invite Amelia but know she has no suitable gown so they are discussing how they can provide one for her and sending her a letter to get her to meet them at the dressmaker’s shop on the pretext of helping them choose their own gowns..

Check the other tales out here.

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“But how will we get her a gown?”

“Maybe the seamstress can figure her measurements from looking at her. I’m sure they’ve made a number of gowns that way.” They walked down the hall.

“My goodness, Basil. Have you thought about what you would do if your tailor tried to sell you a garment he hadn’t measured you for?” Saffron laughed.

“That’s true but I am doing my best here to get you what you want. Miss Amelia at your ball and in an appropriate gown. All without offending her.”

“Basil’s right, Saffron. Let’s see if that will work. We can certainly ask.” Jonquil led the way to Basil’s desk and picked up a pen. She held it out to her sister. “You have better handwriting than I do. You write it.”

Saffron stepped over, pushed Archimedes out of Basil’s chair and sat. “Why is our cat always in here with you, Basil? If I didn’t know better, I’d think he was your pet, not ours.”

“The creature seems to like it in here.” Basil shrugged then grinned as a thought came to him. “Maybe because it’s so quiet in here. Not like in your area of the house.”

“I think you quite like his company and are afraid to mention it.” Saffron dipped the pen and wrote on the piece of paper in front of her. “We’ve all heard the way you growl and mumble in here when you’re working on your accounts. I’m sure Archimedes doesn’t like all that noise.”

Basil realized she was right about one thing. Somehow that blasted mouser had made himself indispensable to the man. The animal seemed to somehow ease some of Basil’s anxiousness at being the duke. Who knew a seven-pound ball of fur could work such a miracle?

Deciding not to arm his sisters with that information, Basil stood silent while Saffron finished the letter.

I think a lot of us know Ringo Starr married an actress named Barbara Bach. She was in one of my favorite movies called Force Ten from Navarone– what a great film with Harrison Ford and Robert Shaw as well as Franco Nero (who is married to Vanessa Redgrave).  Ringo and Barbara met on the totally unmemorable movie called Caveman. They fell in love on set and married in 1981.

Barbara has a sister named Marjorie who married in 1988. She also married a music man.

Check out these two links to see how much the sisters look alike.  Barbara and Marjorie.

And who did Marjorie marry? Any ideas who Ringo’s brother-in-law might be?

If you guessed Joe Walsh, you win. The prize? A useless bit of trivia in your head now so if it ever comes up on a game show you’re on, you got this answer.

Happy Friday!

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Wordless Wednesday


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Tuesday Tales – August 11, 2015- Picture Prompt

This week’s Tuesday Tales is a picture prompt. I am still barreling along in my regency story that seems to want to tell itself – except for telling me a title, that is!  Be sure to check out the other stories using the same picture here. 

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The morning of the ball, chaos reigned at the Staunton home. Archimedes dashed up and down the stairs each time one of the florists came in with another spray of roses. Amelia watched the cat running around when she was in the upper corridor. She couldn’t help herself. Almost as excited as the creature, Amelia kept finding herself wandering into the ballroom to see how the decoration was coming along.

The roses the duke chose for the large vases were variegated. Some pink, some white and some blending the two colors together. Amelia had never seen anything like them.

Drawn to the scent on what had to be her fifth trip into the room, she stood on tiptoe and pulled one bud toward her nose. Wanting to inhale deeply and make part of their magic hers, she didn’t hear anyone behind her and let out a little squeal when a warm hand touched her elbow.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” The duke said.

“It’s all right. I was admiring the flowers. So pretty.”

“Not as pretty as the freckles on your nose.” He reached out and touched the tip of her nose, then slid his palm gently down her left cheek.

His words warmed her. He was such a kind man. Of course, she didn’t believe her freckles she hated were nicer than the roses but she knew men sometimes flattered ladies with silly comparisons. “I hardly think so, sir.”

“Won’t you call me Basil? After all, I have proposed to you. Shouldn’t we be on a first name basis?”

“I have no issue with you calling me Amelia but we both know you proposed to me out of a sense of obligation.” She held up her hand. “Don’t say anything. You’re a man of integrity and don’t want scandal to touch me or your family because I’m living here. I want you to know you don’t have to sacrifice the freedom to choose your own bride because you did the honorable thing and rescued me.”

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Wordless Wednesday 


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Tuesday Tales- August 4, 2015- Pen

This week’s Tuesday Tales word prompt is pen. I’m still working on my regency story with no title. I’ve made a lot of progress and it’s going well. Remember, this is not edited. Check out the other tales here.

Badge for TT - very small

Amelia couldn’t believe the scene that just took place. What had gotten into the duke to toss Miss Van Eizenga out like that? He’d been so polite to her every time the woman opened her mouth even as she was spewing venom. What made him finally lose his temper was a mystery.

True, he’d told her while they danced—that marvelous dance that inflamed her blood being held so close to the man—that Miss Von Eizenga didn’t love him but merely wanted the title but maybe the lady’s inappropriate declaration was what set him into a rage.

“You needed to do that a long time ago, Basil,” Lady Jonquil said.

“No. I should have been able to control myself when it came to it. I know how much Miss Von Eizenga annoys me and I needed to make more effort to maintain calm.”

“Never mind her. She’s gone and I want to waltz,” Lady Saffron said.

“I hate to interrupt but I need to return to my uncle’s house. They don’t know where I am since I didn’t leave a note.” The panic hit Amelia out of nowhere. It suddenly occurred to her that she’d not taken the time to pen a letter nor did she inform the butler where she was going.

Trying not to show how upset she was, Amelia looked at the duke and addressed him, “Could you spare the carriage? I hate to ask but it’s a long walk.”

“Of course you may use the carriage. I’ll walk down with you and order it.” The duke turned to his sisters. “I’ll be back as soon as I see Miss Mandeville off and we’ll finish the lesson.”

“Hurry then,” Lady Jonquil said. “Remember, I get to be first.”

“Be sure to return. We have one more day until the presentation and need one more practice.” Lady Saffron waved as Amelia and the duke left the room.

On the way down the stairs, Amelia said, “I won’t be able to come and assist Lady Saffron and Lady Jonquil in getting ready for their presentation. I’ll be too busy with my cousin.”

“I’m only sorry you won’t be able to attend after all you’ve done to get them prepared.”

“Did you solve the issue of who is to be their sponsor?”

“Actually, I think I have. I have a friend who is married to the daughter of a duke and he was going to ask her if she would act as such. I haven’t heard from him and confess if I don’t by today, I shall have to contact my aunt. The Lord Chamberlain must receive that information by tomorrow.”

“Your aunt wasn’t your first choice?” Amelia wanted to bite her tongue. Why did she keep asking him inappropriate questions? She knew protocol better than she seemed to behave when the man was around.

“Oh no. To tell the truth and let a skeleton out of the closet, she is a horrible old hag. My sisters are quite terrified of her and for that matter, so am I.”

“Surely, you tease.” Confused as he sounded serious but the words were not a kind way to describe a relative, Amelia glanced up out of the corner of her eye to see what he meant. And then the truth hit her. This was a perfect way to describe her own aunt.

“Sadly, Miss Mandeville, I do not. She’s a vicious lady and we would all be happy never to see the woman again.”

“Then I sincerely hope your friend’s wife comes through for you.”

“You and me both.”

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