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Wordless Wednesday


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Tuesday Tales- April 21, 2104- Picture Prompt

This week’s word is not a word at all but a picture prompt. Since I’m writing about a snow storm, I had to finagle this a bit to make it work. The picture prompts are limited to 300 words. I’ve picked up the story still in the bar with the snow coming down.  Be sure to check out the other Tales here!  Badge for TT - very small

“You want all the men for yourself, don’t you?” Nancy snarled at Lanett.

“No. I have no idea what you mean. Why don’t you take the chance to go home now while people are still able to travel?”

“You can’t tell me what to do.”

“I can tell you that you’re not welcome here.” Ian joined the conversation.

“There’s a whole table of men over there that disagree with you.” Nancy smirked.

“Well, there you go then. Obviously Lanett doesn’t want all the men to herself. She very kindly left an entire table of them for you.”

“Like she has the power to do that.”

“You’ve obviously given her that power if you think all the men want her over you.” Ian took hold of Lanett’s elbow. “Come on. We have orders to fill.”

Lanett shook her head over Nancy’s instability again. She was concerned about what might happen if they did get snowbound together. The woman was a loose cannon and Lanett didn’t relish being around her when there was nowhere safe to go. Her mind involuntarily summoned up that dark, tree-lined road she and Ian had driven down to the restaurant on Long Island. Lanett was suddenly glad at least they were in a lighted pub now. Lanett guessed she’d rather be able to see the attack coming if Nancy tried something and not be blindsided like she would be in the woods.

She shook her head, put the annoying woman out of her mind and returned to the bar.

The rest of the night went by quickly but around midnight, it became clear that the snow would definitely stop anyone else from leaving.


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Wordless Wednesday 


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Tuesday Tales – April 14, 2014- Nail

This week’s word is nail. I’m still in the story with no name. I wish I could think of one but so far, nada.  We are still in the bar and it’s still snowing.

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“Excuse me a moment,” Lanett said. She walked over to the plate glass window and peered out. Snow was falling. It was beautiful at the moment but the wind seemed to be picking up. For the first time, she realized she may actually be forced to spend the night here. Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea after all. It had sounded romantic when she was flirting with Ian but now that the reality was setting in, she wasn’t sure at all that she’d made the right call.

“Regrets?” Ian asked at her shoulder.

“I’m not sure that’s the right word.”

“You still have time to catch a cab if you want to try. It looks like the road is still passable.”

“I hate to leave you and Simon alone with so many people still here.” She looked around. “I see Nancy is still over at that table full of men.”

“Like I told you earlier, I can handle her.”

“She’s pretty nasty.”

“I’ve dealt with some pretty horrible people in my time. You have no idea how cruel and snobbish people in certain social circles can be.” A shadow passed over Ian’s face causing Lanett to wonder just what had happened in his past to cause such an expression.

“That sounds ominous.”

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to make you think I’d had this horrible life of being mistreated.”

“I didn’t think that.” Lanett ran the nail of her index finger down the condensation on the window.

“You should smile when you say that. I’d be more convinced.”


Come by and say hello! I’m charring with Susana about my story JEREMIAH’S CHARGE.

Originally posted on Susana's Parlour:

Thanks, Susana, for allowing me to come by and share a little about my story for the Beaux, Ballrooms, and Battles anthology. When I first started thinking about what I wanted to focus on in my style, I knew I wanted a sassy, feisty heroine because they are always fun to write. Of course, when I chose such a heroine, I knew she would have to get in some kind of trouble and what better scandal than to make a spectacle of herself at Lady Richmond’s ball?

I also wanted a hero who could bring balance to the heroine’s life. Jeremiah is a strong, silent type but I think they go well together. She takes him out of his comfort zone and he reins her in. Well, no, not really. He doesn’t. Ha ha.

One of the things I’ve always found intriguing about the run up to the battle is…

View original 1,326 more words

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RONE Awards: Tequila Mockingbird in Suspense Category

I found out that my romantic suspense novel, Tequila Mockingbird, was nominated for a 2015 RONE (Reward of Novel Excellence). This award is sponsored by InD’Tale magazine. I’m excited and thrilled to be nominated. This story was a lot of fun to write and is an adventure through Mexico. Voting is the week of April 27, 2015 if you’re inclined to give it a vote. Here is the link. I find it interesting that one of my critique partners, Virginia Kelly, is also nominated in the same category. I love it.

Here’s part of an Amazon review: A fun summer read with a hot hero and a smart heroine. It reminded me of Romancing the Stone. The action is quick and kept me up reading way to late to “see what happens next.”

Order link


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Wordless Wednesday 


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Tuesday Tales – April 7, 2015- Speak

This week’s word is speak. I’m still working on the story with no name and we’re still in the bar with the snowstorm coming.

Be sure to check out the other stories here. Badge for TT - very small


“Are you sure you want to hang out here? I feel guilty having you work the bar when you should be going home and being safe from whatever this storm brings in.”

“News flash. I’m an adult. If I wanted to be home, I’d go. I’m fine. Let’s keep at it until Simon decides to call it a night and quits serving.”

“I’m not sure he will stop until the normal last call time. The bloke probably thinks he has a captive audience and will make his fortune tonight.”

“How dare you speak about me that way. What else did he say about me while I was gone?” Simon was back. He lifted the bar pass through and stepped in next to Lanett.

“He told me all your deep dark secrets. Sorry, I have all the information I need now in order to blackmail you.” Lanett grinned at him.

“Tch. No, my love, he didn’t tell you all my secrets. I wasn’t gone near long enough for that to happen. In fact, I doubt he got much past age seven in that length of time.” Simon scratched something with a pencil on a small pad of paper. “I need to order more disposable beer coasters. I keep forgetting. Maybe I can remember by writing it down.”

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Wordless Wednesday 


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Tuesday Tales – March 31, 2015- Mug

For this week, we are using the word mug and I sure wanted to use it in this way, “You and your ugly mug…” but alas, I couldn’t work it in. I went a little more traditional instead. Hope you like it. I am continuing Lanett’s story this week.

Check out the other stories here.

Badge for TT - very small

“The good news is maybe our least favorite people will leave. If I know Amanda, she won’t want to be out of her own bed if there’s a blizzard.” Lanett cast her eyes around the bar and noted how many people had ready left, including, it seemed, some of the staff. “I think Simon may need that help already.” She stood.

Ian rose from his barstool as well. “Do you know how to mix drinks?”

“I can make a few but I really excel at uncapping beers.”

“Useful skill to have.” Ian led the way to the bar, lifted the gate and let Lanett pass him into the area.

“Thanks for coming to the rescue, love.” Simon stepped over and handed Lanett a clean apron. “Put this on. No need to ruin your dress.”

“Don’t you think these people will go home?” Ian asked as he tied a half-apron around his waist.

“Some will but the hard core ones won’t. A lot of the regulars live in walking distance and will stay here until  I shut it down then they will stagger home, maybe falling on their arses in a snow bank.”

“Maybe? More like will.” Ian laughed as a patron stepped forward to place an order for a round of beers for the men at his table.

Simon showed Lanett how to pour from the tap without forming a head on the ales. She was happy to learn the new skill. At least the whole night hadn’t been a waste of time. Who was she kidding? Any moment with Ian, even the scene a few moments ago was time worth spending.

When the tray of beers was ready to deliver, Ian started to pick it up but Simon raised his hand. “Let me do that, mate. No sense it wasting it all over the floor.”

Ian looked a little relieved that he wasn’t going to have to attempt to carry the full mugs across the bar but he said, “I could do it if I needed to, little brother.”

“You go on and keep deluding yourself there. A posh bloke like you would trip and fall in a second and then I’d be out the cost of the beer.”

“I’d prove to you that you’re wrong but I’d rather stay here with the lovely Lanett and let you do the leg work.”

“Isn’t that always the way? You always want to hang with the ladies.”

Ian winked at Lanett. “Nothing wrong with that.”

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