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New Release from Vicki Locey

My friend, Vicki Locey has done it again! She has another new release. Vicki at WeddingCheck out the blurb and excerpt below:


The only constant in life is that things will change when you least expect it. On the day of Derrick Andersson`s retirement ceremony, a late-season tropical storm parks itself over the City of Brotherly Love. The women who love the Wildcats will not only have to deal with the deluge outside, they will have to struggle through some of the greatest personal storms they will ever weather.

Liz and Veikko receive devastating news, Maggie and Derrick face a shocking announcement, and Isabelle and Philip receive the verdict of Philip’s court battle. Can Viviana and Alain work out the problems that have torn them apart? What has life dealt young lovers Petro and Margarite? The answers to those questions, as well as a surprise that will rock the Houseman, are revealed in this final book of the To Love a Wildcat series.

 Naked man in hockey helmet and skates

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 “Don’t dis Granny Andersson,” he commented with a rather wry tone.

“You’re far too old to be using the term dis, my good man.”

“Yah? Well, last night you weren’t dissing me,” he countered quickly. I held up my hairbrush in a sign of defeat. He was right. There was no dissing last night. There was some moaning, gyrating, and pillow thumping, but nary a dis. “Ha! That got you good, eh?”

I nodded to give the man his due. His face split into a wide grin, white teeth brilliant against the dark brown of his beard.

“Yah, that’s right. Who is the man?” he asked, puffing out his chest like a proud bantam rooster. Cocky bugger.

“You are.” I sighed with proper defeatism in my tone.

He dropped his face to my neck, smooched my ear loudly, and then whistled gleefully while he finished shaving. I cleaned shaving cream out of my ear with the corner of a hand towel. Ever since we moved in with Derrick, my mornings have been so much more enjoyable. We wake up curled around each other, we play as we shower. Sometimes we play in the shower! The man makes me smile. He warms my heart when I awaken more than the sun that creeps into our window bright and early. I simply cannot imagine not having these precious few moments every morning now. After he had stepped into the shower, I thought to ask. Mascara wand in my right hand I turned to stare at his large form behind smoked glass. The query was lingering on the tip of my tongue. I swallowed it down. I’d let him broach the subject of his retirement ceremony tonight. Things with the team were dicey to say the least. Not a player or person in management wasn’t walking on eggshells. I turned back to the mirror to finish my makeup as Derrick hummed something by Blake Shelton as he lathered and rinsed.

We emerged from our room about twenty minutes later, Derrick in the suit and tie all NHL players and staff are required to wear into and leaving the stadium. His tie was loose yet, and his dark brown jacket lay over his left arm. I had pulled on a rather somber looking navy dress, as I would be accompanying Isabelle to court yet again. Just thinking about my duties made me nervous. There was so much to handle being the personal assistant to a woman that owns a hockey team, as well as several other multimillion-dollar businesses. Thank God I was only tasked with making sure Isabelle’s day ran like clockwork. My boss worried me. Her blood pressure was skyrocketing, her sugar count was high, and her OB/GYN had given her strict dietary guidelines to follow. I feared if she went back next Monday at nine, and her BP and sugar weren’t any lower, her doctor would be forced to put her on strict bed rest until her son was born. Knowing Isabelle that would last exactly four hours. Then she would be up doing something. What if Philip were found guilty? She would be forced to fire him. The Commissioner was already riding her like Secretariat about the Wildcats. First Petro and now Philip. And this mess surrounding last year’s Stanley Cup winners? The commissioner was not happy. Not at all.

“Hey, you need to put them there grinds into the filter and not the pot, Mags.”

I shook off the spiraling dark thoughts. There I stood, in my kitchen, the coffee pot filled with coffee, and the filter resting inside the basket empty.

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Wordless Wednesday 


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Tuesday Tales- March 24, 2015- Catch

This week’s word for Tuesday Tales is catch. Check out all the other writers and their use of the word here. Some great stories out there for sure.

Badge for TT - very small

“Travel advisories are now in effect. The storm has made a turn and up to eighteen inches of snow are expected overnight. It’s recommended that everyone stay where they are for the foreseeable future. The city transit system will be closing at eleven p.m.  If you can get safely home in that time, do so but don’t take any unnecessary risks.”

A mass exodus from the bar occurred as soon as the lady announced the closure of the subways.

Ian looked at Lanett. “You could make it home if you left now. As much as I’d like to see you home, I’ll stay with Simon in case he needs help.”

“I’m staying as well. I’ve been on the subway after a baseball game and that’s nothing like people in a frenzy to get home. No thanks. I’ll take my chances on having to sleep on the floor of a bar over the squish of humanity under the ground.”

“You may regret those words.” Ian glanced down. “That floor is disgusting. I don’t think there’s a cure for whatever you might catch from sleeping down there.”

“Hey, it’s your brother’s place. I can’t help it if he doesn’t clean it.”

“The important parts are pristine. The carpet, not so much.”

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Friday Facts- March 20, 2015- Happy Birthday, Monopoly

The board game, Monopoly turned 80 yesterday. How cool is that? How many versions do you own?monopoly%20board

I don’t know many people who haven’t played this game at some point in their lives. We played all the time when I was a kid and even played with my own children as well. We own the classic one, Doctor Who one, Sherlock one and Alabama one. We have too many obviously.  LOL

My favorite piece to play as is the iron but I like the dog as well (for variety, you know). My sister was always the hat. What piece do you like to represent you?

I always found it interesting that this game came out in 1935. The big stock market crash in October 1929 made a lot of rich folks poor and I often wondered if these same people liked to play so they could be money and real estate moguls again.

I also still say “Do not pass go, do not collect $200.00″ on many occasions.

How about you? Are you or were you ever, a Monopoly fan?

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Wordless Wednesday


Here’s the cover and here’s the link to the party. 

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Tuesday Tales- March 17, 2015- Random

This week’s word is random and there are quite a few of us Tuesday Tale-rs writing to this prompt. You can check the others out here.

This week’s post for me takes place in the bar owned by the hero’s brother and the two men have just had an argument. Lanett is taking Ian to task about his words to his brother.

Badge for TT - very small

“You weren’t very nice about it. Your tone of voice was as if you were talking to a four year old.” She took a sip of the hot coffee. It was delightfully hot and the whiskey made it burn in a good way all the way down her throat.

Ian’s face registered shock. “I guess I owe him an apology. I was spoken to in such a manner last night and can’t have him being as upset with me as I am with the person who talked to me that way.”

“Let me guess who yours was. That nasty nurse at your office?”

“How’d you know?”

“That was easy. She’s trouble looking to happen and, oh my—”


Lanett pointed to the door.

Ian turned around by shifting his whole body. “Brilliant. That’s great, isn’t it?”

“Looks like you have a stalker.”

He faced Lanett. “I’m afraid you’re more correct than you think. What am I going to say to her? Why is she here?”

“You think Nasty Nurse has really followed you here?”

“I’m not sure about followed since I haven’t seen her since I left work yesterday but she did ask me out for a drink last night.”

“Oh.” Lanett put her hand over her mouth, more than a little stunned that the woman would be so bold as to ask her boss on a date. “Could this merely be a random thing? Her showing up here or does she know this is your brother’s place?”

“I imagine she knows. I’ve never tried to keep it a secret.” Ian took a sip of his coffee.

“What are the chances of us both having people we don’t want to be around show up here at the same time we did?”

“What? Who’s here you don’t want to see?”

“Amanda and the others.” Lanett tilted her head toward the table where her three friends—well, two friends and one former pal—sat.

After he looked over, he smiled a kind of half-smile. “You at least could’ve figured on yours being here since I understand from Simon that she’s kind of a regular.”

“You’re right there. I should’ve suggested another location.”

“What’s done is done. We’ll make the most of it while we have this drink and then get out of here.”

“You promised Simon to stay and help.”

“I can always come back later. After all, I have a key to the place.”

“What place is that?” the nasty nurse arrived at their table and interrupted the conversation.

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Cover Reveal Party – March 18, 2015

I am participating in an anthology to commemorate the battle of Waterloo which will see its 200th anniversary this summer. We have a super awesome line up of stories and the cover is absolutely divine. I hope you will all join us on FaceBook on March 18 as we reveal that cover. We have guest authors and will have prize drawings as well.

  • 10981619_10203568436353488_7808145799683427971_n
  • Blurb:

    A chance encounter during the battle of Quatre Bras changes Captain Jeremiah Denby’s life forever. A member of Wellington’s staff, he fulfills his duties to king and country through the surrender of Boney at Waterloo but then must decide how to reconcile his new life with his old.

    Emmaline Rothesay has a battle of her own to fight. To her Lady mother’s dismay, Emmaline has had her eye on Captain Denby as a potential suitor. Now that his changed circumstances after Waterloo could cause a scandal, Lady Rothesay is even more set against any relationship her daughter desires with the man. Emmaline finds herself at war with her mother and maybe even the captain himself.

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Friday Facts – March 13, 2015 – picture 

These are two photos of the tree in my front yard from Wordless Wednesday. It’s a fact that they have more buds today.  Lol.  I love, love these pear trees.

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Friday Fact – March 13, 2015 -picture 

This is the today’s shots of the tree I posted on Wordless Wednesday. It’s a fact that more blooms are there. Lol. I love these trees. So pretty. 

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Wordless Wednesday 

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