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How about an Excerpt?

Here is an excerpt from my new release. I am also guesting at a friend’s blog. Come and check it out here if you have a chance.  I am giving away a copy of the book there to one commenter.

Excerpt from “Evil Wind Rising”:

“I showed the Rigby estate to a buyer today and there’s something evil there. I need to figure out what to do since I think he’s intent on returning.”
“You stay away from over there, missy. You got the gift like your grandma did. You don’t wanna be attracting no spirit to follow you home and make trouble in your life.” Her mother coughed. “You hearing me, Stella girl? No nonsense, ya hear?”
“Settle down, Mamma. I’m not planning to go back. I was wondering how I could help the man who wants to buy the place. He’s a nonbeliever and I’m worried he’s going to get himself hurt.”
“You need to steer clear. Even setting up a ritual to pray for his protection could drag you down.”
Stella sighed. She should’ve known her mother would flip, but she had some of her grandmother’s candles and other items used in ritual that might be of use in assisting Stella in casting a protective net around Max Edison. She’d learned the work from her grandmother even though her mother feared it.
“If you’re asking for Grandmother’s box, no. You can’t have it. You need to forget that idea right now.”
When her mother got that tone of voice, Stella knew the pope himself could ask her for the box and she’d say no. Not that the pope believed in Voodoo. At least she didn’t think he did.
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Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday Tales- October 15, 2019-Picture Prompt

This week, the authors of Tuesday Tales are writing to a picture prompt. None of them really worked for my story, but I had an idea about the one I chose. One time, I was in Battery Park in NYC and oddly, a wild turkey walked past me- In the middle of Battery Park!  So, I thought about having that happen to my protagonist in Boston and then I thought about her calling someone a turkey. When I went to actually write my post, my brain did something else entirely.  🙂 I  must have been thinking about that cute turkey on the Chantix commercial. 🙂

Be sure to check out the other tales here. Remember, we are limited to 300 words this week. new TT Feb 2018


I kept walking but soon realized he was striding beside me, pacing me. “Will you leave me alone?”

“No can do. I really need your help.”

“It’s clear to me now that you’re some kind of lunatic and I’m going to call the police if you don’t back off.”

“That would be fine. Go ahead and call them.”

I stopped dead in my tracks. “Are you kidding me? What sane person would invite the police to be called?” A reason dawned on me as soon as the words were out of my mouth. “Wait. Are you homeless? Do you need a place to stay and jail guarantees a warm place and food? I’d be glad to buy you a meal. I can’t give you money as I can’t enable you to buy liquor with it, but I’d be glad to buy you something to eat.”

The man laughed. “I’m not homeless. And I’m not a drunk. You could say I quit cold turkey a long time ago.”

“So you have had a drinking issue in the past?” This was making more sense now. Perhaps he was having a psychotic break and was fixated on me for some reason. Maybe I should call the police and have him picked up. After all, the first day I saw him, he was hauled off the train by law enforcement. It must be a way of life for him. Sadly. He did seem kind but clearly needed help.

“No, Jane. I’ve never had an alcohol problem. I’m not allowed to drink.”

“Not allowed? What kind of nonsensical sentence is that?” I looked at my watch. “Much as I’d like to stand her listening to your crap, I can’t be late to work. They’re pretty strict about that kind of thing.”

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Wordless Wednesday


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Tuesday Tales- October 8, 2019- Fussy

I’m back with Tuesday Tales. Life and work have been crazy so I haven’t been able to dedicate the time I like to my writing. But I’m back this week. I hope it lasts. 🙂

This week’s word is fussy. I am still working on my train story.

Be sure to check out the other tales here.

new TT Feb 2018

We walked—well, I staggered—through the glass door and back to our regular car.

Anita didn’t let go of me and led me toward her normal seat, pulling me down beside her as she sat.

She furrowed her brows. “What were you doing with that unsavory looking character? What’s happened to you? You used to sit quietly and were sweet to everyone without going off with strangers or inviting them to sit with you. You’ve gone rogue all of a sudden. Are there problems at home?”

Good grief, would she ever stop with the questions long enough for me to respond? I tuned her out while she nattered on. Until she elbowed me. “What?”

“Aren’t you going to say anything? I asked you a question.”

“I think you asked me about a dozen without taking a breath. Which one do you want me to answer?”

Anita recoiled and her eyes widened. “See? This is what I mean. You’ve changed. You’d have never called anyone out like that two weeks ago.” She patted the hand I had clenched in a fist around the strap of my messenger bag.

The look on her face was almost comical. A mixture of concern and aghast. I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry. She was acting as if I’d suddenly become a serial killer.

I noticed the others looking at me in the same way. Had I really been such a doormat that when I chose to take a small stand and question why she was interrogating me it was a big deal? She was as fussy as the old homeless woman I’d come across once downtown who was trying to arrange her worldly goods in her shopping cart with the wind blowing some of her belongings around. Anita could’ve been her daughter—minus the homelessness and shopping cart—of course.

“There’s nothing wrong at home. Nothing wrong at work. Nothing wrong with my brain. You think you know me, but you don’t really. We see each other five days a week, two times a day. That means you don’t know how I am other than on this train.”

“Jane, that’s not fair. Anita’s just trying to help,” Jonathan said. “We may not hang out in our time off, but we’ve all been riding this train together for years. I thought we considered ourselves friends.”

He was right. I probably wasn’t being fair, but darn it, I’m a grown woman and I can talk to whoever I want. Who were they to stop me?

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New Release! Common Elements Romance Novel

The paperback is out now and the e-book will release tomorrow.  Evil Wind Rising is a Common Elements Romance release- about 100 authors wrote works in various romance subgenres with the following five elements:  A character named Max; A thunderstorm; A stack of books; Lost keys; and a haunted (or reputed to be) house.

Mine is more of a thriller/horror than romance but I did toss in the romance, too.

Link for E-book  Link for paperback

Rumor has it the Rigby Mansion is haunted. The last owner was brutally murdered and now the house is on the market.Dr. Max Edison, a surgeon who has no time for such nonsense, wants to tour the manor as he wants a home outside the city. The firm listing the property sends him out with their newest employee, Stella McNamara, who is convinced the rumors are true. She has a sixth sense about these things….


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Tuesday Tales- September 17, 2019- Picture Prompt

Tuesday again!! Time for some words!  This week the authors of TT are writing to a photo prompt. We are limited to 300 words. I have 288. 🙂 I picked the baby bonnet.  Still working on the train story here. Slow as a snail…..

Check out the other tales here

new TT Feb 2018bonnet

“No, but you have to admit, it’s a little weird to have someone get on the train every day in a weird costume. It’s a bit early for Halloween.”

“Tell you what. I could use your help and will tell you all you want to know. Can we meet for lunch or coffee?”

I knew he’d paid me some odd compliments, but I was under no illusion this was a request for a date. I was also pretty leery about him. After all, what did I actually know about him other than his penchant to dress up and the fact I’d seen him get arrested. And that was the part that scared me most. “I don’t get a long lunch break where I work and I have to get the train home as soon as I am off.” That wasn’t actually the truth. Often, I would take time after work to go to the bookstore and take the later train home, but I wasn’t going to share that information with him.

“I saw a couple of empty seats close to the back of the next car. He turned and pointed. “See that woman holding the little girl with the knitted bonnet? The seats are right behind them. Maybe we can talk there.”

“What’s wrong with my normal car?”

“You’ll understand when I can talk without fear of being heard.”

I crossed my arms. “What about the lady with the baby? I’m sure she has ears under that beanie she has on. What if she hears?”

He shrugged. “She won’t matter.”

“But someone in that car I just left will?”

The man actually reached out and touched me lightly on the nose with his index finger. “Bingo. Smart girl.”

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Tuesday Tales- Sept 10, 2019- Evil

It’s Tuesday Tales day again. I am still in my story set on the train. I’m moving very slowly in this as I am not feeling it.  I have picked up where I left off a few weeks ago. The word we are writing to is evil. It’s kind of how I feel about this story- it is kicking my rear.

Check out the other tales here. 

new TT Feb 2018

“What’s going on, Jane?” Martin asked. “Why are you standing there?”

“I was going to the restroom, but I see someone just went in. I guess I’ll sit back down and wait.”

“There’s another one at the other end of the car. Go use that one.”

What could I do? I couldn’t look like an idiot and insist on not going to one as opposed to the other. Resigned, I turned and trudged toward the one at the back of the car. Dang it, I needed to get a closer look at that guy. It was driving me crazy trying to figure out where I’d seen him before.

Once I was alone in the lavatory, I leaned on the sink and stared at myself. Think, think, think. What was familiar about that lumberjack? What was it?

Giving up, I flushed the toilet—just in case someone was standing outside—Weird quirk of mine.

I opened the door to step out and ran right into the lumberjack. Taking a step back, I looked him in the face. “You. It’s you.”

He winked. “I saw you giving me the stink eye and when you started toward me, I know you were headed to confront me, so I went into the area in front of the facilities.” He shook his head. “Imagine my chagrin when you went the other way.”

“What are you playing at?”

Shrugging, he grinned. “I don’t know what you mean. I’m not playing at anything. I am very seriously doing my job?”

“What kind of job causes you to ride trains in disguise? Something evil, I’m sure.” A thought popped in my head. “Are you a train robber?”


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Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday- Cover Reveal


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