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Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday Tales- October 25, 2022- Mint

This week, the writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to the word prompt Mint. I am still in the Regency but I am determined to finish it this week. I plan to do NaNoWriMo so I need to push on with this and wrap it up before November 1. So, next week will probably be the last of this one since we post these Monday evenings. My heroine is on the run and has had an encounter with an oaf.

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Back at the carriage, she sat on a fallen tree limb and ran her hand idly over the wild mint growing at the base of the tree. She thought about the last weeks of her life. How she had gone from happily—well, mostly happily—working with Bessie for Mr. Baines and waiting patiently for her sea captain to be in port to being chased out of her home by one sailor who would not leave her alone to today with a man trying to take advantage of her, was a mystery.

Except it is not, is it? This is not the first time such a man has acted in such a way. What is wrong with me that these kind of men are always interfering with me?

She idly wondered why the captain had never tried such actions, but then felt ashamed. Of course her captain was an honorable man. He had never done anything to cause her to fear him or wonder if he would treat her in a way to bring shame upon her.

In a few moments, the others returned with the villain between them, still sputtering and yelling. “You will regret this. I tell you, you will regret this. You don’t know who I am. You will pay for these indignities on my person.”

The driver led the group to a large tree and they pushed Mustache Man to the ground. “Sit there and shut your mouth before I gag you.”

“Gag me? You’ll regret that for the rest of your life. In fact, you are going to already regret this day for a very long time to come. Wait until I get free, you’ll see then. Oh, yes, you will.”

Jane was not sure how long she could stand to listen to the man and hoped the gag would appear soon. She stifled a giggle. Seeing that man gagged would be the best part of the day.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday Tales- October 18, 2022- Picture Prompt

This week on Tuesday Tales, we are doing picture prompts again. Each post it limited to 300 words. I did 302 because I couldn’t find a better place to stop. OOPS! I am still in the Regency, but I am getting closer to THE END. Big YAY there.

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Alone tree and Milky Way arch at night. Landscape with old tree, bright arched milky way, sky with stars, hills at sunrise. Beautiful universe. Space background with starry sky. Galaxy and nature

Jane took her leave, hoping to soon be settled in a new place and able to afford to have her things sent to her. She hated most to leave the blanket her mother had made. So little remained of the woman Jane loved with all her heart, it was like ripping out her own heart to leave behind things her mother had touched and loved. Even though she knew it was merely property, it was all she had left of her home. The home she missed so much.

She stiffened her spine, carried her two bags and headed to the depot to catch the mail coach to her unknown future.

The stars were still out and she looked around her forlornly as she took her leave of what had become a dear area to her. Even her favorite tree seemed sad and alone in the light given off by the early morning heavens.

To her surprise, when she arrived just as the first rays of sunlight hit the horizon, there were quite a number of people already waiting to board.

The driver looked over the crowd and pointed to several. “You can ride inside. We will have to alternate inside and outside riders. If everyone wants to go, two will have to ride up top with me.”

Jane did not mind riding outside. It was a nice day. She raised her hand. “I can ride on top. I do not mind.”

The driver nodded. “It’ll be rough up there. You don’t look like someone who is used to hardship.”

“I am a barmaid. I can ride with you.”

His glance slid up and down, taking her in. “I guess you look sturdy enough.”

A man with a massive mustache and a monocle said, “Let’s get going. No need to coddle the girl.”

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Free Book- Evil Wind Rising

For a long time, I wanted to write a book using Beatles songs for the names of the characters and even had a list going in my phone’s notes app. This book was the final culmination of that idea and I didn’t even use all the ones I had listed. It might be cheesy of me, but I had a blast doing it. AND see if you can find the easter eggs in the story…


Rumor has it the Rigby Mansion is haunted. The last owner was brutally murdered and now the house is on the market. Dr. Max Edison, a surgeon who has no time for such nonsense, wants to tour the manor as he wants a home outside the city. The firm listing the property sends him out with their newest employee, Stella McNamara, who is convinced the rumors are true. She has a sixth sense about these things….

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Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday Tales- October 11, 2022- Plant

This week, the writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to the word prompt, plant. I am still working on my Regency story. I am planning to kick its rear and finish in time to start something new for NaNoWriMo. Wish me luck!

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Daniel never thought he would find himself here again. His stomach obviously did not either since it was protesting as loud as his brain.

He wanted nothing more than to dash out of the parlor and down the steps to the street. Of course, he knew he could not do that. He was a grown man and had responsibilities to this family of his, much as he wished he did not. He looked yearningly toward the plant in the corner near the long windows overlooking the street. He used to hide there when he was a child and try to avoid the punishments his mother would mete out when Nanny reported misconduct to her. He always seemed to bear the brunt of his mother’s rage even when both he and his brother violated some rule of the house. His sister never got called down to the parlor at all. She spent her whole life being perfect.

Daniel snorted. Hardly. But Mother never knew—or if she did, she never punished the girl.

“Are you all right, Your Lordship?” The solicitor, Timmons asked.

His new status was going to take some getting used to. Captain was a term of respect from his crew, but Earl was altogether different. “Yes. I am fine. Just some memories flooding in. It has been an age since I was in this room.”

“So I understand. I know you went to war, but when you returned to England, you disappeared.” Timmons shook his head. “Never understood it, but I suppose you had your reasons.”

Not that he thought it was any of the man’s business, but Daniel responded. “A second son is expected to make his own way in the world. When I had to resign my Army commission due to my injuries, I bought a ship and became a trader. I heard of the birth of two sons to my brother and, as I was now certain not to be needed, I built a life at sea.”

“And tragedy struck the two infants and now your brother.”

The door opened and Daniel’s mother strode in. “And chances are, Timmons, this so-called son of mine would never have entered this parlor again if he had not been declared the earl as his brother’s heir.”

“Hello, Mother. I see you are just as charming as you ever were.” His stomach protested again. Being near this woman was painful. Always had been. He had never been good enough and now it was as if he were a twelve year old boy again. Standing in front of her, fearful of the rod.

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This is a fall short story. I was lucky enough to know a lot of my grandparents and great grandparents due to the longevity gene.

My paternal great grandfather was Carver Fowler and he was a quiet man who loved to do wood-working. He also, as a young man, had a Model T and spent the whole rest of his life regretting selling it. I always loved that his name was Carver and he did wood-working.

Mallie Phillips was my great grandmother and that lady was a pistol. She was sassy and fun and up until the week before she died, she would be in her yard with her cane in one hand and a rake in the other.

The year of the story is fudged as they would have been older than I wanted them to be in the story if I used their real dates of birth.

Enjoy this free short story– just long enough to read while you have your pedicure. GET IT LINK

In 1924, Carver Fowler, a young man raised on his family’s farm in North Alabama, has long been in love with one of the girls who lives in town. Her name is Mallie Phillips. Mallie has always treated Carver as beneath her notice since in her opinion he’s nothing but a country yokel.

The county’s fall festival is soon and, as a joke, Mallie is dared by a friend to ask Carver to be her date to the party. Mallie takes her up on the dare and visits Carver to invite him to accompany her to the festivities.

In the midst of all the intrigue about whether Carver will be her date or not, a young man is killed and another is attacked. Carver becomes a suspect and Mallie begins to understand that Carver may not merely be the backwoods boy she thought he was.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday Tales- October 4, 2022- Orange

This week, the writers of Tuesday Tales are writing to the word prompt orange. I am still in the never-ending Regency story. I know where it’s going, but having a hard time getting it down with all the stuff happening in my world.

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“That lass would forgive you anything. She worships you.”

“I know and I wish she did not. I am a broken man and I cannot give her what she wants. I cannot.”

“Not my place to tell you different, but I think you should think it over. She loves you and I believe you love her.”

Daniel stared at him for a moment in shock. “Yes, you have. Overstepped, that is.”

Jeremiah moved back and raised his hands in front of him in surrender. “Forget I said it. Forget it.”

Daniel nodded once and spun around. He stalked off toward the gangway, tripping on an orange cat sprawled on the deck. “Confounded animal. Why must you always be underfoot?”

His bosun laughed. “You call him confounded until he’s cuddled up with you on the aft deck when you cannot sleep.”

“Over his shoulder, Daniel called out, “He’s just another shipmate. The chief mouser.”

As he made his way to shore, he could hear Jeremiah talking to the cat, “Just ignore him, Marmalade, he’s a grouch today. Missing his lady fair.” 

As he stepped onto the quay, Daniel allowed himself a small smile. He did love that cat. He just did not want the crew to know how soft he was when it came to the animal. They already made fun of him for naming the thing Marmalade, but he did that for sentimental reasons as well. It was his sister’s favorite thing in the world and he liked being reminded of her even if he could not see her. 

A strong wave of pain hit him as her face came to mind. Choosing as he had to leave his secure family life sometimes brought him very low. He still did not see how he could make his way back into the fold, so he shoved his sentimentality aside and strode on, determined to meet Brandy and try to undo whatever hurt he had caused by missing their appointed meeting time. He was sure she would be hurt and sad. He could not stand it when he made mistakes and hurt people he cared about. 

He did not dare think of the word love. Jeremiah was wrong. He could not love. That sentiment had left his heart years ago and he guarded himself from allowing it to return. Never again. Never. 

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