Posted by: Author | February 11, 2010


Been spending the last three nights doing edits on two manuscripts.   I have two I am trying to get ready to submit.  Solo Honeymoon will be pitched at the Silken Sands Conference to Patience Smith.   I haven’t decided if I am going to pitch it to Lindsey Faber.  I would like to pitch Redemption for the Devil to Lindsey but I’ve been told it is an odd historical period and I’ll have a hard time finding a home for it.  I love the story-  I have long been a fan of Irish history, esp. the time of The Troubles, when they finally got some independence from the English.   So when the story came to me (actually Liam Cormac, the hero, came to me) in a dream, I was compelled to write it. Marketable  or not,  I like it.

Researched a bit on Patience Smith last night and she sounds like my kind of gal.  She likes the NY Times Crossword puzzles and my day is not complete until I do it along with the LA Times, the Washington Post, the USA Today  and the NY Post ones.  She also took Latin in college (me, 4 years in high school) AND she likes Liev Schreiber (one of my favs).   Should be cool to meet her even if she hates my pitch.  

Onwards to research Lindsey Faber.   Hope she is equally awesome!

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