Posted by: Author | February 22, 2010


Had to go today for the real job.  I got lots of plotting done for the rest of Runaway (Currently on Ch 11).  The last chapter is almost fully formed in my head.  Came back and took some notes. I usually jot some in the car while driving (Yeah. I know. Not a good idea).  But driving was a tricky business this time.  The torrential rain this morning was insane and this afternoon the speeders were insane.  Insanity was the theme of the day. 

I’m excited about the last chapter. Its gonna be cute. 

The weird thing about how I write is that I finish several chapters and then the ending comes to me and I feel compelled to get that down.  Then I go back and fill in the other chapters between where I left off and the end.  I’ve written three novellas and three other manuscripts (I’m on my fourth) and I’ve had this happen every time except on one.  Strange. But it seems to work for me.

Can  you guess where my hero and heroine are now? 

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