Posted by: Author | February 26, 2010


My goal is to finish the first draft this weekend.  I’m so very close, I hope nothing crops up to stop me.  My real goal is to have it ready to go if I get a request for it from the Silken Sands Conference on Pensacola Beach in mid March. 

 This one is along the lines of the first novel I started way back in 1998.  I had a major computer crash  back then – with real sound effects- whirring, growling and finally a huge roar and death.  It was an agonizing thing to witness- the death of a laptop- my first experience with such a thing.   Anyway, I lost eight chapters of the manuscript I was writing at the time.  Couldn’t retrieve it. Tried to re-create it but I was so upset, I couldn’t think.  Demoralized me to the point that I didn’t write for a very long time.

When I started back, I kept myself to short stories because I was afraid to invest all that time again.  I finally picked my self up and have written three full manuscripts.  This fourth one started out one way and then made the turn to a romantic suspense.  The South American sojourn of my characters is reminiscent of the one I wrote way back in the day!   So, altogether, I am pretty happy with this one.  I think I am coming full circle. And to celebrate, that full circle trip that took over a decade,  here is a circle: Specifically, Columbus Circle.  My heroine is back in her beloved Manhattan.

Columbus Circle, NYC

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