Posted by: Author | March 9, 2010

Adding words

On Saturday, I got really smug and thought the story was done and ready to pitch at Silken Sands.  On Sunday, I re-read the guidelines for the line I am pitching to and, gasp, I was short on words.  So, I did what any self respecting writer does, I whined to my friends.  I had it in my head I had to add 200 words per chapter. Panic set in.   My friend, Sayde, voice of reason, said, “Add one sentence to every page and call me when you have a real problem.”

So, I pulled up my pants, printed the sucker and went through it with a pen last night.  I added lots of words.  I even added more than one sentence to some pages. Have no idea of the word count til I find time to type them in.  Feeling better about it, though.  Thanks for the reality check, Sayde.

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