Posted by: Author | March 17, 2010

Southern Sizzlers blog

My group blog, the Southern Sizzlers, has been doing a countdown to our RWA chapter’s conference on Pensacola Beach this weekend. Today’s interview was Lindsey Faber of Samhain publishing. I am pitching to her this weekend.  I confess I was at a loss on which story to pitch until I read the interview.  As I have blogged before, my story Redemption for the Devil is a historical set in 1920.  During the Irish “Troubles”.  Hey, it just dawned on me that Samhain is Irish and my hero and heroine in that story are Irish and today is St. Patrick’s Day, how funny.  But I digress. 

 Anyway, she said in her interview that she would like to see a historical set in a less popular time period.  AND she said she likes to see characters on the move.  Well, in Redemption for the Devil, we have the Atlantic Ocean, Dublin, Cork, the Arctic, Greenland, New York and Chicago.  So, I’m pitch happy!  Or is that pitch drunk as opposeed to punch drunk?  LOL! 

The next hurdle will be hoping she thinks the story is any good.

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