Posted by: Author | March 24, 2010

Beta Reader

Had a long chat with my Beta Reader in Memphis this morning.  I actually think she’s more excited than me about the requests for my two  manuscripts I got from the Silken Sands Writer’s conference.  She is my biggest cheerleader and I am so proud that she thinks I have potential.  You know, when the demons are hounding me and telling me that I can’t write, she is there with her stick beating them off.  She’s a warrior and I’m grateful for her friendship.    I hope she’s right and the Gods of publication are shining down on me.

St. Michael. Warrior of God

Devil of Doubt


  1. Greetings my Sizzler sister. Just thought I’d pop in and see your blog. Pretty cool. I hope your having a great day. Do you have a cell phone? If so, you need to give me your number, but NOT on your blog.. you have my number so call me or text me. Winks.. I wish we were still in Florida. I’m so pumped up in the fact we’re on Barbara Vey’s blog. She’s so sweet she popped in on my Facebook to tell me to let you girls know part 2 of her article is up. I told Barbara she’s now family.

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