Posted by: Author | March 28, 2010

Productive weekend

Have written a six page synopsis for Runaway to submit along with the full to Silhouette Romantic Suspense line.  Hope to have it all ready to mail on Monday, the 29th.  Feeling pretty good about this one. Except for all my friends that tell me that the publisher is very hard to write for.  Hope they like it.

Have gone through the manuscript for Redemption for the Devil and made a few changes. Gotta type those in. Funny how you can find more errors when you print it out than when you look at it on the computer screen.  I’m hoping to get the synopsis for it ready this afternoon and send it with the full to Samhain this week as well.  I’m a little concerned that it may not be racy enough for Samhain.  There is only one sex scene but based on the heroine, there can really only be one.  One of the conflicts is her staunch Catholicism so she can’t be running off having sex.   Anyway, I was optimistic about the thing but now I’m not so sure.   But I’ll send it anyway.

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