Posted by: Author | July 11, 2010

Flowing? Maybe!

As those of you who read this blog may know, my newest WIP has been kicking my butt- you know, the one about the surfer? It seems like every word is being ripped forcibly from my head to the keyboard.  I could sit at the computer for 3 hours and write 600 words.  I am normally MUCH faster than that.  I think part of my problem was that I normally write straight through and then edit. After having listened to my friend, Sayde Grace, who writes a chapter and edits it before she goes on to the next one, I decided to try  it that way.  She recommended it because when she types “The End” she really is done. I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t work for me. At all.  It interrupted my flow so much, I was stymied.  Couldn’t make any forward movement for being bogged down in edits- I actually dicked around with Chapter One three times and was still unhappy with it. And stuck with two chapters and no forward momentum.

Decided yesterday to stay loyal to my own writing process. DUH moment there. When I got home from the Gulf Coast RWA chapter meeting last night, I started the next scene in Chapter Three of the WIP and I was flowing.  Not the “fire in the blood” flowing yet, but I can feel it lurking- it’s close. Very close…

  Well, maybe! We’ll see when I get back from the requisite Sunday dinner with the parents.



  1. Wooo Hooo Glad to hear it. You have to stay true to yourself and your voice. I hope it’s flowing full force now.

  2. Just dropping by to let you know I shared your blog with my readers at www, because I think your Blog is awesome

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