Posted by: Author | July 26, 2010

Soundtrack for Surfer Bride

Not sure if I ever posted this one and since I’ve been up since 3:40 this morning, I don’t have the energy to look back.  “Why, Jillian, why were you up so early?”  You may ask.  Good question.  I usually get up around 4:20-4:30 on the days I travel to Tallahassee for work (3 hr drive one way). But since it is summer time, my vampire, night loving, 16 year old son was still up at 3:30- he went to the garage to get a soda and something fell- I heard it and it woke me up.  I went out to see what all the clamor was about and he said he thought there was an animal in the garage. I said it would leave when I opened the door at 5:15 when I left home and then I went back to bed.  As you’ve probably guessed, I didn’t make it back to sleep.  So, here I am in Tallahassee, waiting for court to begin in 34 minutes.  Will need massive doses of caffeine to get home this afternoon.

Anyway,  here’s the soundtrack :

Smooth Operator, Sade; Sylvia’s Mother, Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show; Glitter in the Air, P!nk; Have You Really Ever Loved a Woman, Bryan Adams; Sharing the Night Together, Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show; Could it Be I’m Falling in Love, The Spinners ; You Can Tell Me Goodbye, Casinos; Something Stupid, Robbie Williams; Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Barry White; So Into You, Atlanta Rhythm Section; God Only Knows, Beach Boys; Someone Like You, Van Morrison; Hello its Me, Todd Rundgren

The germ of the story was planted by one of these songs in particular.  Can’t tell ya which as I have been the victim of “idea” theft before.  If the dang thing is ever published, I plan an acknowledgement to the artist(s).


  1. You’ve got some of my favorites. I LOVE “Sharing the Night Together” and “God Only Knows”. Great soundtrack. I know it’s going to be an awesome story. Can’t wait to read it.

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