Posted by: Author | August 5, 2010

Another RWA Conference Story

About a year ago, a group of seven friends from the Gulf Coast Chapter of the Romance Writers of America founded a blog called “The Southern Sizzlers.” Check it out:    We are an eclectic bunch and one of our first commenters that was not one of us was Danica Avet from Houma, Louisiana.  She seemed like a cool chick from her comments and from our reading of her blog.

You know how sometimes you think you’ll like someone you met on the internet and then you meet them in person and you wonder “who is this person and how did she/he have me fooled?” and you don’t mesh in real life?  

Well, I’m thrilled to say that did NOT happen here. I met Danica in person for the first time in Orlando and it was like I’d known her forever. She was wicked cool in person- maybe even more so than I thought she’d be. I think we’ll be friends for a long time to come (unless, of course, she thinks I’m that person I talked about in the last paragraph).  I don’t think she thinks that since I’m pretty intuitive about stuff like that AND she never looked at me like I have three heads.  

Here is a picture of her- When she gets her first contract, I’ll be interviewing her here. Stay tuned.  and in the meantime, read her blog:


  1. Aw that’s so sweet! You betcha sweet a$$ we’ll be friends for a long time. I know you don’t have three heads, for one, and for two, I was actually comfortable with y’all. That’s rare for me (introvert and all). I didn’t feel like I needed to watch what I said, which can probably account for my showing y’all the penis cake picture so soon in our person-to-person meet. And trust me, I’ll be interviewing you as well. You and all the Sizzlers when y’all make it big!

    • I think you just THINK you’re an introvert- I never saw any sign of it myself! LOL!

  2. Look forward to reading the interview. Danica has been a great supporter of our blog and I’d love to hear from her. RitaVF

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