Posted by: Author | September 5, 2010

Aura Color

Learned something new last night at the Ghost Hunt at Pensacola NAS lighthouse.  This was my third time to go to these haunted expeditions. I usually get a feeling of nausea in the first basement and smell cigar smoke.  This time, the nausea started on the front porch- right after I went in to the ladies room and came back out.  The nausea lasted until we went upstairs to the old keeper’s quarters in the actual lighthouse.  It was oppressive in there and my chest felt heavy and I was still nauseated. Suddenly, I felt a swish of cool air waft by me and asked Robert, one of the men with us, if he felt it, too – he did.  He’s very in tune with the spiritual world and actually could see the ghosts. 

A few minutes after the cool breeze across my legs, I suddenly felt good.  The nausea was gone and my chest felt light. It was a striking difference in feel- it was like a weight had been lifted off me. Robert said the little girl, Lizzy, had left the room.

So, I bebopped down the stairs and back to the other side of the house into the second basement. I remembered last time feeling oppressed in that room but I was feeling so good about the nausea being gone, I floated down there without a care in the world.  I stood there for less then 5 minutes and then my whole being felt in chaos. The entity down there is supposedly evil and I felt it in my heart but  I also felt pity and sadness. The nausea was back full force and then, I started to cry. It was a feeling of being at war with myself.  I had to get out of there- right behind me was another friend that had gone with us, Kelly.  We both felt the evil- but she didn’t feel pity, she just felt his hatred. 

When we got upstairs, her significant other, Robert, was seated on a bench. I asked him why he didn’t go down and he said he knew there was evil there and chose not to partake. WILD.  He then had Kelly stand and he put his hand on her head and his other hand on her back and breathed with her for a few minutes. She felt better after that.  My heart was still in knots and he offered to do the same for me and I said yes. 

While he had his hand on my head, he asked me if I liked lavender. I said I hated the scent. He said he meant the color and I said yes, I love the color.  Once I was settled down, I asked what he meant about the lavender comment.  He told me my top aura was lavender.

So, being the naturally curious person I am, I looked up what that means.  Various websites discuss aura colors.  Here is what one said about lavender: 

People whose strongest color in the aura is lavender are the ones who have very vivid imagination and they also have some psychic abilities.

They are usually less active and more immersed in thinking about their goals and imagining how they can accomplish their goals.

Does that sound like me? Yep, I think so. 

Here is a chart I found:  Very interesting.  I’m very intuitive, too.  This is a neat area that I’ve never explored.  Sure would like to spend some time with Robert and pick his brain- intriguing.

My friend, Runere, saged me after it was over so nothing would follow me home. I appreciated that.  AND I never did smell any cigar smoke this time. Wonder why?


  1. Sounds like y’all had a great time. Does the lighthouse have a name and a history? Interesting to reseach. RitaVF

  2. Very spooky. I could not have made that visit.
    And, if by chance someone had dragged me to the site, I would NOT have gone BACK down to the first chamber.
    You’ve got some guts, girl!

    • Yeah, that’s me! Guts and no sense! LOL! Really, it is very intriguing to me. Very thought provoking.

  3. Oh, I completely agree it’s a fascinating area of inquiry … one which has interested me for decades. However, my research has been confined to READING about it … not visiting the haints themselves. ha.

    • LOL! Stick with me and you might just do it soon! (inser evil laugh here)

      • Ha. Not me.
        It would take wild horses …

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