Posted by: Author | September 16, 2010

On Anniversarys and Non-Romantic Dads

September 15, 1958, my parents married in Florence, Alabama.  My dad’s family was quiet, sedate and intellectual. My mom’s family was rowdy, boisterous and fun  loving. It was always an experience to visit the two sides and compare them. I’m lucky to have a mix of both. My parents are complete opposites. Complete.

When I called them to wish them a happy 52nd anniversary, my mother giggled and told me that my dad brought her breakfast in bed. Now, let me tell you, I’ve known my dad my whole life (yep, I have) and he is so not the breakfast in bed type. WAY off there. So, of course I said to my mom, “he did not.” I had to say it like three times before she confessed the truth. 

Here is the real story:

My mom was in bed and smelled bacon cooking. She got up and staggered to the couch in the den/kitchen combination room and laid down. When dad got done cooking the eggs, etc., he asked if she wanted to sit up and eat some.  She said yes and he handed her a plate.

Now THAT I can believe. He gets up at 5 am, she gets up at 8 am- He was hungry and cooked and offered her some when she dragged herself up! 

Can’t fool me.  I did inherit some intelligence.


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  2. They are too funny. That mix of families you mentioned is clearly a good combination to have lasted this long and they’ve got two awesome daughters, some incredible grandkids & great-grandkids. There must be a reason opposites attract.

    • Thanks, D

  3. That’s sweet, lol

    It reminds me of my mom and stepdad. When she had my brother, my stepdad brought her flowers. Not just any flowers though, they were funeral flowers, but he thought they were pretty. Oy. He made the effort though, lol

    • Thanks hilarious Danica!

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