Posted by: Author | October 19, 2010

Angst Relieved

Was getting a tad angsty over Solo Honeymoon edits. Came real close this morning to emailing a friend of mine that writes for the same publisher. I have a January, 2011 release date and the publisher told me I’d get my edits about six weeks after I signed my contract.  I was getting anxious as it is now the middle of October and my control freak issues were starting to stress me out. So, I planned to email Laurie today and ask her if I was just freaking out too soon. 

Been crazy busy today in the day job and I hadn’t had a chance to email her. Well, I guess that’s good ’cause I just opened my inbox and lo and behold, there are my editorial comments and my edits.   So, weekend work, here I come! 

Those of you who are familiar with my psychic tendencies would say that I somehow knew it would be today!  LOL! 

AND Thank God, they catagorized it as a Mainstream Romance which was important to me.  They catagorized it as sensual and that fits, too.  AND they let me keep my title which was also a nice thing- as some of my writing buds will remember, the title for this one was up in the air for a very long time!

Crystal Ball

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