Posted by: Author | October 22, 2010

Friday Facts- October 22, 2010- Polymath

A  polymath is a person that is well educated in a number of various areas.  An example of a polymath would be Leonardo Da Vinci. He was truly a Renaissance Man. He was educated in math, history, art and the sciences. 

A true polymath is learned in many disciplines.  A well-rounded person could be called a polymath- such as my favorite one, Aristotle.  He was not only a philosopher and teacher,  he was involved in music, theatre, science, politics and other endeavors.  A more modern polymath was actor, lawyer, athlete Paul Robeson. He was also a social activist that was involved in the fight for freedom for people in Africa, the Caribbean and Australian aborigines.

I would like to call myself a polymath and  maybe I am. LOL! I have a career as a lawyer and I have sold some of my writing, so I guess I’m a novelist. I have never made a career of my other interests but I do have some.  I danced for many years and performed on stage.  True, I never got paid for it and I never will, but it was a great deal of fun.


  1. I think all woman are Polymahts now. 🙂 Mother, wife, career, hoppy. What do you think? I use to be a dancer too. Many, many years ago I danced at Disney. It was a blast!

    • I think I have to agree with that statement, Ciara. How awesome that you danced at Disney! Such fun.

  2. Polymath I am not. . . LOL. Maybe average in a many things, but not excellent at a few. . . LOL. Interesting concept, though. . . thanks for the post.

    • Thanks Lynn. I was intrigued when I read about this concept and couldn’t pass up the chance to talk about it.

  3. I saw the “math” part of the word and almost didn’t read this post…because Danica + Math = Pain.

    I wish I was a polymath…but er…I write, I work, I read, and I fish. Somehow I don’t think that fits the definition.

    • Danica- that cracks me up! Never ignore my posts! Even if I say the “m” word!

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