Posted by: Author | October 29, 2010

Friday Facts- October 29, 2010- Pass the Bar

As a lawyer, I was sure you guys would be interested in this Friday fact! LOL!

Do you know the origin of  the phrase “pass the bar?”  The bar is actually the barrier between the well of the courtroom and the gallery.  Most of the time, in my experience, it is a rail with a swinging door, but it doesn’t have to be.

The well of the courtroom is the area where the judge  and jury sit and where the counsel tables are located.  The gallery of the courtroom is where the audience sits. 

A person that has “passed the bar” is a person that has earned the right to sit in the well of the courtroom at one of the counsel tables. They thus “pass the bar” each time they enter the courtroom and take their seat.

And, see, I know you thought passing the bar meant not going in for a drink at the local watering hole.  And I guess you’d be right, too.

The area in front of the rail (bar) is the well; behind is the gallery


  1. I never knew that. Thanks for the interesting fact.

    • Glad to impart some new info, Ciara!

  2. Once again you’ve taught me something I didn’t know. I knew I kept you around for a reason! *cackle* 😉 Happy Friday, Jillian!

    • Glad to be kept around, Danica- I just hope I never run out of stuff to teach you ’cause you might kick me to the curb then! Happy Friday back at ya!

  3. Ha. I sure didn’t know that. SWEET! Have a great day.

    • Thanks, Lynn- you, too.

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