Posted by: Author | October 31, 2010

Pimps and Hos

A great friend of mine that’s closer than a sister to me had one of her short stories released today. Check it out:    The name of the story is Pimps and Hos.

My friend’s pretty psyched about it since her excerpt is on the order page. Makes her happy.  She also has to thank her friend RomanceMama for the lunch discussion that evolved to a psychic lemur idea- It became an inside joke that got out of control and eventually, it became a bar name instead of a character in a story. Though it would have made a grand character, too.

Go read my friend’s excerpt and see  if you think she can write. If she can’t, don’t tell me cause I’d have to tell her and it would break her heart. She’s already seen some stuff she would have done differently! LOL!


  1. I still say the psychic lemur was the next “glittery vampire” – who wouldn’t love a lemur with paranormal powers?!?!?
    Congrats to your buddy – it’s well-deserved success!

    • You could fit one into your Regency paranormal as a sidekick, right?

  2. Great excerpt. Tell your friend we all find things we’d change after soemthing published. Give her a big CONGRATS!

    • Thanks Ciara- Glad you liked the excerpt. My “friend” is actually me- Sherry is my real name! LOL!

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