Posted by: Author | November 6, 2010


I”m working on my NaNoWriMo story and it is kicking my butt. I have my  hero down cold- his back story and his angst are fully formed in my head. The heroine is another story- she seems to be very elusive. I think part of the problem may be  her name.  Her name is Capri and I keep typing Carpi or Capril.  She must be mad at me for this and therefore is refusing to share much back story with me. All I know is she has a history with a bloke named Nigel and she’s been  in Majorca to recover from her broken heart.

Sebastian, the hero, has just accused her of being a person that leaves when the going gets tough. He just met her, how does he know that and I don’t?

Here’s my inspiration picture of him: (except Sebastian has a scar on his face).

Join me tomorrow (November 7) as I’m featured on the Desert Breeze Publishing blog as one of their new authors.  They will be publishing  my last year’s NaNoWriMo story, Redemption for the Devil, in July.


  1. When you say, “He just met her, how does he know that and I don’t?” I can totally relate. LOVE it when that happens, though. It’s such a rush not knowing there the character is going sometimes.

    Carpi…that’s funny.

    OH, and great picture for inspiration!!

    • Lynn- yeah. I love it when that happens- but I sure would love “Carpi” to open up to me. LOL! Thanks on the pic- he’s a great actor.

  2. Ooooh, so that’s who you’re spending those NaNoWriMo late night with! Quite yummy!

    The story -what I’ve seen so far – is coming along nicely. Maybe your trouble figuring her out reflects her own confusion this point in her life? You’ve both got some soul-searching to do.

    • Thanks, Romancemama- He is quite yummy- he’s on a BBC show right now called Luther. He used to be on another one I can’t think of right now. Oh yeah- The Wire. LOL!

  3. That’ great.. Will check it out. I love all the cool sites you have turned me on too… I love reading how all these stories are written… Very interesting stuff, plus, my Kindle reading list is blowing up!!!!

    • Thanks Tara- happy to corrupt the younger generation! How’s your own writing going?

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