Posted by: Author | November 11, 2010

Freak Out

So, on Nov 10, I was in court, doing my day job and checking email in between hearings and just loving life. I was guest blogging on Writers Who Kill Blogspot and checking for comments on that periodically.  I was smug and content. Had planned a blog tour for late Dec/early Jan to tout my new release, Solo Honeymoon. Had gotten an email late last week that my cover would be to me in the next couple of weeks and I was planning to order my promo items once I got the cover. Smug and stupid. Plans? Plans Schmans.

Imagine my shock when I hit the send/receive button and see an email from the editor of Solo Honeymoon which was entitled “For Final Approval- Solo Honeymoon”-  thinking it was additional edits, I begin to read it. It was  instructions about the final edits for approval, the need for choosing an excerpt, the cover will be to me soon and then, BOOM! it went on to say, “your release day is November 23, 2010.”

Knock me down- thank God I was in my chair.  The next attorney came up to appear before me. I must have been pale because he said, “are you all right?”

Me: “No. Just got some news.”

Him: “Bad?”

Me: “No. Just a shock. You know I’m a writer?”

Him: “Yeah.”

Me: “They moved up my release date.”

Him: “Another bankruptcy law book?”

Me: “No, a romance novel. Under a pen name.”

Him: “Oh. You know I learned all I know about bankruptcy from the book you wrote. I was hoping for another one. What’s your pen name?”

Me (with a grin):  “You want to learn about romance?”

Him:  Blank look.

HAHA and I never did tell him my pen name!

Anyway, I’ve been in freak out zone all day since then. Can’t concentrate to work on my NaNoWriMo book and have left that hero half naked with a topless woman in his arms. Poor Sebastian. Or not.


  1. All I can say is WOW!!!!

    It’ll all come together! Hang in there!


    • Thanks Margo- I’m sure all will be well, too- I’ve just gotta calm down.

  2. It’ll be ok! You can make a whole noter brouhaha when it goes to third party sites! I’m with ya girl!

    • Thanks Daisy! I’m counting on ya!

  3. It’ll be okay. You’ll do great!! It’s gonna be awesome.

    • Thanks Lynn- I’ll be relying on all of ya’ll to get me through it!

  4. That’s great, Jillian! Well, not the shock or anything, but that it’s coming out so soon. Just before the holidays!

    You need to let me do an interview, and if you like a giveaway, on my blog. I don’t have anyone lined up for December, but that’s after your release date. Unless you wouldn’t mind? Drop me an e-mail

    • Thanks Danica- I would love to visit your blog. Dec will be fine.

  5. I’m so happy for you. How exciting!

    • Thanks Paula! Appreciate you

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