Posted by: Author | November 26, 2010

Friday Fact- November 26, 2010- Siren

Someone suggested that since my publisher is SirenBookStrand, that I should post about sirens on my Friday Fact on this week that my novel, Solo Honeymoon was released. So, here I am, taking that suggestion. Sirens are mythological characters. My experience with Sirens was in high school. I took four years of Latin and as part of my education, we read The Odyssey by Homer (and yeah, I know he was Greek but when the Latin teacher says read and translate, she means it).  We certainly didn’t translate the whole thing, just parts.

The Sirens seduced men with their voices. These part bird, part women creatures lured men toward them with songs. The men would follow the sound of the music and end up drowned on the rocks. Ulysses heard about the sirens from Circe and was determined to hear them sing.  He wanted to survive, though, so he had his men tie him to the mast of his ship. He had them all plug their ears with beeswax and not listen themselves so that the ship wouldn’t be lost at sea. He made them  promise not to untie him no matter how he begged.  He was thus able to hear the music and be safe.

It’s appropriate that my publisher is named SirenBookStrand. They publish a lot of erotica. I can totally see this as alluring. To both men and women. I myself write for the tamer side, BookStrand, which publishes mainstream romance rather than erotica.  It’s a great place to be.


  1. I guess I didn’t know the part bird thing. I always had them pictured more like a mermaid. Interesting. Cool pic too.

    • thanks- some myths say they are part meremaid, so you weren’t off.

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