Posted by: Author | December 2, 2010

Interview/Danica Avet/Solo Honeymoon

Tomorrow I’m being interviewed by the super fabulous, marvelous, inimitable Danica Avet on her blog. She’s talking to me about my release called Solo Honeymoon.  Here’s the link to her awesomeness:    I first “met” Danica when she posted a comment on one of my Badurday posts here:    We bonded over pictures of hunky men.  Then, I got to meet her at RWA Nationals in Orlando this year.  She’s EPIC!!  Such a cool chick and we had so much fun together. She helped me brain storm one of my novels that needed to  be longer and she also entertained me by running into a door after the FF&P party- I’m not sure how much she had to drink but I think it was only one!!

Anyway, I’m also thrilled that she’s going to be a fellow SirenBookStrand author. She got an offer this week to publish not one, but two of her books!! That is wicked cool. 

We had a great time with the interview. I only told two little fibs in the interview – one was about an autographed book and the name the author wrote when she signed it. I’ll leave it to you to guess the other fib.  Join us tomorrow for a chance to win a shoe charm!

Here’s Danica in Orlando:


  1. LOL, I’m epic? How cool is that?! *struts* I like being Epic…I must tell my family!

    • You are like Scott Pilgrim’s tag line- An Epic Epic of Epic Epicness!

      • I am so going to put that on something. Hey…can we get “Jillian Chantal, author of Solo Honeymoon, says, “Danica Avet is an epic epic of epic epicness” on my book somewhere? LOL

      • YEA! Cross-promo, babe!

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