Posted by: Author | December 7, 2010

First Fire of the Season

December 6, 2010 was the coldest day of the year since February. It never got over 54 degrees and by the time I left work, it was 44. It’s 34 as I write this at 9:00 pm. on the 6th. It is supposed to get into the 20s tonight.   BRRRR. Some of  you may  be saying, “big deal, Jillian, so what? We have 59 inches of snow where we are” or you may be saying, “so what? It’s raining yaks here and the abominable snowman just went in the closest bar for an Irish whisky to warm his innards.” 

Well, to you folks, I say:  It’s cold for Florida and I love fires. I’m not an arsonist but I can totally see the allure of the flames. The colors are so lovely. I’m completely in love with orange and watching the flicker of the various shades as they eat into the wood is mesmerizing.  Even the cat is hypnotized.  I love the “hook” on the one flame in this picture:


  1. I’m a closet pyromaniac. I LOVE fires. When I was in college, my friends and I would spend nearly every Saturday night during the winter at a friend’s house burning every piece of wood we could find. We’d spend hours around that bonfire, singing, talking, drinking, relaxing. I miss those days.

  2. Sounds like fun to me!!!

  3. I LOVE fires as well. We have a little gas pit out on our back patio…it gets chilly enough out here in the desert in December and January to sit out there and enjoy a nice little fire. 🙂 Love it. Great pic, too.

    • Thanks Lynn- I love to take photos. We also have an outdoor fireplace on the deck- love that, too

  4. Beautiful picture. And your words made me all warm and cozy inside. I look forward to our first fire here in Texas.

    • Thanks fo the picture compliment and the words making you feel warm and cozy. Means a lot that the post evoked that for you. Thanks for coming by AND here’s hoping for a fire night for you soon.

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  6. I’m from Tampa, FL. You’re right. That’s cold for there. My parents keep calling to complain. Today, only one state north in Georgia, high the last two days have been in the thirties. Yikes, but it feels like the season, so I don’t mind. Don’t worry. It will be hot there in no time. 🙂

    • Yeah- it’ll be hot again before we know it- I really like it cold!! Bad to like cold when you’re in Fla, huh? It was even cold in Boca today where my son is in college.

  7. Oh, I forgot. BTW – I have three fireplaces in my house. So yeah, I love fires.

    • I would totally love 3 fireplaces!! I feel some fireplace envy. LOL!

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