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The Fantastic Other Worldly Amber Norris

JILLIAN: I met Amber on the Desert Breeze Publishers authors yahoo group when I became one of their writers. She’s a great person and can write very well. She’s very into science fiction and is superb at inventing worlds. I’m thrilled she agreed to be here on my blog today to educate us. Check out her article on Romantic Settings Off World and then read her Revelations of Tomorrow excerpt:


By A.R. Norris

When I was a girl, I dreamed of space and planets and aliens. So, it was natural –at least for me– that when I grew up my romantic fantasies were not long walks on the beach or candlelit dinners. I wanted space walks, zero gravity dances, and the low light of Neptune outside the restaurant window.

Romantic moments happen sometimes by the character’s own planning and design, or they happened by chance or fate. Romance scenes in science fiction are very similar to regular genre scenes, only the location is literally out of this world and adds a little dash of “Other” to it all. Where anything is possible and anyone can find anything…including true love.

Take these 3 standard scenarios: visiting somewhere/vacation, travel/road trip, and the quiet meet.

Visiting Somewhere or Taking a Vacation

It’s the standard romantic setting of the young female who goes to her Aunt’s house and finds summer love. This is the same in science fiction, only Auntie’s house is in space or on an alien planet. For a more experienced sci-fi character, maybe it’s the trip to an alien planet to look for an artifact or enemy.

Traveling to Someplace or Taking a Road Trip

The characters are on their way from one place to another. This can be the whole story or just a scene/chapter. This setting is good for the love triangle or conflicted characters that need to come to a head. Or, maybe it’s the shy character who can finally have the time to build up courage and declare his or her feelings. In science fiction the point from start to end just happens to be across a solar system or galaxy.

The Quiet Meet

This has to be my ultimate favorite. The character takes a moment to be alone and reflect. By chance, along comes the potential love interest. The intimate or secluded surrounding enhances the scene by allowing the characters to meet or see each other beyond the surface layer. To see each other for who they really are and want to be. And then, attraction turns love. In science fiction, this moment is the same, it just happens to be a space station corridor or in an alien palace.

Though my debut SFR novel Duty and Devotion is coming out in June 15th, its setting is of war and really doesn’t have a traditional romantic moment. So, I’m going to veer around it to my upcoming October 15th release Revelations of Tomorrow, Book 1 of the Telomere Trilogy, which has an example of a quiet meet. (Remember, this is under contract so the final version might be a little different.)

Revelations of Tomorrow Excerpt:

Brenda meandered through the ship’s hallways. Never really meandered before, she realized with a quiet laugh. Everything was always a rush or a purpose. Outside, space slowly whirled around. Or actually, the vessel’s passenger casing whirled around the core frame. Up ahead a large man leaned against a view window. His presence, the mood emitting from him, compelled her to stop.

He was almost in complete profile, angled a little towards her direction and gazing out. Space shimmered beyond the window, accenting his frame. Tall, wide, and imposing were the words she thought of as she looked upon him. Adding the shaved head, black ceremonial ring-braided beard, and chiseled cheekbones, she included strong and willful. Spotting the curved sword and Striker handheld on his hip, she added even another. Lethal.

Yet, he seemed broken, she observed with a twinge in her heart. The guilt etched through the wide features of his face. Even from the short distance and partial profile, she saw the exaggerated almond-shaped eyes brimming with moisture. His face set like stone, exposing a terrible grief.

She considered turning back the way she’d come, to leave him to his ghosts, but his head tipped up and those deep brown eyes looked at her. Into her. Her heart lodged in her throat and she smiled meekly.

“I’m sorry. I–I was trying to figure out if I should turn around or not.” She vaguely gestured back the way she’d come and then let her hand drop.

He seemed to force away the grief and rewarded her with a gallant smile. She liked the dimples that popped just below those hard cheekbones. It softened him. His voice spoke, a rich tenor in the rough Yuriotz speech. A pleasant warmth spread along her abdomen and sent a delicious shiver up her spine. She fought off the urge to close her eyes and soak in the almost tangible texture of his words.

On his neck the linguistic collar translated. “Was lost in thought. I apologize for the uncomfortable setting.”

She shrugged her shoulder. “No apology needed. Really.” She took the last few steps towards him and offered her hand. “Doctor Brenda Bonney. I’m with the Daring Star crew.”

“Captain Makai Yourimoc of the Lady Victory,” he replied, his large hand enveloping hers a brief moment. The captain tapped his thigh in an absent manner and then stepped back with what seemed like reluctance. “I better get back to duties. Welcome aboard, Dr. Bonney, albeit belated on my part.”

Author Bio:

A published author of speculative and science fiction, I live in Napa Valley and am married to a wonderful husband. We have 4 children ranging from 3 to 15 and two canine babies. One very evil cat — of which the dogs fear — decided to accept our offer of residency and has tolerated us for about 7 years now.

 More Information:

Adventures of a Sci-Fi Writer

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JILLIAN:  Thanks for being here with me today, Amber!  I’m blogging myself on each Tuesday at a new blog called Four Foxes and a Hound. Check it out:



  1. I do like my sci-fi romance. There are no limits to what you can do with a story when you’re fiddling about the stars. It’s endlessly fascinating and I loved this scene! I’ll definitely be checking out your books when they come out.

  2. Thanks for coming by, Danica- I’m sure you’ll love Amber’s work!

  3. That was a fun post.

    Sounds like your home life is pretty busy too. The cat comment, about accepting residency made me laugh. I have four children as well, so I know how crazy a house can get. 🙂

    Best wishes on your writing endevors~

  4. JoAnn- thanks for coming by- It was a great post, wasn’t it?

  5. Thank you Jillian for letting me hang out here today.

    @ Danica. I’m glad you liked the scene. I’m always nervous posting scenes…or even deciding the right one to post. IF you do get a chance to read it when it comes out, I’d love to know what you thought.

    @JoAnn. Hi-5 the 4 kidder club!!! Us crazies got to stick together! LOL, yes our cat. He’s a little psycho but we love him.

  6. I love Sci-Fi, and it sounds like your home life is as hectic as mine. LOL You have one more kiddo, though. Mine range from 5 to 13. 🙂 Great scene!

  7. Thank you Jillian! Its was fun putting together this article.

    Ciara. It’s nice to hear from another mom with kids ranging such a distance from each other. It’s a whole other experience that only we can understand sometimes. Thank you for liking the scene.

  8. Great post! Glad I stopped by. I truly understand what you mean here. And as for my books, the characters are from different species as well. Makes for some interesting conflict. Sorry I’m a day late. I just found this.

  9. Thanks for coming by Kaye! I love the different species idea. As a writer I haven’t delved into that realm yet. Been focusing on the genetic mutation/alteration theories right not, though I’ve been playing out an idea in some brainstorming sessions that would finally include aliens.

    And don’t worry, there’s no such thing as late in the blog world!

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