Posted by: Author | February 17, 2011

Guest Spots

I’ll be guesting many places in the coming days for the run up to the release of Surfer Bride on February 22, 2011. On the 19th, I’ll be on Falyn Donaldson’s blog with my friend Sayde Grace who has a book release herself on the day after Surfer Bride. Her book is called Untamable.  We have a fun post for Falyn’s blog- we wrote a scene where our heroes and heroines meet each other on the beach.  And we’ll both be back there on the 26th with covers and excerpts.

On the 20th, I’ll be at SOS Aloha blogging about the inspiration for Surfer Bride and my Eureka moment- when I knew I wanted to publish my stories. This is an awesome blog with lots of recommended reading and author interviews.

On the 21st, I’ll be on Darlene Henderson’s blog with one of my characters- she calls her blog Live, Love, Laugh and I’ll be giving away a Live, Love, Surf magnet.

On the 22nd, which is the actual release day, I’m blogging at my group blog here:   The theme is supposed to be President’s Day- am working on an angle to fit in something about my release day! Maybe I’ll talk about how much George Washington would love a surf story or if Abraham Lincoln might like a chick in a bikini.

On February 23, I’ll be at Katie Reus’s blog talking about lies, secrets and danger.

On February 24, I’ll be on Beth Carter’s blog talking about my hero in this book and how I decided to use an incident in my own life to spark a story about a man that’s usually a villain.

On my own Southern Sizzle blog on this coming Saturday-the 19th, I’ll have a giveaway to celebrate my release.

Surfer Bride is available now for pre-order here and is 10% off for the first week:

AND Just to prove next week is not all about me, me, me– I have a guest on Friday, the 25- his name is Count Anton Varga.  He’s been kind enough to let me interview him.   He’s hot and a beastly man- I think you’ll adore him.  I’ll fit in a Friday Fact, don’t fret about that!


  1. Okay, I totally read that “How would Abe Lincoln look in a bikini” and my brain went off track. LOL Congrats on your release date, lady! Sounds like you’re going to be bu-sy!

    • You crack me up and now I have Abe in a red bikini in my head!!! LOL! The good thing about next week is I’ve had time to write all the posts except one so it’ll be just answering comments once I get that last one written!

  2. Wow, you are busy!!!

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