Posted by: Author | February 28, 2011

Special Guest, Beth D. Carter- The Anti-hero Hero

JILLIAN: I met Beth on the Siren-Book-Strand Authors loop and invited her over to chat today. As you all know, I love bad boys and here’s Beth’s take on bad boy heroes:

BETH:  The Anti-Hero Hero 

I grew up in the 80’s, when Harlequin Presents and Zebra Historicals ruled the shelves.  Each story had some type of strong female struggling with an almost insurmountable obstacle guided by the rugged but steadfast, noble hero-no matter if he was a corporate cutthroat, a pirate or a desperado.  If there was one thing you could rely on, it was the fact that the hero never gave up on the heroine, never betrayed, and never, ever, cheated.  Those heroes made anyone believe that somewhere, out there, was a good man waiting for the love of his life to show up. 

Call me crazy, but I always loved the bad boy, the not-quite-sterling-hero.  My first crush was a cartoon character named Jason from Battle of the Planet, a Japanese animation brought over to the US in the late 70’s, early 80’s.  And there was Han Solo, of course.  Forget Luke.  I would even root for some of the secondary characters in books, like Ramsey O’Keefe in Amy J. Fetzer’s “My Timeswept Heart” (of course, he got his own book in the sequel, but he just wasn’t the same). 

Now, in my opinion, the Queen of The Anti-Hero Hero is Lisa Kleypas.  For me, hands down the best tortured soul ever is Prince Nikolas Angelovsky in her book “Prince of Dreams”.  There were some who got turned off by the whole time switch POV, but Nikolas is a complete ASS who completely transforms by the power of love.  Another Anti-Hero Hero of hers is Derek Craven from “Dreaming of You”, who realizes just what a treasure he has in Sara when it’s almost too late.  My third runner-up has to be Sebastian, Viscount St. Vincent in “Devil in Winter”.  Sebastian was just so cold that when he finally melted it was like…wow.  

For me, Ms. Kleypas shines when she writes heroes who are anything but heroes.  She breathes a soul into them and brings their story to life.  In my writing, she is one of my greatest inspirations for creating tortured characters.  There is a Nikolas inside of me itching to come out and I hope one day I can do him justice just as Ms. Kleypas did for her Russian Prince.

JILLIAN: Beth has a novella called Man After Midnight. It has an awesome cover and everytime I see it, I get that ABBA song in my head, “Gimme, gimme, gimme a man after midnight”    TO ORDER


  1. Beth…you named some of my favorite anti-heroes! *swoons* I agree with you that Lisa Kleypas is the Queen of the Anti-Hero. She does such a marvelous job of making you believe that only true love will redeem that hero, although it doesn’t completely tame him. If I had to pick another anti-hero that I adore, it would be Rhevenge from J. R. Ward’s Lover Avenged. He was so…well, bad. He did everything bad you could think of, but in the end, he was redeemed by love. *sigh*

  2. I just have to say that I love “author chats.” I enjoy them so much from several of the blogs that I follow. It gives you great insight in how their writings come to to life…. Not to mention the massive book list I’m accumulating!

    • My pile is big, too Tara. Thanks for coming by!

  3. The bad boys are intriguing. Just finished a Harlen Coben book and I have to admit as wonderful as the Hero Myron Bolitor is his misogynist friend Win just thrills me. Great post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the anti-hero.

  4. Thank you so much Jillian for having me blog with you today! Dani, I think I liked Zsadist best, but Rhevenge is a close second! lol! And Jillian, that’s exactly where I got the title…from ABBA! I was listening to “Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie” and I thought that the lyrics would make a fantastic story. Thanks Tara and Darlene for stopping by! Have a great rest of the week!

    • Beth- I love it!! The title is very catchy- just like the song. Thanks for coming by- I’m sure you’ll be back when your new book comes out.

      • I would love to Jillian! Have a fantastic week!

      • Love to have you- have a great one, too!!

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