Posted by: Author | March 3, 2011

Family Quirks- “Bring Out Your Dead”

If you’re a fan of Monty Python, you recognized the quote on the title to this post. I’ve been an Anglophile since I was a kid and fell in love with the guys from Monty Python at a young age. When my own kids came along, I introduced them to the wit and “wisdom” of the guys.  We especially love the Monty Python Holy Grail movie. Soooo many great lines in that movie.  Who doesn’t love the Knights that say Ni, the Black “it’s just a flesh wound” Knight and the hilarious Sir Robin the brave with his horse? 

There’s one particular scene where the plague is in London and the wagons come by every day to collect the dead. The chant is “Bring out your dead, bring out your dead.”  One guy on the cart says, “I’m not dead yet” and he gets conked in the head.

I have no idea which kid started it here in the house, but for eons, every time I did laundry and told the kids to bring me the clothes that didn’t make it to the laundry basket, they would start with the “Bring out your dead” chant.  So, now, that’s what I say and they know it’s laundry day. In fact, I called #2 son on the way home from work and told him to bring out his dead and when I got home, his jeans were in the washer. 

I love my crazy, silly, fun kiddos!

By the way, today on Renee Bagny’s First Chapter blog, the first chapter of Surfer Bride is up and ready to  be read.  I am also giving away an e-book copy to one commenter.  Pop in for a chance to win.


  1. That is one of the best scenes in that movie…although it’s so hard to choose! In fact, I have the arrow zip and “Message for you, sir” on my phone for e-mails. I wish my family was like that, but they think I’m silly for being a Monty Python fan. However, my college friends were all about Monty Python. I mean, who else could I e-mail and say, “Do y’all remember the defense against fruit sketch?” and know what I mean?

    • Danica- now you have someone else to send those emails to- and my ring tone on my phone used to be “I am not a witch” LOL!

  2. We’re HUGE Monty Python fans in this house! LOVE Holy Grail!!!! We quote the film all the time. Glad to know we’re not the only ones! teehee

  3. I love this. We have so many strange things like that in our home. Glad we are normal. Ah, well, ya know. 🙂

    • LOL! Normal is all relative- literally- right?

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