Posted by: Author | March 24, 2011

Can’t Seem to Get Past the Pollen and Time Change

I recommend never traveling the week of the time change to the spring time. I went to California which is two time zones behind mine and then had to set the clock back yet another hour.  Since I’ve been home, I feel like I’m in a fog. I have vowed each night to go to bed early but then I get home and get busy doing stuff and before I know it, it’s not early anymore.  To top it off, the pollen count both in California and here must be through the ceiling.  I’m really feeling the effects of it. My whole body is sore and I can’t take a deep breath.  My two lovely writer friends that I eat lunch with on Thursdays picked today to sit outside.  The table top was covered an inch thick in pollen. I had to come back to the office and practically take a bath to get the stuff off me.  Thanks guys!!

So, I’ve groused on and on now and you’re bored with all the whine, whine, whine- c’mon, you know you are.  So, to make up for it- here’s some pictures of the pollen fiends!


  1. The pollen count was 3989 today. My poor son was couldn’t breathe. I’m still lying on the floor next to him so I can hear when he has another attack. The trees are beautiful, but I’m praying for rain. 🙂

    • Keep the NW Fla area in your prayers for rain, too. I feel for your son- hope he feels better soon.

  2. Hope tomorrow is a better day for the pollen and other allergens. Mostly just hope that you feel better. I hate it that such lovely plants can cause so much trouble.

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