Posted by: Author | April 4, 2011


I had a pretty nice weekend even though I was thinking it wouldn’t be so hot with the tasks I had to do. At the end of last week, I got my edits for my July release and have made some good progress on them. I have a ways to go with it but I’ve got a pacing plan and it seems to be working pretty well. I also worked on a long response to the editorial letter about my historical research. I stand by my research as accurate. I have citations of authority and none of them are Wikipedia and none of them are from discussions I’ve had with friends over the years. They are all tangible research sources.

I also attended my local RWA chapter meeting and one of the members presented a program on setting. She did an excellent job and I took some good information away from that lecture.  It was great to see all my buds and hear what’s happening in their lives. This group I belong to is very, very supportive. I’m blessed to have them. After the meeting, 5 of us went to Atlanta Bread Company and wrote (I edited-lol).  It was a productive hour.

I also started the new James Grippando book called Are You Afraid of the Dark.  It’s quite good (as usual) and I love that part of it takes place in Pensacola at the Institute for Machine and Human Cognition. I have a friend whose husband works there and it was fun to see it in the book.  I hope everyone had a grand weekend.


  1. The weekend wasn’t long enough, but it never is 🙂 I’m glad you had a productive weekend!

    • Thanks Danica- I wish I’d gotten more done!

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