Posted by: Author | April 18, 2011

Another New Word

I’m finding new words all over the place and here I thought I was a wordsmith! LOL!  Newest word I like is deltiologist.  Nope, it’s not a member of the Delta, Delta, Delta sorority and no, it’s not talking about the deltoid muscle although I could see where it might be confused with that –  It is actually a  person that collects postcards as a hobby. How wild is that? Who knew that there’s an official name for such a person? 

I always like to pick up postcards on my travels. I use them in my scrapbooks to supplement my pictures.  My father always that if you are just going to take pictures of scenery and never put people in your photos, you should just buy postcards. LOL!  What do you think? Postcards or photos? Or a combination thereof?

Here’s a pic I took recently in Santa Monica and here’s also a postcard- different perspectives, huh? Is dad right or wrong?


  1. Oh wow. That is a crazy fun word!!! 🙂

  2. Love that word!

  3. Love that idea! IF I ever get to travel, I’m going to start looking at the post cards…

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