Posted by: Author | May 31, 2011

Tag, You’re It!!

I’ve been tagged by the awesome Ciara Knight:  She had her character from her YA paranormal novel, Rise from Darkness, coming out in March 2012 from Turquoise Morning Press answer these questions so I’ve asked Liam Cormac, the hero from my historical novel due out July 15, 2011 called Redemption for the Devil  from Desert Breeze Publishing, to answer the same questions.

1. Do you think you’re hot? We didn’t use that term in 1920, but since I know what it means, I can answer that very easily.  Of course, I’m hot.  I’m tall, handsome and Irish, how could I fail to be hot? And, I’m pretty tough, too. No one messes with me.

2. Upload a picture you are using at the moment: Here is the RMS Mauretania where a lot of my story occurs:





3.  When was the  last time you ate chicken meat?  It must have been in the last week. Since I moved to America, it seems to be something I eat a lot. In Ireland, we ate more lamb than chicken.  Chicken is popular on the menus in the speakeasys where I croon on stage so I grab a bite between sets.

4.  The songs you listened to latelyYellow Bird and Danny Boy are some of my favorites. The music I like to sing is usually sad. I think it’s because of my background.

5. What were you thinking as you were doing this?  I was thinking about lunch. I find that I’m quite peckish at the moment.

6. Do you have a nickname?  Absolutely not. I abhor nicknames. I am Liam Cormac and I don’t tolerate any name besides Liam. If you call me by some nickname, it’s  likely I’ll over react and you never know where that will lead.

I’m tagging the following people:

Danica Avet:

Arabella Stokes:

Darlene Henderson:

Rita Bay:

Falyn Donaldson:


  1. Love this. I’ll have to tell Ciara that your MC did it too. How fun! Gotta run, told Sammy I’d meet her at the beach. Enjoy!

    • Hey Gaby- be sure to let her know- she gave me the idea to let Liam take over. Have fun at the beach- don’t get sunburned!!

  2. Very fun! What a fun glimpse at your hero’s personality. 🙂

    • Thanks Laurie. I didn’t intend to blog twice in one day! LOL! Glad you liked hearing from Liam.

  3. Thanks for the Tag perhaps I will be home before 10 pm tonight and can pass it on. This was a fun post. Having met Liam previously I especially enjoyed it.

  4. Jillian what fun and a great way to learn a little about Liam. Good thing he likes chicken. I get the impression is a mainstay!


    • Thanks for popping in. I love Liam and I’m glad you enjoyed his insight. LOL!

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