Posted by: Author | June 4, 2011

Good Ideas, Bad News, and So What

About a year ago, I had a great idea for a story. I took about a half page of notes, named the hero and heroine and notated about a 40 word premise. I never did anything with it. Periodically, I’d go back and glance at the notes, then move on.

The other day, Cynthia Eden posted on our RWA chapter loop info about the Kensington Brava contest coming up. That got the old wheels a turning. I reread those year old notes last night  and got up today with three scenes in my head.  I met two friends at Books a Million and wrote for 3 hours. Got 11 pages done when I had to stop to go get my kiddo. Planned to come home and write more.

When I tweeted Lindsay Below to update her on my novella progress, she tweeted me back that we e-pubbed writers aren’t eligible for the contest.  Can you say major bummer? I was all excited about the contest and my entry.

Then, I took stock. I love this little story I started (my first shifter story) and by golly, I’m gonna finish it. So what if I’m not eligible for the contest? I think I have a first rate story anyway and one of  my publishers will probably be thrilled with it. So there ya go, yo-yo day is back on track.

Here’s  my inspiration for my hero, Cord.


  1. Ni-i-i-i-c-c-c-c-e kitty! 🙂 I’m glad you’re not letting one little contest stop your story.

    • Thanks Laurie. This one is cracking me up so I’m gonna keep playing with it.

  2. Best of luck with the novella. Write, write, write. No doubt someone will snap it up very quickly 🙂 (and love the pic, so nice)

    • Thanks Lindsay. I’m still at it. i hope someone likes it! I Stopped for a bit earlier but am back at it now. Hope you didn’t mind me using your name.

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