Posted by: Author | June 17, 2011

Friday Facts- June 17, 2011- Caligula

Since Ciara Knight  tagged me this week and I told her last week that someday I was going to talk about Emperor Caligula, in her honor, here are the gruesome facts about this lecherous Emperor of Rome, who some say was infected with madness.  Judge for yourself.

Caligula ruled the Roman Empire from 37-41 AD. yep, less than half a decade- some of the citizens of the realm were probably relieved that he was gone so soon.  He tortured his enemies with no regard for whether they were enemies of the state as well; he killed Christians by crucifixion. He made people bow to him as a god.  He had sex with his own sisters and would have dinner parties where he’d leave the table and have sex with his  so-called friends’ wives. Once he came back to the table, he would rate the women’s performance for the whole group of diners. He’d married four times by the time he died.

He spent money from the treasury at will and then raised taxes to cover his expenditures. He extorted people for money as well.  He was ambushed and assassinated-by his own Imperial guard in an underground passageway. They killed him with a sword being thrust into his privates. Kind of a fitting end to a licentious despot, right?


  1. Little Boots…man. Most of the time I forget that I was a history major. I actually read a book about him for my Ancient History class. He was some piece of work, that’s for sure. Great Friday Fact, Jillian! You made me remember that one of my favorite professors used to call me “one of those smart people” LOL

    • Glad it reminded you that you’re smart, cause you are!! AND he was something, wasn’t he?

  2. I knew about the perviness. Don’t think I knew of the brutality and the other corruption though. Thanks for enlightening.

  3. I voted crazy. Oh, my. Now, that is a bad dude. I agree, that was a fitting death.

    Thanks for the shout out. I hope you have a fantastic weekend. 🙂

    • Yep- he’s crazy in my opinion, as well. Sometimes karma gets ya! LOL! Have a great weekend, too. Stay cool!

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