Posted by: Author | July 22, 2011

Friday Facts- July 22, 2011- Venice

Venice was also on my itinerary while in Italy.  One of the unique things about Venice is that all the traffic is either by boat or by foot. There are no cars in the city. How wild is that? Here in the US, we can’t get away from roads and cars, cars, cars. 

Venice was a powerful part of the trade world between the East and the West in the days before the Americas were discovered. Once that happened, Venice fell to the wayside because of the new shipping routes that opened. Venice was ruled by Doges. A Doge is like a Duke but they ruled like a constitutional monarch.

Two famous residents of Venice were Marco Polo and Casanova.  Different time periods, though- one in the 1200s and one in the 1700s.

Marco Polo




  1. I have always wanted to ride in a gondola. My favorite Bond visited Venice it seems to be a beautiful city.

    • I’ll have to tell you the bond story. Rode in a gondola. It was fun

  2. Sounds like you’re having a great time. How’s the food? Now why with all the wonderful facts did that spring to mind??? Must be because I haven’t eaten yet this morning???

    • Lavada. I blogged all these entries before I left home. Lol. Am in Charlotte now waiting for Pensacola flight. Will be blogging all about it ad nauseum. Lol.

  3. I hear Venice is wonderful…although you need to be careful when the tide comes in to not be too close to the canals. 🙂 I hope you and your son are having a GREAT time!

    • Thanks Laurie. It is beautiful. We stayed right on the canal and it was great no flooding.

  4. That’s very interesting! Thanks for sharing. I hope you enjoyed your stay there. I’m jealous!

    • We had a great rime, Lindsay.

      • That’s good. Planning to set a book there anytime? 😉

      • Yep. I am – I already have been inspired! For sure.

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