Posted by: Author | August 6, 2011

New Word for You: Froideur

I like the sound of this one. It means coolness or reserve between people and it comes from the French for cold: Froid.

There are several people I know who this word could apply to but I won’t name names. LOL!  I try very hard to be nice to people and like to think I have a warm, welcoming demeanor, but there are just some people in the world that don’t warm up to me nor I to them. I guess that’s cool since we can’t all always like everyone, right? 

There is one particular person I have tried my level best to be nice to and she always pushes me away. I can’t figure out if she’s the issue or I am and I’ve decided to let it go and not beat myself up over it anymore.  C’est la vie!


  1. Another word for frigid and maybe one to think about using in a story. I think sometimes people who are shy come across as cold. I used to be more that way but as I get older I get better… no, wrong word. I get more outgoing. 🙂

    • Good idea Lavada. May so that Glad you have gotten more outgoing.

  2. I love the word. 🙂

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