Posted by: Author | August 16, 2011

A Review of my Latest Book

Long and Short of it has reviewed Redemption for the Devil and given it four books.  I’m thrilled with the review as the reviewer, Azalea, seems to have gotten what I was trying to convey with the story. That means a lot to me as a writer.  Here’s the link to the review:

Here’s a quote from it:  “Ms. Chantal’s novella is compelling and well paced. The troubled period in Irish history is one not generally seen in romantic fiction. I truly enjoyed Chantal’s descriptions of the steamship Mauretania and life below decks. Ms. Chantal has created a highly entertaining and emotional read worthy of a few tears. “


  1. What a GREAT review, Jillian. Knowing how much emotion you put in your books, I’m sure it’s a well deserved review. Dang, but I need to read faster…

    • Thanks Laurie. I was very pleased with the review. Especially since I think descriptions are my Weak point.

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