Posted by: Author | August 19, 2011

Friday facts- August 19, 2011

Friday facts will be late today. This week at the day job has done me in and I’m exhausted. Went to bed at eight last night and am still wiped out. I have a trial this morning and won’t be able to post the fact until later this evening. If i survive the day. Sorry.



  1. Carpe diem. (I wanted to put Survive The Day in Latin, but don’t know the language that well and translators were NOT cooperating. 🙂 )

    • Lol. I can’t recall the word right now for survive either.

    • Vive is live so we’ll use that, Laurie

  2. That works for me. Vive diem! or is it Vive la diem. Or le diem? Gees, Louise, 2 years of Latin didn’t prepare me for this. lol

    • Lol. I just say it’s Vivek diem. Short, sweet and an order. Lol.

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