Posted by: Author | August 22, 2011

I Amuse Myself and That’s Probably a Good Thing-Or Not

Inspiration for my heroI normally put quotes at the beginning of each chapter that I write in my romance stories. Each quote has something to do with what will be happening in that particular chapter. Sometimes, I already have a quote in mind when I’m on the first draft. Sometimes, I have to search for appropriate ones once the book is done.

The story I’m working on polishing right now had no quotes at all. Note the word HAD. As some of you know, I have a monthly trek to a city three hours away from my home. This six hour round trip usually gives me some great plotting time.  This morning I realized I only have four more chapters to get the current manuscript in a shape to start submitting. I mulled over some known quotes and decided I’d have to dig out some of my quote books to search since I had nothing in mind that fit my story.

So, I did my work in the distant city and then headed back home. Imagine my glee when I was struck by inspiration in the middle of Interstate 10. Wait for it… it’s brilliant… ready?…

Here it is:  I would make my own quotes from an imaginary book.

 Once I made that decision,  I then brainstormed for a couple of hours. I got 16 of the 20 quotes I need. The name of the imaginary book is Manual for Gamblers.  The quote for the chapter where the hero is accused of cheating at cards is “Your ace in the hole can’t be the ace up your sleeve.”

As you can see, I’m easily amused and today I think it was a good thing. Tomorrow, I may realize that I had a moment of insanity and the whole idea stinks, but for now, I’m content.

 Check out Jeremy Northam. He’s the inspiration for the hero of this story.



  1. OMGosh. That is SO hilarious. And SO innovative. You’ve GOT to put a note at the end explaining that to folks…or directing them to where they can purchae the Manual for Gamblers. lol
    And thanks for id’ing Jeremy Northam. I kept staring at the picture, but couldn’t come up with a name,

    • Thanks Laurie. Glad I amused someone besides myself. Lol. It was fun and a great way to pass the time on the way home.

  2. I ALWAYS amuse myself when I’m driving (people stare at me because I’m in my car alone and laughing) and yes, I like the idea of coming up with your own book of quotes. Why not? They might actually end up becoming someone’s motto…you know, if you don’t suffer from regret and yank them.

    • I’m probably not gonna yank them- I’ve had a full night’s sleep now and I still like them! LOL! I KNEW I liked you for a reason- we both like to amuse ourselves. HEHE

  3. You are so imaginative, Jillian. I tend to amuse myself often, too bad no one else thinks I’m doing something worth attention. LOL Love you inspiration. 😉

    • Thanks, Ciara- I was cracking myself up with some of them. I like that you also amuse yourself. After all, if we can’t, who will? LOL!

  4. Love quotes but never thought of making them up. Love the idea.

    • Thanks Lavada- I’m a quote hound and have tons of books on them.

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