Posted by: Author | August 29, 2011

Milestone Day

I spent 1/2 the day today with #2 son at the DMV- He’s 17 and has had zero interest in getting his driver’s license. He got his learner’s permit when he turned 15 but never really cared about the real thing. UNTIL now, when he’s a senior in high school. So, he finally went in to take the test and passed it.

It’s a great day for him. I’m excited for him, too but I recall from the #1 son’s early days of drving alone, my angst and worry every time the door shut behind him.  All I can say is, Here we go again!  More grey hair is on the way! 

Grey hare

Happy Monday!


  1. I remember those days…and shudder. I taught 4 out of 5 kids to drive. I think that was almost more “hare” raising than letting them go off by themselves. It’s the control freak in me. To this day, my husband asks me how well the brake on my passenger side works. lol Congrats to #2 son!

    • Haha. That’s funny. I have that same brake after teaching two. My dad taught me and my sister- we couldn’t stand to drive with mom and my kids are the opposite. Their dad makes them crazy.

      Yep, grey hair times for sure!

    • and yeah, I have that control issue, too.

  2. Funny my dad taught me too. I would have never gotten a license if it had up to mother. I taught our kids but,,, Jack was the greatest with the grand kids.

    • My mom was too nervous. She still makes me crazy by grabbing my arm if I don’t brake fast enough for her. Lol. I thought it was quite odd for my kids to prefer to ride with me. No grand kids yet for me so we’ll see on that one.

  3. My brother was the same way. In fact, he refused to get his license until he was 18. It annoyed me since it meant I had to bring him to school, but in his defense, he’d been in at least 4 wrecks and was leery of the open road. Of course, when he did get his license, he drove like a pawpaw (and still does 10 years later). Your son might surprise you by not acting like most testosterone-poisoned teenagers, LOL

    • LOL! He is uber careful. I followed him to school yesterday as I had to check him in after the test and he did drive like a pawpaw. Hope he does it when I’m not behind him. LOL!

  4. I wish my son wasn’t so excited about driving. Ugh, he is fourteen and that is all he talks about. I am scared to death. I told him this is the first test I will not make sure he studies for. He said, “Mom, you want me to fail?” I said, “Son, I will not lie. Yes!”

    • Lol. I’m with you there. It’s a scary time but we have to be brave, right?

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