Posted by: Author | August 31, 2011

Wordless Wednesday



  1. Love it!!

    • Thanks. It’s in honor of my # 1 son who is heading to England on Saturday for at least a year.

  2. I adore that car…as a certified Anglophile, it’s so…me! LOL

    • HEHE – me, too. Saw this on the Warner Bros Studio tour when I was in LA

  3. Our son has a Mustang Laguna Seca on order and is anxiously waiting for it. Cars, it was a passion of my fathers. Me not so much but I appreciate a good body style. In cars 🙂

    • I’m living with 3 car fanatics and I have to put on headphones when they start all that jargon! LOL!

  4. England? For a year? Will he be able to come home for a visit? I hope so. That’s a LONG time.

    • Yeah a year. For grad school- we’ll go over for Christmas.

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