Posted by: Author | September 2, 2011

Friday Fact- September 2, 2011- Bamako

I bet you thought I’d be talking about Labor Day or something like that today since it’s the start of the holiday weekend. But, no, I’m not going to be predictable. I’m going to talk about Bamako, Mali. You may be asking why in the heckf ire I’d be talking about such a thing.  I’ll enlighten you.  I was trying to tweet to my friend, Sayde Grace, who was giving me grief about the Alabama fans penchant for yelling Roll Tide. I have told her over the years how much that grates on my nerves when my husband’s family does it. So, of course, she was tweeting it to me since the season starts this weekend.

I wanted to call her a Bad Bama Babe and the crazy auto-correct on my Ipad kept changing Bama to Bamako. Well, dang, then I had to google that to see what the heck it was because, surely, that was not a word.  Lo and behold, it is. Huh.

Bamako is the capital of a country in Africa called Mali (not to be confused with Bali which is in the Indian Ocean and where part of my book Surfer Bride takes place). This country is on the Niger River and has a population of 1.8 million. It’s the fastest growing city in Africa. The name Bamako comes from the word for Crocodile River which is Bambara (not to be confused with Bam Magera, a professional skateboarder).  So, any bets on how many crocs are in the river? I shudder to think.

Speaking of Surfer Bride, today I’m on Arabella Stokes’ blog trying to chat about that book, but I got interrupted by that pesky Brit, Percy Hicks.



  1. LOL, now I’m wondering of Bam Magera has ever pondered taking one of his stunt swims across the Bambara so they could say “Bam Magera is crossing the Bambara”

    • Maybe we should give him the idea as it’s an awesome one! LOL

    • Pffft! That is hilarious, Danica!

      • HEHEHE- she is a funny lady!

  2. You are one interesting lady. I’m sitting here in my pj’s laughing at danicaavet’s comment. A great way to start the morning. Have a great weekend.

    • I’m gonna take that as a compliment! LOL! My son told me that I was being stupid when I put that in about Bam Margera. Danica is one cool chick, too!

    • Have an awesome weekend, Lavada.

  3. Maybe you should change the name to Fun Friday Facts. I loved the tale of how you got to Bamako for today’s facts. 🙂

    • Yeah, it was fun! LOL! I kept typing Bama and it kept insisting that I needed correcting and I thought I was gonna show IT! that I was right. LOL! Fighting with auto-correct is a new olympic sport.

  4. Lol, stinking auto correct. Yet it made a great story! And btw, ROLL TIDE!!

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