Posted by: Author | September 22, 2011

Wanted to Share This Photo

#1 son took this picture from the window at the architecture studio in Sheffield, England. His apartment complex is the shorter set of bldgs you see behind the two taller bldgs. I loved this picture as it shows a cool perspective of the city – it seems to go on and on, doesn’t it? I like the look of the sky as well. 



  1. I miss my BFF in England. She was deported from the Us because her company didn’t file the right paperwork for her visa. 😦

    • Oooh, Ciara that’s awful. I hate that.

  2. It looks endless and I know it isn’t even the same size as London…kind of makes you go “whaaa?”

    • Exactly! That was what I thought- I TOLD you, we share a brain, girl!

  3. It does look endless. How far away from London is it? I got a whirlwind tour of London when I was there, but the rest of the country was seen from a bus seat as we drove from ship to city and back.

    • It’s about a 2 hour train ride from London. It’s near Manchester – Son says it’s the Pittsburgh of England. Lots of industry.

  4. When is your trip over to visit scheduled? Are kids have never lived over seas but if any do I’m going to be a frequent visitor.

    • Christmas. Going over then and prob gonna freeze. Lol

  5. It really does seem to go on forever. I love it.

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