Posted by: Author | October 7, 2011

Friday Facts- October 7, 2011- Goldenrod

Today’s fact is that I’m allergic to goldenrod and tis the season for it. I have to stay away from it or I get crazy sneezing fits. This year hasn’t been so bad because I learned a neat trick. Buy local honey and take two teaspoons a day and it will help allergies. The local bees pollinate from the local plants and it acts as a kind of inoculation.  It really works!

The goldenrod is the state flower/herb for a couple of states.

The goldenrod has two interesting facts related to it. It is a source of rubber and was actually investigated for use in WWII as such. Thomas Edison experimented with it and grew a plant that yielded 12% rubber. Henry Ford gave Edison a Model T with tires made of goldenrod.

The other interesting thing about goldenrod is that it’s been used medicinally.  It is used for kidney and bladder issues as well as for sore throats, colic, menstrual cramps and as a poultice for wounds.

A very useful plant- if you can get past the sneezitis.



  1. Ah, the pis au lit! LOL Poor, Jillian!

    You know…the honey remedy thing is the coolest thing ever! I’m going to tell all of my relatives who suffer from allergies about it. Of course I have no idea where to even look for local honey, but I know it’s out there somewhere!

    • LOL! I love the pity comment!

      Yep. It’s out there and it works- but be sure it’s local- go to a farmer’s market or something. I have a friend who owns a market and a guy I went to high school with is a beekeeper so I’m set with Cantonment, Fl honey! LOL!

    • Oh ,yeah, I take mine straight but one friend puts hers on a bagel with peanut butter. Just as long as you get it in ya, it’s all good.

  2. Funny, this is the second time I’ve heard about local honey. Our little Jack Russell suffers from allergies and we put her on honey. Not real sure how well it worked, they did clear up but that might have been just following the natural path. Whatever she loved the cure. No hardship to take those meds.

    It’s amazing what plants contribute and much of it is lost. My mother-in-law only treated her health with natural remedies and she enjoyed amazing health. Now I wish I’d paid more attention and written some things down.

    • I love that you tried the honey for your dog. I think it works and maybe that’s 1/2 the battle. LOL! I’ve been researching herbs and cures for a character who I want to have those skills and it really is interesting. A member of my chapter is very into hebal remedies and she has tons of amazing knowledge.

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