Posted by: Author | October 21, 2011

Friday Facts- October 21, 2011- Don’t Try This At Home

I read some crazy things this week that I wanted to share. Since most of you who read my blog are also writers, I thought you might enjoy some of the things writers, composers and musicians did to help them with their muse.  Beethoven doused his head with cold water as he thought that helped him compose better; Charles Dickens always had his bed face the North Pole as he said the magnetic pull helped him create; Rudyard Kipling was a little more sensible. He had to have black ink to write. (I’m a little weird about my pens, too- I like blue but I write usually on a computer).  The composer Rossini always wrote in bed and under the covers.

I guess these odd quirks of the arty types are like the baseball players who wear the same socks over and over without washing them.

How about you? Any must-haves while you write?



  1. Can’t think of a must have. It’s an ever changing process though so I may end up with one. Maybe that’s my problem, I haven’t found that one thing yet and when I do, watch out. Fun post.

  2. I must have music. It isn’t an option for me. Silence drives me insane. Music, nearly any kind, is a flat out necessity when I’m writing. I might have to try the covers over the head thing though. That might help when I get writer’s block, LOL

    • I love music, too. I like to have backgound sounds but it’s not vital. I keep thinking it might be mighty hard to type under the covers.

  3. I have order. And I try to fight it. You know, the “I have to have everything else done and in order before I can write” thing. Ugh!

  4. A cup of coffee. Most of the time I let it get cold but if that mug isn’t in that spot on the desk I’m so aware of it’s absence that I can’t create.

    Great post this morning.

    • That’s funny Lavada- but everything in its place is a good thing. Cold coffee, not so much!

  5. I can tell you one thing I won’t do and that’s pour cold water over my head. 🙂 Geesh, doesn’t sound pleasant.

    • Yeah. Sounds brain numbing not brain enhancing.

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