Posted by: Author | November 4, 2011

Friday Facts- November 4, 2011- Rolling Stone Magazine

I spent some time before November researching pop culture and fashion for my 2011 NaNoWriMo novel which is set in late 1967. I wanted to share this Friday Fact since its anniversary is coming this week. Rolling Stone Magazine was founded in 1967 with the first issue being published on November 9, 1967. The first cover featured John Lennon and he actually graced the cover a number of times, both alone and with others. He was also on one of the first ten covers with Paul McCartney. There is even a cover with him and Yoko Ono featuring a photo that was taken a few hours before his death by Annie Leibovitz.  

Here’s the first and the last covers featuring him.



  1. That is one shocking cover. RollingStone has produced some amazing art over the years.

    • Yep. It’s an interesting one. I read an article that said Annie wanted them both nude but Yoko didn’t want to. This was the first shot she took that evening. Just a few hours later, he was dead.

  2. Wow. I was so into John Lennon at that time. I had the last album and it was awesome. Starting Over was such an appropriate song. He was such a brilliant songwriter and artist I can only imagine what else he might have created if he’d only had time. Leibovitz has done some crazy stuff but I think she captured John and Yoko in this one. Great Friday Fact it evokes a lot of emotion across the board with me.

    • Thanks Darlene. Have you read his last interview? Very odd how he almost predicts his own death and how he says he has so much more he wants to do. I love Annie Leibovitz’s work. She has a unique eye.

  3. That picture of John and Yoko is one of those enduring images. Before I even looked at the photos, I knew one of them had to be that one. Great Friday Fact as always my friend!

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