Posted by: Author | November 15, 2011

Word Choices

Here are three phrasing choices. Which do you like better? Which is more fun or exciting?

The subject is books falling.

“books fell on her head”

“books rained down on her head”

“books pelted her in the head”

Thanks for any input and why you chose the one you did.



  1. I like books pelted her in the head. It feels more fun and action-packed than the other two.

    • I love the word pelted and that was my preference.

  2. Pelted then rained. Fell on her head isn’t very exciting at all. Pelted is a great word.

  3. I’m going to agree with pelted. It gave me a better visual of the scene.

    • Thanks Lavada- Pelted was my absolute choice

  4. Books pelted her on the head

    This seems more vivid. Books would be heavy and more likely to pelt because of their weight. Rain seems a softer word. Pelting is more like hail, likely to leave dents!


    • Thanks Linda. This was exactly what I was trying to convey and was asked to change it from pelt to fell. I wondered if I was being too anal to insist on pelt.

  5. yep. I agree with everyone. Pelted is the way to go.
    Or maybe whacked? 🙂

    • Thanks Laurie. Gonna have to take this one to the mat.

  6. I like books pelted her in the head. 🙂

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