Posted by: Author | December 2, 2011

Friday Facts- December 2, 2011- Cockney

I went to see the play My Fair Lady on Wednesday night at our local Saenger Theatre and decided that I’d talk about what a true Cockney is. Eliza Doolittle was a Cockney but it’s not merely a person who drops their ‘haitches when they speak.

It’s actually defined as a person born on the East Side of London within the sound of the ringing of Bow Bells.  Bow Bells is the bells of the church of St. Mary Le-Bow. So, a person who lives in London and speaks with a twangy accent, may not be a true Cockney after all.


  1. This is one of my favorite movies of all time!!!! I’m a huge fan. I use to watch it on Saturday afternoons with my mother while we ate popcorn and folded laundry. Thanks for the fond memory. 🙂

    • I love it, too, Ciara. Rex Harrison was wonderful as ‘enry ‘iggins.

  2. You didn’t mention that annoying little girls hear a Cockney accent as a whole different language. Didn’t know that about the bells thanks for teaching me something new yet again.

    • I had not idea there would be a brat behind me since I wrote the post before I went. LOL!

  3. I do love My Fair Lady. I took a History of the English Language course back in college and we had to watch a whole segment on Cockney language. My friend and I cracked up the whole time because we were goofy idiots.

    • I think I would have cracked up with you. It had to be funny AND hard to understand.

  4. Love the movie and the accent. I thought cockney was a location related term, so it’s nice to know I was right. lol I only have one question. How’d you get the snow to fall on your blogs? WAY cool!

    • Glad you were right!! I love it!

      Go to settings on your dashboard and scroll down past the place where you set the time zone. There’s a box to check.

  5. Yeah I’m wondering about the snow too. Interesting fact this morning. I hadn’t given the term cockney much thought. If I had of, I would have thought it was merely a term for a specific accent. Like southern accent or British accent.

    • I always thought it was an intersting little tidbit. Someday, you have to look up cockney slang. It’s pretty wild.

      See my comment above to Laurie about the way to snow on your blog.

  6. I had no idea! Truly a Fun Friday Fact. Nice meeting you yesterday.


    • Nice to meet you, too Suzanne- Here’s to many more lunches!!

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