Posted by: Author | December 6, 2011

Book Review- M.J. Putney- DARK MIRROR

I bought this book at the literacy signing at the RWA annual conference and finally had a chance to read it. I really enjoyed the story. It’s sold as a YA novel but I really didn’t feel like it was YA. True, the hero and heroine are of the requisite age, but it read more like an adult novel. That was fine by me. It had a time travel element. The characters traveled from 1803 to 1940.

The premise of the story is that magic is not acceptable to the peerage in the early 1800s. The heroine, Tory,  is shown to have magic powers and is sent away from home to a school that “cures” students from magic. While there, she becomes involved in an underground (literally!) group of magicians. When they are chased by the school adminstrators, Tory finds Merlin’s mirror and falls through it and lands in 1940.

She finds help with a family of other magic people and eventually, she and some of the other students from 1803 come back to 1940 to help with the evacuation at Dunkirk.  It was clear that the author did her research. Being a big history buff, I was thrilled to read these parts and know she was spot on with detail. 

I recommend this book highly. It was a fast, good read.



  1. Wow. I would buy it based on the cover alone. Your recommendation sends it over the edge. Now, where’s my nook. Oh, darn it. I loaned it to my 87 year old mother, who thinks she’d like an ereader. Okay, I’m making a note so I can pick it up when I get my nook back. 🙂 Thanks for telling us about this story, Jillian.

    • You will love of, Laurie. I’m heading to store as soon as I get a chance to pick up #2.

  2. That is a great cover! When I saw the author’s name I had to run and google it because I knew it had to be Mary Jo Putney, LOL. Her books are stacked with great historical facts, so I have no doubt she did the same in this one.

    • Yep. She did. This is her YA pseudonym. Good for you for catching it.

  3. Thanks for the heads up of a good read. I have to agree that cover is exceptional.

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